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Works that are shown late are always risky, the movement of change is rapid, and what may have been new 3 years ago can become unavailable, whether at the level of story or implementation.

There are many reasons why the ceiling of expectations is low before watching the movie “The Spider”, Ahmed El Sakka’s latest movie, which was shown during the current Eid al-Fitr season, including the long filming time of the work and the delay in his presentation, and some experiences of screenwriter Muhammad Nair, the youngest of whom is the very weak movie “The Priest,” and director Ahmed Nader. Jalal, who presented successful works in his beginnings but the same level did not maintain it in most of his recent works, as well as his penultimate movie “Bani Adam” was not as strong as his previous films such as “One of the People, Congratulations “Keda Reda, Abu Ali”, too. Some of Al-Saqa’s recent choices were not successful, such as 200 genes or the offspring of aliens, despite his mastery in interpreting the character of Assaf Al-Gharib.

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But the film will be good, because it’s worth it in the context of a very American action movie that fits in with the Eid exits, and it helped that Ahmed El-Sakka appeared to some extent physically fit during filming, unlike the image in which he appeared in Choice 3, and he does not seem to be older than presenting a character like This is amazing.

The events of the film revolve intensely around the character “Hassan / the Spider” who takes revenge on drug dealers, without going into any other details for those who want to watch it without burning up the events.

Action problem

Any action movie can face a crisis if it is delayed to show it because it offered more recent work on a motion level, but the movie helped the Corona crisis put off several movies and the discussion was not much, and therefore the implementation of action scenes, whether chases, fist fights or explosions is very good, With a very distinctive visual and graphic level, the shooting angles helped a lot to bring the scenes to the heart of the events.

If you stop at this point, you are facing an exciting and entertaining action movie that was not without comedy. On the contrary, it was strongly attended by a main character, “Laila / Mona Zaki”, who is very similar to Hanan’s character in the movie “From 30 Years”, her last work with Ahmed Al-Saqa, as well as the couple scenes from the Chinese delegation, Shaima Seif and Sheko.

Little by little, there is no resemblance between the movie “Knight and Day” except in the involvement of Laila’s character in the events, as Cameron Diaz was involved with Tom Cruise in the American movie, and the similarity in the implementation of two action scenes only.

At the level of the work scenario, the film was initially slow, which is appropriate in case people are presented and the event on which the work is built, but the Spider movie entered us completely from the first scene in its story and then very calm and then accelerated for a while and then calmed down to the end which was full of events, This is what made the film more than two hours, but it will be above average and maybe good, “and explanation will come later” as it evaluated in the framework of American action films commercial.

missed opportunity

The producers of the work wanted to present an action movie and only that is their right, but with the lack of Egyptian film works, did they miss the opportunity to immortalize it in the history of Egyptian film? Definitely “yes” does not mean that the movie is a comedy, action or thriller to be just visually stunning without paying attention to the rest of the details as many gangster movies, action and comedy are on the lists of the most important are classified. films, whether international or Egyptian.

The case did not require much detail as the picture and execution were very good, it was all related to the writing of the screenplay and the directing focus on the drama, not just on the action and comedy, despite the inertia at the beginning of the film, it presented no past to the characters, and we only knew details about the three main characters “The Spider” Laila, and Adam / Dhafer Al-Abidin “near the end, while the rest of the other characters, despite the weight of their names, “Muhammad Mamdouh, Muhammad Lotfi, Yousra Al-Lawzi, Reem Mustafa, the late Zaki Fateen Abdel-Wahhab and Ahmed Fouad Selim” are very weak characters at writing level, rather marginal and fragile despite their participation in strong events.

The other thing is related to the gang that faces the spider, although it is presented in the form of American gangs, even in the manifestations of their life or even the death scene of the head of the family / gang, it has many poorly leveled, and without burning, there is a strong justification for their ease of penetration, but the greater the complexity and the more difficult it is to penetrate the more The value of the action hero The hero gains his power in public from his ability to overcome impossible. tasks, especially in this type of business.In addition, it is illogical that a gang whose trading volume is in the billions and linked to global gangs and is fragile in this way.


Directed by Ahmed Nader Jalal, he focused on action and comedy at the expense of drama, and the extension of scenes that could all be easily shortened and presented in a very fast hour and a half, or a movie that lasted longer than two hours, but is interested in his characters.

Taking care of the action figures, presenting a past to them and strengthening the gang would have made the film full of dramatic events, and with the level of action and image implementation, “The Spider” could become one of the most distinctive films in Egyptian has become cinema, and the example is not far from Sakka, as the island is not just a movie about a dealer Drugs due to small details.


“The actor is happy when he succeeds in some step in his artistic life and it was successful and then realizes that it is time for a change, so it will be important for Al-Saqa to decide that this is his last action movie. is or that he should return to his full physical fitness that makes it acceptable If he wants to repeat the experience so we are not about an Egyptian version of American actors defying time, it’s true that Sakka’s history is not just action no, he has offered romantic, comic and erotic works, but he has been loyal to these types of films since Mafia and Tito, through the island, Ibrahim Al-Abyad, the merchant and an emergency escape. ”

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