The memoirs of Amal Alam El Din Clooney’s father … combine the personal and the public and chronicle an aspect of Lebanese life

The memoirs of Amal Alam El Din Clooney’s father … combine the personal and the public and chronicle an aspect of Lebanese life

“Ehki sitting” will soon be published by “Dar Nelson” in Beirut

Wednesday – 3 Shawwal 1443 AH – 04 May 2022 AD Issue No. [

Ramzi Alamuddin with his daughter Amal and son-in-law George Clooney

Beirut: Sawsan Al-Abtah

Ramzi Alam Al-Din proves, in his book “Gjin Sis”, that it is not necessary to be a dedicated writer, with a supernatural style, to write a book that reads like a drop of water, all up one stroke, of boredom, or a desire to stop or even take a break.
I was initially interested in the book because its author is the father of lawyer Amal Alamuddin, who turned into one of the most famous women in the world after she married Hollywood star George Clooney. But the surprise was, in addition to what I was looking for, that circumstance and spontaneity, in which the man told, a biography full of adventures, journeys and the relationships that connected him to great writers and poets like Saeed Akl and Nizar Qabbani, in addition to politicians like Salim al-Hoss, it is except for his company To his uncles, especially the writer Saeed Taqi al-Din, who has been with him for almost ten years and is deeply touched by his personality, even his style. The author says, “I loved writing, but I did not have enough time to write and express what was on my mind.” He describes his book as “the first and definitely the last”.
First and second marriage
He tells of his first marriage to Asma Mustafa Fathallah, of whom he had two sons, Ziyad and Samer. Then he discovered: “She loves reading and museums, and I love sports and social activities. Our farewell was on an understanding. ” Hence his second and ‘last’ connection brilliantly. “I met Baria Meknes when she was working as an editor at (Dar El Sayad). She came to me to write an extensive article about the project she participated in … She came with beauty for the first time, and we started chatting … After she came to write about the project several times had … We agreed to fall in love, and this was the beginning of a journey that ended in a happy marriage. The couple had two daughters: Amal and Tala.
The author is eager to keep a smile on his reader’s gap, choosing from his life his funny tracks, to even turn it into humor. He limps on his wife’s lack of skill in driving a car. “She called me on the road to ask for help to get her out of trouble due to her driving … I remember once I went to look at her and see what the problem was, so the car was 5 meters up. a stone stuck. high…”.
The difficult birth of Amal
When his wife became pregnant with her daughter, Amal, he first heard of placenta previa, or placenta previa, and they both lived in Dubai. After several weeks in the hospital, he chose to transfer her to the American University of Beirut Hospital, although doctors warned him of a danger to her life and the life of the fetus if any bleeding occurred while she was on the plane was.
“We have put our trust in God and I have prepared a complete plan for transport – Abella ingeniously lifts up to the plane with the food ladder … A doctor and nurses travel with us to Beirut. 6 first class chairs for the delegation.
(Middle East) secured everything in Dubai, during the flight, and in Beirut, when we arrived, her doctor was waiting for us at the door of the plane. After all these preparations on the plane and before take-off, Baria asked to be taken to the bathroom !!! Knowing she should not move. What do we do? We take her to the bathroom !!! Everything is fine … thank God. ”
The mother arrived well at her home in Beirut. “This scene almost made us cry, because it was the first time in weeks that she left the hospital with a master! After several days we had to transfer her to the hospital again because she was subjected to severe bleeding … Our beloved Amal came into the world on February 3, 1978 … after suffering (but she is suffering from every torment !!) “.
Literature sessions
The home of the businessman and his wife, a brilliant journalist, was a sanctuary for many poets, writers and artists. “Our relationship with Fairuz, our ambassador to the stars, and with poets Nizar Qabbani and Saeed Akl, artist Omar Khorshid, Magda Al Roumi, Wadih Al Safi and Hani Muhanna, was close. And the atmosphere of our house increased with joy. Magda (she was only twenty years old) sang for us or Omar Khurshid playing melodies on his guitar, and it added luster as we listened to Nizar Qabbani and Saeed Akl recite the most beautiful verses and the most beautiful poems. friends and visitors in our house said whoever has bills or worries that worry him should go to the balcony, but here is our topic poetry. ” The book deals with the injury of Nizar after the murder of his wife, Bilqis, in the explosion of the Iraqi embassy in Beirut during wartime, and then the relationship of the Alamuddin family, who trusted him and his daughter Hadba, to the two families. Moved to London The poet Said Akl described him as “an influential figure and a great dreamer”.
– The day Fairuz sang at the embassy
