The sports trio places the obstacle in the middle of the event

Ahmed Al Rawashdeh

obstacle In Aqaba, there is something special, in which the sea and natural grass meet in a combination that is not more beautiful, that combines three main sports, with an infrastructure that adds an additional qualitative value to the future of Aqaba and an economic leverage for it, in conjunction with moving forward in all other sectors.

The sports trio we are talking about in Aqaba includes golf, football and marine sports, and these are sports that people have found that pay attention to them and those that belong to them, and can significantly contribute to the economic prosperity of the coastal city.

Since recent years, marine sport has been the only one in the Al-Akabawi sports arena, known for its angling, sailing championships and other sea-related games, in addition to some individual games.

Today, Aqaba has become an incubator for the most important sport, which is golf. Nidal Al-Majali as president of his federation, and he is the plastic surgeon for a number of world championships held in Aqaba, and benefited from his extensive experience while working in the Ayla Oasis, before joining his new duties as Commissioner for Tourism and Environment in the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority, which is truly a great benefit to the golf federation. paving its way to globalization.

Ayla Oasis has become the golf association’s leading destination for holding international, Arab and local championships, due to its distinctive infrastructure that supports quality sports and tourism activities. .

Majali says: “The Golf Federation is not a federation specifically for Aqaba, and the sport of golf in Jordan has started and developed since the eighties with the strength and passion of sports fans, amateurs and professionals. In Jordan there are more than 240 golfers from different ages, and after the founding of the Ayla Golf Course and Academy, which consisted of 18 international holes, with the signature of international golf designer and professional Greg Norman, the union achieved a quantum leap in Jordanian golf, and helped to develop a new generation that achieved local, Arab and international results.And the golden boy Shergo Al-Kurdi currently plays in the name of Jordan in international forums and tournaments and hoists the Jordanian flag.In Aqaba, with the support of Ayla Company and Al-Ittihad, there are more than 36 young players who have progressed with distinction, and some of them have results within the first three Arab ranks i n a number of tournaments.

In mid-September, Hamla Salman, player of Ayla Golf Club and Shergo Al-Kurdi, will compete in the Asian Championships in China, to be the first representation at the Olympic level in golf in major tournaments, which is an indication of the development of Jordanian players.

The second aspect of the trinity of sport in Aqaba is marine sport, which made its way years ago, in which the media and sports leverage of Aqaba was formed, when the international ski and water dance teams made their name on the list of international participation, in addition to the city’s embrace of Arab and international swimming championships in all its forms, where The importance of a Royal Marine Sports Federation, led by Ibn al-Bahr Muhammad al-Maghrabi, is underlined, working to extrapolate which the federation can find in favor of marine sports and Aqaba, in partnership with the city’s public and private institutions.

Al-Maghraby said in his interview with “Al-Ghad”: “We will make sure to push the wheel of marine sport to advance to the world with the efforts of the administrative and technical work team, as well as to create a new creating sporting generation in various marine games to compete and raise the flag of Jordan The task is not easy, but with will and determination we will achieve our set goals.Since the board of directors has taken the helm of the union . ”

Al-Maghraby reaffirms the union’s zeal to communicate with the authorities involved in the sports movement by proposing ideas and proposals that serve Aqaba in sport and tourism, and to ensure the continuity of activities, in addition to finding a permanent headquarters for the union and looking for a waterfront to improve the work process and expand the base of marine sport and increase its activities, and the union’s interest in expanding the base of coaches from By training new coaches and prepare to upgrade the level of swimmers in the near future.

The third and final aspect is represented in the sport of football, in which Aqaba was distinguished by what was brought by the Aqaba Youth Club and reserved its seat in the professional clubs two seasons ago.

Youth of Aqaba rose to the professional league for the first time in its history in 2017 and ranked ninth in its first participation, before coming to the middle of the points ladder with its second participation, and then two has dropped. places back in the third edition and finished eighth, after disappointing results in the way It’s unique in the second leg, which is exactly what happened last season.

These games reflect the importance of Aqaba and its future role not only related to sport but with other sectors of global and regional specificity, and which the city currently provides in terms of leading infrastructure, in addition to sports programs and international championships that have a high added value, which attracts thousands of athletes from around the world and places Aqaba in the eye of sporting events and tourism promotion.

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