The strangest behavior of cats and their interpretation

05/04 14:03

So, if you notice that your cat is running around a lot for no reason, it means that she has internal energy that she wants to release. You can help her by playing with her for more time.

Most cats treat people as their friends as soon as they feel comfortable with them, and although the closest way to a cat’s heart is to feed it, it should still feel the love of its owner by sharing some behaviors that are strange. lyk.

Among the strange behaviors of cats to show how much they love their owner is to rub their face with his face, because cats generally prefer to smell the breath of their owner, as an expression of their satisfaction to to be near him, and even near. to him.

The face is a great place for the cat to smell the unique natural human scent, and it helps her to relax, and make sure this person is in front of her, her best friend and not a stranger.

Often all cat owners in this world have suffered that their cats interrupted them during work, or in a clearer sense, which prevented them from concentrating on anything, whether it was reading a book, a computer or even a phone. is, and some may think that this behavior is generally bad, but it is much more than that.

Interruption is one of the most prominent cat behaviors that expresses the love of cats for their owners. This behavior is motivated by jealousy and nothing more, as he wants the cat to get the attention of his owner, or perhaps it is motivated by the desire to spread his scent on the property of his good friend, and in both cases it remains an expression of love and does not want to bother at all.

He believes the solution is not to reprimand and forbid the cats from such behavior, but rather to exercise self-control and try to pet the cat for a short while until it feels comfortable, and then work or read again. .

The face of cats rolling on the ground seems familiar, and this behavior is one of the behaviors of cats that expresses their comfort and confidence in their environment, as the abdominal area represents an explicit threat to cats in general, so if your cat reveals this part of his body it feels no worries about you.

In other interpretations, this behavior may just be scratching their back and tensing their muscles, or maybe they are trying to involve you in a game. Rolling is also a leverage strategy, where cats leave their scent on the surface that they roll around.

What do you do when your cat turns its back on you? Does that mean he’s upset about you? In fact, people sometimes misunderstand cat behavior, including of course the cat turning its back on its owner while trying to pet it.

Tail light and pack beats may seem rude, but it’s actually a sign of friendship and connection. Cats show that they are friendly and willing to deal with you by lifting their tails. You can take that as a compliment, even if it seems a little strange.

Scratch or bite a friend

Scratching or biting a friend is perhaps one of the most misunderstood feline behaviors. This behavior in no way implies the hatred of people or resentment over their presence, on the contrary, it indicates the desire of cats to share their owner a few. time by playing with him in this way. ; Because cats, which are naturally predatory, feel smart when they bite or scratch.

The cat bites its owner in normal situations to tell him it’s fun because it does not have a tongue to tell it to do so.

Behaviors that indicate that your cat is already angry

cat behavior

In the same vein, and to make clear the strange behavior of cats, it is necessary to explain the meanings of some of the behaviors that cats may perform as soon as they feel upset or angry about something.

Cats can share an irritated gesture with people by pointing their face against a wall, which means they feel very frustrated.

More important; If this habit is accompanied by unusual noises that the cat does not make normally, take the cat to a veterinarian as soon as possible because it is not normal, as it may be a symptom of nerve damage caused by trauma, poisoning , growth, or any other pathological cause.

Tail that bounces forward and backward

Unlike dogs, who wag their tails to show they are happy, cats do not swing their tails all the time to be happy, so if you see their tails pointing back and forth, be careful, the cat is not in a good mood not.

He believes that trying to fix it himself is a bad attempt to stop the cat from feeling angry, but it is better to let it calm down, without any intervention from you.

Nail biting, one of the behaviors that cats share with humans, is a feeling of stress or anxiety, so nail biting is a sign of stress or boredom, but it can also be a personal care tactic.

However, if your cat bites her nails excessively, you should take her to the vet as she may be suffering from an infection, or a parasitic disease.

Once you hear your cat whisper, it is best to stay away, as cats whisper in a snake-like sound when they are angry or worried about a danger.

To illustrate this behavior, cats only hiss when they feel threatened, whether by a human or another animal, so stay away from them as much as possible when you start making these noises, as they can calm down over time.

Cats can – through their perseverance – make you do what they want, perhaps by rubbing or spinning, but if they do not succeed in impressing you, they will start meowing loudly.

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