Actor Mohamed Hatem: 10 episodes are enough to make a good series

Variety of roles and multiple personalities … Although he started appearing on screen 11 years ago, he managed to leave a mark for the audience because of his familiar face, and to represent prominent personalities who make their mark within the Egyptian and Arab society. Muhammad Hatem, who began his life on stage and did not leave it, and remained attached to it; In this interview, he reveals to “Madam” how he received the audience’s reactions to the role of “Akram”, which he presented during the Ramadan drama season in the series “Batloo Al-Ruh” and won the admiration of the followers has. He also talks to us about his upcoming works, his beginnings, and reveals the other side of his life, his secrets and his love of photography.

How did you get the reactions to the role of “Akram” in the series “Btolo Al-Rouh”?

Very pleased with the audience’s response to the work. I hope the message for which we presented the work reached the largest segment of viewers.

very happy

Tell us about your experience with director Kamila Abu Zekry in this work.

I felt like I was a very happy person to be with me. Kamilah Abu Zekry to work in this work, as she pays attention to the smallest details, and is eager to show each actor in the best possible way, and I consider myself happy to work in that experience in general.

How was your experience performing in front of star Menna Shalaby?

This work is the second that brings me with Menna Shalaby to the series “Every Week on a Friday”, but this time the space between us is bigger, and she is a talented artist, and a real star that I work with . very.

What are the biggest issues you face during the filming of the series?

We experienced many problems during filming, the most important of which was that the filming of the entire work scenes was in Lebanon, and the weather there was variable between harsh winters and extreme heat, as well as action scenes that were very difficult, and performed with great professionalism. .

What do you think of the experience of presenting a series of 15 episodes? Do you think that these types of short series can fully convey the idea to the audience?

My opinion is that this type of series is supposed to be present in abundance, as the series of thirty episodes is more than anything else related to Ramadan, in addition to the fact that the filming period is short, which somehow improves the quality of work , and I think ten episodes is the ideal number for a work Good series.

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Mohammed Hatim

Actor Mohamed Hatem

theater role

I was able to present a very distinctive role in Arabic in the series “Kingdoms of Fire”. How did the theater shape Muhammad Hatem’s artistic personality?

The theater was for me the transition phase of watching movies, movies and acting, and that was the way it was, whether at school or university. The theater has played a major role for me in the development and formation of the Arabic language, as the language is part of the world stage, and plays have been translated into classical. We live a lot with this language.

How was the collaboration with British director Peter Whipple and artist Khaled Al-Nabawi in this work?

I enjoy working with new characters. This work was characterized by the presence of different nationalities, as if we were opening windows to different places in the world, America, Italy, France, Algeria, Tunisia and England. They presented the work in an amateurish spirit, although the work was done in a very professional manner.

Of course, getting to know Khaled Al-Nabawi better is something that made me happy, and I discovered him more on a personal level. He is a hardworking person who cares a lot about his work, and loves it, and this is a great and important advantage. Because when you work alongside an actor who loves what he presents, he helps you to present your work well, and the goal is for us to complement each other to get the job done well. He’s an avid actor to the extreme, and that reassured me, and I feel like I’m working with an actor who’s interested in his work; Which will definitely affect me.

What about your experience with the presentation of the play “Mama”, and will it be shown again soon?

“Mama’s play” may soon be shown at the “Links” theater, but the matter has not been confirmed yet, but it is certain that the play “The End of Love” will be shown at the end of the year, and I’m currently working on a play with the French-Spanish director “Daniel San Pedro”, and it will be shown In May, the Rawabet Theater will be shown in France and elsewhere.

Tell us about your experience in the movie “When We Are Born”, and the scenes in which you won the “Malmo Award” for Arabic films?

It was a different experience because it was a singing experience with director Tamer Ezzat. In fact, I have always wanted to present films, and being named best actor at the Malmö Festival was definitely one of the lucky surprises.

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Performing with Menna Shalaby is fun and Laila Elwi is passionate about her work

The “Abu Al-Arousa” series has managed to reach many Egyptian homes

“Relieved by her family”

How would you rate your experience in the series “Munawra bi Ahlha”?

The series “Munawra bi Ahlha” is one of the most interesting works in which I have worked. I loved director Yousry Nasrallah, and one of his biggest fans, for a long time, and when I worked with him, I really benefited from working with him, in addition to all the moments of photography together. enjoying with him no matter how hard it was, so it was a unique experience for me.

What was the experience like performing alongside the artist, Laila Elwi?

Laila Elwi is a star and actress who is very passionate about her work. She works, works hard, and prepares to work as if it is her first job.

In your opinion, what do Egyptian drama and movies need in our time?

I think the interest in screenplay and writing in general; Because paper is the foundation on which all work is built.

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I miss working in the cinema

What is closest to you, cinema or television?

Good job whatever it is, but I really miss working in the cinema, and I hope to do a movie soon.

In your opinion, what makes an artist be called a “world artist”?

The international artist is the one who manages to present a work that touches any recipient who sees it, regardless of the language of this work, like Naguib Mahfouz, as he is an international writer who has not left Egypt.

In your opinion, does the quality of family series affect the Egyptian house? Did the series “Abu Al-Arousa” succeed?

I think the series “Abu Al-Arousa” managed to reach many Egyptian houses; Which made the audience very much related to the work, and certainly influenced the audience in some way; This is because it reflects the reality of the average Egyptian family, representing a large segment of the Egyptian people.

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What roles would you like to play?

So many roles, I feel like I have not done anything yet.

What do you do when you feel depressed or depressed, and what increases your happiness?

I take vacations and take up my time learning new things.

Which country do you like to travel the most?

I like to travel in general, but I prefer to discover the magical places in Egypt.

What are your other talents besides acting?

I like photography and cooking.

Did you achieve your dreams last year? What are your dreams and ambitions for 2022?

I did not achieve everything I wanted last year, and I hope to be a calmer person, get closer to myself, my family and my mother and keep learning.

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