Wedad Hamdi became famous for her maid roles and was stabbed to death.This is the fact that she married Salah Qabil.

She is a bomb in the movie “The Thirteen Wife” and a light-hearted servant in works of art who was not her first heroine, but her clear stamp made her one of the most famous actresses in the era of visual arts.

Birth and artistic beginning

On July 3, 1924, Wedad Muhammad Issawi Zarara was born in Kafr El-Sheikh Governor, and she is the eldest sister of her five brothers. With her uncle in the Sayeda Zeinab area, she started looking for work.

first singer

Art started as a singer and decided to study, so she joined the Institute of Acting for two years, and then in 1944 she participated for the first time in the film “My Daughter.” In the same year, she presented “Nour El Din”, the Three Sailors, Antar and Abla, “before being directed by director Henry Barakat in the movie” This Is What “. My father committed it in 1945.

his business

Wedad Hamdi presented some 281 works of art, including “Antar and

Abla ”in 1945 and this is what my father, the victims of the city, the five pounds, the first look, the lipstick, the three grooms, lived in the dark, the love that never dies, the good man, vacation in hell, oh, men, the beach of love, and the women like it, and sorry, Zahr, Moon 14, the millionaire, and the office of love. Have a day, oh The oppressor, the soul lover, the avocado, the praise, the phone, and my mother-in-law, the atomic bomb, the prestige of the queen of the gypsy, the rose of love, the night of love, and I was free, and the indiscretion of the youth, and I am the past, and love is in danger, and the house number 13. And testify, O people, a million pounds, and your happiness this week, and the charming mother-in-law, money and boys, and who oppressed me, and those who love you, the fatwas of Hussainiya, and the people are the places and honor of the girl and the hearts of people, the April lie, age is one, the days have passed away, the daughter of the neighbors, love, tears, an appointment with the devil, the story of my love, the nights of love, the melody of loyalty and the lover of the soul, God is with us, and I have ” my wife “killed And the aspirations of a lifetime, a land of dreams, a dead end and a swim in the fire.

Her business declined in the 1960s and continued into the 1990s.

And in the sixties her works decreased, and some of her works in this period are

The stage of “Love, hardship, the end of the road, and stronger than life, girls, summer, love and torture, my wife’s wife, Ambassador Aziza, the 13th wife, Antar bin Shaddad, the soft hands, ‘ a forbidden story, the naughtiness of men, and you who killed Papaya. ” Single and on “Who we shoot, devil men, mouths, rabbits, a woman without chains, and I want love and tenderness.
In the eighties, Wedad Hamdi continued to maintain her artistic presence, despite her advanced age, so she participated in works such as “Hassan Bey Al-Ghalban, Al-Nassab, Al-Halfoot, Women’s Union, Hamza Tabuna, Death” or Samira, Men, but strangers, and oh dear, we are all thieves. ”
In the 1990s, she participated in the third part of the series “The Helmya Nights”, the “Primo” series, the movie “Those Who Dance on the Ladder”, “The Truth is Named Salem” and “Al Sagha”, and her last work in 1994 was “Huda and His Excellency the Minister”.

Her marriage and retirement for a while, and what is her relationship with Salah Cain?

Widad Hamdi was married once in her life, and she was an actor

Muhammad Al-Toukhi, and at that time she retired from art to dedicate herself to her married life, in the sixties, but she came out of this isolation after the Algerian artist Warda encouraged her to perform the play “Tamr Henna” participate.
There are rumors that the artist Wedad Hamdi married the actor Salah Kabil, and gave birth to his only son Amr, but the boy denied this rumor and said that he was in the club on the day of her death and a state of great astonishment. due to the rumor that she was his mother, but his father only married once.
There are also rumors about her marriage to composer Mohamed Al-Mouji, but his daughter denied the matter, saying she did not know the source of the sites that published this wrong news, despite confirming that she the reason was for his separation from the artist Souad Makkawi, due to the love story that Wedad Hamdi collected, and the then wave.

She was killed instead of Yousra and Suhair Ramzy, and a movie scene actually changed

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Was issue in a scene in the movie “Qamar 14”, where Wedad Hamdi met with the actress Camelia, and Wedad Hamdi asked Camelia in the film to die burned, which actually happened when she was burned in a plane crash, while Camelia for Wedad at work called that she was dying with a knife her heart, a scene reached on the ground. On March 26, 1994, artist Wedad Hamdi was found dead. Registrar Matta Basilos killed her and stabbed her with a knife for theft. He was arrested and the case lasted for four years before he was sentenced to death by hanging. is. He was captured in the hands of Wedad Hamdi during her murder, after which the police managed to arrest him in less than two days.
And the story began after Wedad Hamdi received a call from the registrar and told her that there is a role for her despite being over seventy years old, and an appointment was made and he went to her house went after he bought a glove and two large knives, and indeed Wedad Hamdi received him the best reception and offered him a hospitality drink, And she began to ask him about the series that had happened to her for him, then to went to her bedroom to get something, and she was surprised when she returned and showed calmness in her face. After she died, he received only £ 270 and an empty jewelery box, and the offender admitted that he also intended to kill Ahmed Zaki and Yousra, as well as Suhair Ramzy in her statements, saying that Wedad instead of her was killed, so the registrar first went to her house, but he did not find her and quarreled with her cook, who fired him.

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