A love story .. the escape of a very dangerous criminal with the help of an employee in his prison

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For a week now, Americans have been following with great interest the story of the escape of a criminal who is described as very dangerous from his prison with the possible help of a female employee who was considered an ideal in the penitentiary, as the escape a romantic takes character due to the background of what is believed to be a love affair between a 38-year-old giant who is more than two meters tall and a short woman He is 56 years old.

On the 29th of last April, Vicki White helped inmate Casey White escape from a prison in Alabama, knowing that the two are not related, even though they have the same last name.

It became clear that the escape had been carefully thought through, and the element of surprise was complete, as no one would have thought they had to watch out for Vicki White, who had never caused any problems in the prison administration of the small town of Florence. the state of Alabama in the southern United States.

“She never did anything. I bet she did not even get a speed arrest warrant,” her mother, who did not believe the bill, told local TV station WAAY31.

Vicki White became one of the most wanted men in the United States, although the district police chief described her as the “model employee” and the district attorney considered her “the most trusted person in prison,” supervised by Lauderdale County. is. Police on transfers of prisoners.

40 km away
When Vicki arrived at the Florence jail on Friday morning to pick up Casey White under the false pretense that he was going to undergo a psychiatric evaluation in court, a car she bought was waiting for her in the parking lot of a nearby shopping center. .

However, the footage taken by the jail’s surveillance cameras did not suggest any collaboration between the tattooed giant and the jail officer. She holds the door for him, but does not look at him until the moment he gets handcuffed and handcuffed to the police car. Then she closed the door carefully and drove shortly after 09:30 in the morning.

No one noticed Vicki and Casey until several hours later, around 3:30 p.m.

The investigators who were chasing them seemed far away from them, because the last time the fugitives were seen was Friday, the day of the escape, about 40 kilometers from the jail, in a burgundy Ford sports utility vehicle.

The chase sparked interest from social media users in the area, who commented on the agency from which Vicki White bought the car.

The seller came under fire, forcing the authorities to give an explanation on Wednesday, claiming that he provided valuable assistance in the investigation and that “no one is suspected of helping the escaped prisoner and his partner.”

And during the six days following the escape, the items piled up that were not in the prison staff’s favor, as it was reported that she had recently sold her home at a reduced price and received $ 95,000 from it.

After 17 years of loyal service with the local police, she also announced that she was retiring … Friday was her last day of work.

“preferential treatment”
The beginning of this story, which may be a love story, dates back to the year 2020.

Casey White, who has served a 75-year sentence in a state jail for crimes that include kidnapping, burglary and attempted murder, had suddenly accepted responsibility for the murder of a woman five years earlier.

His confession did not last long
He eventually pleaded not guilty in the pending case – but it was a reason for him to be transferred to Lauderdale County Jail, where he is allegedly charged with murder, and he met Vicki White for the first time.

Casey is returned to his primary jail after discovering an escape plot, but remains in contact with Vicki.

“He told me he was writing to someone, but I have no idea who it was,” his mother, Connie White, told the New York Post.

He returned to Florence Prison in February this year for a trial in a nearby court. For months, Casey then reported what police officer Rick Singleton described as a “special relationship” with Vicki White.

“We have no evidence of any physical relationship between them,” Singleton said, but other inmates complained that he enjoyed “privileges” and that he received services that others did not have.

Singleton described the situation as “preferential treatment” for a “very dangerous” man who is now a fugitive.

“He’s too dangerous, everyone around him,” said a former lover, giving Vicki White the following advice: “If you’re still alive, run. Run, run, run as fast as you can.”


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