He recalls that a dinner invitation was brought by Fairouz with the Kuwaiti ambassador to Lebanon, Abdul Hamid Al-Baijan. “Shortly before dinner, Fayrouz came to the phone and called the number of one of them, then she said to His Excellency the Ambassador: With your permission, I invited the artist Philemon Wahba. The presence of Philemon Wahba, his wit and his excellent play on the lute had the presence of pepper in the food. Fayrouz sang that night like she had never sung before, she sang and excelled on (Warqa Al-Asfar, the month of September) and (The People Asked Me). He describes that night as “one of the most beautiful days of my life.”
When his daughter, Tala, was born, “they were amazed at what they called her: the poet Said Akl introduced us to the name Randali. As for Assi Al-Rahbani, he suggested calling it (summer or winter), and the friendly poet Nizar Qabbani said, rather (Nada). But the friendly Iraqi novelist Daisy Al-Amir suggested the name (Tala), and so it was.
Friends’ testimonials
The author dedicates pages to his uncles and aunts, George Clooney, Amal’s wedding and his eightieth birthday, which Amal set up for him in her home in Italy and gathered the whole family for him, and other pages for travel and the adventures which he experienced, in addition to testimonies from his friends, including Nidal Al-Ashkar, colleague Samir Atallah, Marwan Iskandar, and his daughter Thala and his wife. Among the anecdotes of the book is the publication of Alam Al-Din for his captions as he imagined and wrote them with his own hand, as well as many family photos. Pages for his children, Samer and Ziad, Tala who entered the world of fashion design, and then Amal, whom he describes as “since entering primary school in Britain, she has proved her worth and superiority.” He is proud to have become one of the 12 women named “Woman of the Year” by Time magazine. In this way he looks like his uncle, the author Saeed Taqi al-Din, who earlier said to his daughter: “I do not want them to say that you are the daughter of Saeed Taqi al-Din, but rather that they says it is the father of Diana Taqi al-Din. “
– Crazy about George Clooney
Ramzy Alamuddin had not heard of George Clooney before he saw the photo of his daughter with him in the newspapers. He writes: “The news shocked me. A photo of Clooney and his two daughters, Amal, in a taxi after eating dinner at a restaurant. I went crazy, and I said in front of Talah I can not stand it … My daughter accompanies a famous actor.It is not permissible. And I informed Amal of my opinion on this. “
After a short while, Amal called him to hear that George would like to get to know him and invited him to visit him in Italy to play golf together. “I told her I was the son of a mountain, so if he wanted to get to know me, he should come to me … Since Lebanon was unsafe for him, we agreed to be in a neutral place with me. to meet wife’s family. (the Meknes) in Dubai, and so it was. After spending three days together, he found him. Full of descriptions, attractive, intelligent, humble, generous, loving, loyal and digestible. ”
Absorb the curse after the wedding of Amal and Clooney
As for the famous wedding party in Venice, it caused a lot of problems as the newlyweds decided to invite only 100 people, from the closest people. Ataba is the author’s American-based cousin. “She asked me to invite her, and I apologized. She asked me to send her an invitation, and she would not come, to show it to her friends, then I said to her: But what if she breaks the promise? She said: “I promise I will not come.”
To satisfy the admonishers, “we had to hold a dinner in England after the wedding for more than 250 people … where we absorbed some resentment because we did not invite them to the wedding in Italy.”
Ramzi Alameddine traveled a lot, and he had wings that could take him where he wanted, but he chose to live between Beirut and his house in the Chouf: “I used to be and still love Baakline and his people , and I enjoyed hearing the Druze qaf crackle !! I also enjoy the beauty of its nature, its tall trees and its fresh, dewy air. ”
– loves sports
The book begins by talking about his father, Sheikh Khalil, who was director of the American University Hospital in Beirut for 33 years, and before that he was the mayor of Baakleen and a professor of mathematics, and his mother, Adal Taqi al- Din. , the older sister of six men, Khalil, Bahij, Munir, Badi ‘and Nadim, and they called her the Minister … and they were all well known and took great positions. A lover of sports of all kinds. “I persevered in sports and created time to play tennis, which I really liked. After a while I started playing golf. But I noticed that the older the person got, the smaller the ball. So from basketball to football to tennis to golf. ” He has, since graduating, decided that he would never look for work.
He started his life by founding a travel agency in Beirut, and he knows nothing about the profession. He nevertheless worked hard and was able to bring tourists by charter plane from Finland. He was elected President of the Travel and Tourism Syndicate in Lebanon, and Vice-President of the Union of Arab Tourism Organizations. He was elected a member of the Executive Committee of the World Travel and Tourism Federation (UFTA), then vice president, and then treasurer of this global institution. He has also worked as a lecturer in tourism at several Lebanese universities.
These memoirs, issued a few days later by “Dar Nelson” in Beirut, are for a man of intelligence, spontaneity and experience, which makes it a pleasure to read.In a humorous and light way.



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