The Saudi Aramco Women’s International Golf Championship is a tough competition between the world’s brightest stars

The third edition of the Saudi Aramco Women’s International Golf Championship, held during March 17-20, 2022 at the Royal Greens Club and Stadium in King Abdullah Economic City in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has been completed. Biggest prize money in the Women’s European tour.

Championship winner Georgia Hall

Senior Vice President for Human Resources and Support Services, Nabil Al-Jamea, and Vice President for Digital Transformation, Nabil Al-Naim, crowned English star Georgia Hull with the championship trophy after her outstanding performance since the start of the tournament, if she was all day at the top and was able to complete the competitions by scoring 11 under track mark and a comfortable difference (5 strokes) in front of the nearest. Her competitors, Czech Kristina Napoliova and Sweden’s Johanna Gustafsson, finished second with 6 under par. Denmark’s Emily Pedersen, the holder of the first edition of the Saudi Aramco Women’s International Women’s Championship 2020, came third with 5 under track mark.

Saudi Aramco Women’s International Golf Championship

Director of Human Resources at Gulf Saudi Dania Obeid

Dania Obeid: Invites women in Saudi Arabia to participate in golf

The tournament is officially part of the women’s European tour, with the participation of the world’s brightest golf stars, and the tournament included the participation of 108 players from different countries of the world, including three Arab players from Morocco, New Zealand title holder Lydia Ko, Anna Nordqvist from Sweden, Georgia Hall from England, and Carlotta Seganda from Spain, Bronte Low from England, and a number of female professional players.

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“Madam” in Saudi golf

Public Relations Manager at Gulf Saudi, Turkey Al-Dosari

Turkey Al-Dosari: We are currently working to involve Saudi women in golf

“Madam” attended the tournament and met the professional Moroccan player Maha Hadioui, who spoke about her participation and said: “This is my fourth time in the Kingdom. I have participated in previous tournaments before, and each time I am happy to take part, and this tournament is an important and historic tournament for me. ”

She added: “Through my lady, I address a word to the Saudi woman, especially to play this distinctive and important sport, as it is an enjoyable sport that suits women and even all family members.”

“My Lady” also asked the Director of Public Relations at Gulf Saudi, Turki Al-Dosari, about the date of Saudi women’s participation in international golf tournaments, to which he replied: “We are currently working on Saudi Arabia. involve women in golf, and this is done by training golf coaches to become female golf coaches and instructors who hold practice licenses, and therefore they will train female golfers in Saudi Arabia, and in the early stages will have more than 900 practice licenses in the generally issued. ”

Through the magazine “Sayidaty”, the Director of Human Resources at Gulf Saudi, Dania Obaid, delivered a speech to Saudi women in which she said: “We invite women in Saudi Arabia to participate in golf, and it is a sport that suits the of all ages, and the family can participate to play it, and we We at Golf Saudi want to spread the culture of golf, and that the Kingdom should be an important destination for international to host tournaments in this important sport. ”

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Omar Khashoggi and Majid Al-Surour

Amr Khashoggi: A Memorandum of Cooperation Signed between Gulf Saudi Arabia and Qaderon Network for Business Owners and Disabilities

The first Arab education and training program

Gulf Saudi launches first Arab education and training program

Saudi Golf has officially announced the launch of the Golf Training and Education Program in Arabic, the first of its kind as an integrated curriculum, in conjunction with the launch of the Saudi Aramco International Women’s Championship.

The program aims to strengthen the golf industry in the Kingdom by providing an economic golf system capable of creating new jobs for citizens, through new or existing courses, and it is expected that the number of jobs created by the end of 2025 was created, will achieve more. more than 2,200 jobs.

Gulf Saudi is working side by side with the pioneers in this field as it has collaborated on the creation of the program with the European Club Management Organization CMAE, the National Center for Facilities Management and Hospitality (Fahm), and Qaderoen Network for Business Owners and Disabilities.

As part of its preparation to announce the program, Golf Saudi has worked extensively with these parties. The CEO and Vice President of Golf Saudi Arabia, Majed Al-Surour, confirmed in his speech during the press conference held on the occasion of the launch of the program the importance of this step, saying: “I am very pleased with the launch of the first educational and training program in the language. There is no doubt that this move confirms our relentless effort to offer golf to everyone, and out of our constant eagerness to develop our cadres, it has given us the opportunity to join the program for our work team, whether from employees at the company’s headquarters or in our various golf facilities, and we are also in the process of launching the program in a broad way. to include school and university graduates and all job seekers.

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People with disabilities at the Aramco Golf Tournament

Gulf Saudi cooperation and Qaderoen network

From the Saudi Aramco Women’s International Golf Championship

Yasmine Nassif: I am grateful to Saudi Golf and the Saudi Golf Federation for giving us such opportunities

A Memorandum of Cooperation has been signed between Gulf Saudi Arabia and the Qaderoon Network for Business Owners and Disabilities, with the aim of employing people with disabilities in Gulf Saudi Arabia, and on the cooperation, Qaderoon Network founder and chairman Amr Khashoggi said: “We are honored in Qaderoon Network in our work with Gulf Saudi to push the community to include people with disabilities, through our various programs of workshops and training courses, in addition to our employment platform as we promote our programs of international and local best. practices, being members of the Global Business and Disability Network of the International Labor Organization, based in Geneva – Switzerland, and the Business Forum for People with Disabilities, based in the United Kingdom. the facilities under his management will be offered before the launch of the educational program presented in collaboration with the National Center for Facilities Management and Hospitality (Fahm), and the certificate will be awarded for both levels through a digital platform that enables individuals from different backgrounds to join the world of golf . ”

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Share the talents of the Ladies First Club initiative

Women’s Day Meeting at Aramco Golf Championship

A group of women’s club members first took part in the ProAm competitions along the sidelines of the tournament, which were very popular after its launch during the first edition of the tournament in 2020, where 1,200 women in the Kingdom registered in just four days. . All were granted free membership to participate in the golf initiative, which is in line with the goals of Saudi Vision 2030 by increasing the number of sports practitioners.

The ProAm competitions were held with the participation of a group of professional players along with a group of amateur players, and they were joined in this year’s competition by a group of outstanding talents from the Ladies First Club.

Yasmine Nassif, one of those talents, played with Moroccan star Maha El Hadiwi, who is the first professional Arab player in the European women’s tournaments, and expressed her happiness to participate in the same team with El Hadiwi and said: “Maha El Hadiwi is a source of inspiration and a higher example for all golfers in the Arab world, I am grateful to Saudi Golf and the Saudi Golf Federation for providing us with such opportunities, providing a special experience in every detail is. ”

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Women’s Day at Aramco Golf Championship

Moroccan player Maha Hadioui

A first of its kind event called “Women’s Day” was held as part of the world event, the European Women’s Tour Championship.

The ‘Women’s Day’, held on the second day of the tournament, which is an extension of the Ladies’ First Club’s initiative, witnessed many recreational and educational activities, as all of the Kingdom’s women’s participants and girls were given. the opportunity to learn golf, through free practice sessions, with the opportunity to meet a group One of the elite international golfers participating in the tournament.

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