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In the science-fiction series “Altered Carbon” – produced by Netflix in 2018, which takes place at the end of the 24th century – it becomes possible to digitally human consciousness (its memory, mental abilities and personality) within an electronic chip.

And when the natural body dies, digital consciousness can be implanted in an artificial body, and if this body is damaged, it can be replaced and consciousness is implanted in another body, and thus a person can avoid death provided he digital chip is not damaged, but access to this technology – according to this series – is expensive and not available to everyone.

In 2018, Elon Musk, founder of Tesla and SpaceX, came up with a similar idea and said, “If your self is biologically dead, you can load it into a new entity.”

“The artificial intelligence merger scenario is probably the best case scenario, and if you can not beat it, join in,” Musk added.

As for Russian billionaire Dmitry Itskov, he’s actually working on a project aimed at publishing all his brain and personality data on a supercomputer by 2045, in the pursuit of digital immortality.

Basic scientific / technical efforts in the field of finding a drug for aging take a different direction, which is reprogramming cells and tissue regeneration, organ pressure and modification of genes, and if DNA is responsible for the engineering of the body, proteins its building material As we age. , it appears that many of the proteins our bodies need to function properly decrease, while damaged proteins build up in awkward places.

Several months ago, Flagship Pioneering, which was behind the financing of the vaccine company Moderna, launched a new company called “Laronde”, and mRNA was used in The “Moderna” and “Pfizer-BioNTech” vaccines. instructions to cells to make a copy of the spinal protein found on the surface of the Covid-19 virus, as this spinal protein stimulates the human immune system to produce antibodies that protect it against the Covid-19 virus.

The use of this method to produce treatments encounters some problems, as the instructions sent to the cell do not last long and are difficult to protect against external threats. Therefore, it has been developed into the technology of closed RNA (eRNA) technology, which provides for The durability and long-term stability of the instructions, which cover any type of protein, represents a revolutionary approach to the pharmaceutical industry and the treatment of diseases, including aging.

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Elon Musk put forward an idea similar to the one that came out in the “Modified Carbon” series, saying, “If you die biologically, you can load it into a new entity” (French).

“Imagine that we could instruct human cells via RNA so that they would drive these cells to produce the proteins needed to cure diseases, just think of how it would affect our understanding of medicine and the way it is made. change, “said Diego Mirales, chief executive of Laronde. This technique during this decade.

Trials of the first wave of anti-aging treatments started on humans several years ago. In September 2015, Elizabeth Parrish, president of BioViva, performed a gene therapy on herself aimed at reducing aging, and the treatment is being developed in two parts divide, one of which aims to reduce muscle mass atrophy with age, and the other is to lengthen telomeres by using viruses (telomeres are the points of chromosomes that protect DNA from damage, and whose length decreases slightly with each split).

And this type of treatment was successful on mice and led to the prolongation of their lives, and the operation was performed in Colombia (due to the US Food and Drug Administration’s lack of approval to perform it in the United States), and while Parrish has confirmed the success of the operation, most scientific circles have doubted it.

Among the drugs currently being tested are senolytic drugs that remove cells that accumulate as we age (called aging cells), suppress the normal mechanisms of repair of diseased cells and create a toxic environment for neighboring cells. These drugs will soon be commercially available. be available.

Success in finding solutions to these factors will slow down aging and significantly prolong human life, and future British scientist Aubrey de Gray expects techniques to restore youth to old mice by 2022, and techniques to restore youth to old people. to recover in 2037.

And de Gray believes that science in that year will be able to increase human life expectancy by more than one year per year, which he called the longevity-escape velocity.

Let’s assume that your genetic life expectancy is 80 years and you are now 79, and let’s say that in the remaining year science and technology managed for you (according to old calculations) to increase your life expectancy by one additional year to 81 years. extended, and then science and technology this year managed to extend your life expectancy for another year.So you can live very long in this case.

This term is inspired by a well-known physical term, the Earth’s escape velocity, and it is defined as the minimum speed required for an object to escape from the Earth’s gravity and leave it, and this speed is approximately 11.2 kilometers per second.

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Some thinkers believe that it is more helpful to focus on the “healthy age” rather than the “longevity” (networking sites)

Some history books mention that Pope Innocent VIII (lived in the 15th century) deteriorated his health at the age of 60. His doctor only drew blood from 3 children of 10 years each and passed it on to the Pope with the aim of improving his health to recover, and the result was the death of the children The three and also the Pope.

In the Blood Boy episode of the TV series Silicon Valley, billionaire Gavin Bilson (Matt Ross) buys blood transfusions from Bryce (Graham Rogers) with the goal of living forever. .

This picture is not far from reality, as many real experiments have been carried out to transfer blood from young people to the elderly with the aim of improving health and prolonging life, but the scientific debate on the benefits and harms of this process on humans are still going strong, despite the emergence of tangible benefits when tried on mice. , These experiments are still ongoing, but they have shifted to the search for youth-promoting factors in the blood to be transfused instead of transfusing the whole blood.

Finally, some thinkers believe that it is more helpful to focus on a “healthy life” rather than “longevity”. In response to this idea, the British government, in the framework of its strategy for the industrial sector for 2019, launched a plan. that it was described at the time as a “great challenge,” which is to add 5 years of a “healthy age” for every citizen by the year 2035, but it seems that the great scientific / technical progress, the dream of man in immortality, and the increasing billions currently being pumped into this field will not stop man from pursuing this dream.

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