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The journey of a short life, in which there are many papers that have not yet been revealed. This is a rapid journey of questions and answers, produced by the positions of the world. We put it on every day after meeting one of the prominent faces in the different fields of giving and creativity .. A journey that does not stop .. And our guest today is Imad Al-Maliki, the karate champion. .

01-08 in person
– Without any introductions, without any improvements or additions. How do you introduce yourself to a group of strangers?
Brother and friend to all after God’s success.
Aside from work and professional challenges, what are your biggest personal accomplishments?
My relationship with those close to me is perhaps my greatest achievement.
– Character overwhelms imprinting .. What is your character that still triumphs over you and drops you with a knockout blow?
Fear of losing.
Do you have money that makes you safe and secure in the face of adversity of eternity … Or is this money the last of your interests?
I trust God in all my affairs.
– The boy who wants to be a rich man when he grows up … so do you have any valuable advice to give him?
Ambition is a wonderful thing, but before that one should praise God and thank for what he has and appreciate what he has otherwise, he runs forever.
– Some people lie with innocent words, a polite manner, and good intentions … this kind of polite deception .. do you sometimes turn to it … and with whom do you do it?
Never .. It’s clear in my dealings with others, even if some of them do not like it.
– The Corona pandemic has come to an end .. a war of iron and fire and rapid death breaks out in the corners of Europe .. what is happening in this world?
I believe that history never rests, and if these crises did not exist, there would be others.
– Those who stuff coffee mugs with sugar. Do you consider them the happiest and smartest people?
I do not think so, especially since I’m on my way to getting rid of sugar.

09-15 sports
– Saudi Arabia, Morocco and Tunisia in the World Cup … A painful and hurtful farewell to Algeria and Egypt … Do you have a special perception of the reality of Arab football?
The truth is that I am far from football events .. and all the best wishes to all the Arab teams.
– Everything confirms that the Saudi league is the best and most important in the great Asian continent .. Do we need new evidence to establish this fact .. Or are we exaggerating our football emotions?
I do not think so, especially that the Asian champion Al Hilal Saudi club.
– Cold wars between clubs … between their presidents, stars, media and supporters … How do we stop them … Or do you see it as a healthy sporting phenomenon that must continue?
I think it’s unhealthy, but it’s hard to stop because of the multitude of endpoints.
– Talisca, Hamdallah, Pereira and Banega .. These four are the foreign players most mentioned this season .. Why did the atmosphere of noise, controversy and conflicting opinions accompany them?
As I mentioned earlier, they do not follow the rapid events .. but their technical and financial value is a big reason for that.
– If FIFA gives you the right to change the football law, what would you do?
Prevent players from talking to the referee.
– What is your team that you fell in love with .. and what price are you asking to give up this love?
I do not follow football .. but I am always Hilali in all his games and in his various sports, social and cultural fields.
– When you look forward to these great international sporting events hosted by Saudi Arabia … Formula, Horse Riding, Golf and other games … What do you think of?
The truth is that these events have a positive effect on Saudi Arabia, beyond being athletic and competitive and extending to the economy, tourism, culture, sports and media, and I am very happy with this trend, praise be to God.

16-20 arts and culture
The Riyadh season has recorded impressive numbers in its various activities. Art, ideas, initiatives and innovations. How do you view the picture in its broad framework?
The Riyadh season was prepared by a great painting that was admired far and wide, and it has become a registered trademark in the world, and I am proud of this national achievement.
Do you write your name with confidence in the middle of a list that desires for the return of the days of “Tash Ma Tash” to the Ramadan screen .. Or do you consider it a television work that takes its time and the death of the train?
The truth is I like it .. I do not know if it’s nostalgia or an artistic vision .. But anyway, “Tash Ma Tash” I do not consider it a television series just because it’s Saudi life in do not archive. an era of many customs and situations that we may forget and not remember until we see how one walks.
In the worlds of art, new faces appear every day. What emerging names are betting on their successes?
Muhammad Al-Shehri, Ibrahim Al-Hajjaj, Yaqoub Al-Farhan, Saleh Abu Amra, Faisal Al-Doukhi, Saad Abdel-Aziz, Abdul-Aziz Al-Shehri, and I think more will appear.
– Love, Crime and Wealth is the most popular trilogy in movies. Do you have a fourth edition that you would nominate for permanent display?
History, future, fiction and survival films.
– Your charming artist, with whom you formed your taste for movie stars … Who is she … and why is she in particular?
Do not think of me as an artist, but let me turn him into an artist, and I mention Alpuccino, Denzel Washington, and Leonardo DiCaprio … because of the way they act and their choices in movies.

21-30 thinking and living
– The unknown idea that you want to crystallize on the ground … Has the time come to reveal its mysteries and secrets?
I’m working on it now but until then I like to keep quiet and work.
– The so-called time of the good … What would you choose to take with you on your future journey?
Peace of mind from social networking sites.
– People whose hearts are full of your hatred … Do you have a confident message to shock them with?
I hope they like the meeting.
– The media .. old and new .. who do you like among them .. and what would you do if you accepted their leadership?
There are a lot of them and I have a lot of friends and I do not want to lead them because I do not know what to do.
On the shelves of libraries are millions of books that have enriched the minds of people. Which book do you want to be the author and owner of?
I hope to have a book in the future in which I can offer something useful, but I think I have a lot of experience in the beginning to go through.
When your closest friends say to you: Give me my faults … Do you tell him half the truth, or do you let him live with his illusions?
Whole, not half, and without asking.
– Those people who are stigmatized as thinkers, how do their ideas differ from others?
They are observant and see things clearly.
– In this world overflowing with God’s creation … Who is the only one you trust with your secrets and rest on your arm?
My family and some of my friends.
– That happiness that all people long for .. Did you know it in your life .. when and how .. and what are its characteristics?
I praise God and thank Him always and forever for what He has given me of family, friends, love for people and achievements. I am, glory to God, happy and I thank God every day and I pray to Him Almighty to let it continue on me and on those I love.
– The person who stopped passion, dream and ambition … How can we help him and bring him back to life?
Every person has his own setbacks and frustrations, and the case differs from person to person. But I think one should arm oneself with patience and faith and with the people on whom he relies when it is necessary to support him.

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