At Eid Al-Fitr, explain to your child the importance and value of kinship ties

In popular proverbs they said of the love of grandparents for their grandchildren: “Rather than a boy is a boy’s child”; To illustrate the extent of the dignity and love of the grandparents towards their grandchildren, albeit in an exaggerated way; Because the grandmother loves her grandson;

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Because he is a part or a piece of her son or daughter, and before these good and beautiful feelings; Parents should pay attention at all times and strengthen children’s love for their grandparents, and not just on holidays and special occasions; Because of its health, psychological and social impact on the child now and in the future. Meeting with professor of sharia, dr. Muhammad Al-Bilaidi, and education expert, dr. Fouad Hadiya, Professor of Child Psychology at Ain Shams; For clarification and clarification.

1- The importance of grandparents in the lives of grandchildren
Their importance in the life of every child is due to the fact that they are the great source of love, affection and restraint, and the main source of every positive energy that sows joy and smiles on children’s faces.

Through them the child acquires experiences and interest; By knowing the history of the family and looking at its details in general, they are the basic roots of that little family and that child.
A child who enjoys a good, direct and emotional relationship with his grandparents is a child who enjoys several benefits that are very important in his life and in his upbringing. He is a child with strong social skills who joins his grandparents at the house was acquired.We find that he treats people with kindness, generosity, respect and love.
A child who especially enjoys the presence of his grandparents in his early years is a child who is not nervous, does not get nervous in situations, and does not feel depression and disappointment when he does not get what he likes; for he is accustomed to the fact that there is a solution to everything; Based on the experiences of his ancestors.
This calm and stable relationship between the grandparents and the child, strengthens the child’s performance at school and in dealing with others, and increases his self-confidence in himself, and how to control his feelings with friends without harming him in any way. berokken.

2- Maintaining kinship ties is part of faith
On the authority of Abu Hurairah, may God be pleased with him, he said: The Messenger of God (may God bless him and give him peace) said: “Whoever believes in God and the Last Day, let him honor his guest, and he who believes in God and the Last Day, let him keep his bonds of kinship, and he who believes in God and the Last Day, let him say good or be silent. “. Read by Al-Bukhari.

Three things achieve cooperation and love between people, namely: the honor of the guest, the maintenance of kinship ties and a kind word. God believes. and the Last Day does not break its bonds of kinship, and the maintenance of kinship is a sign of faith.
The commitment of kinship is a sign of the perfection of faith and the goodness of Islam. The commitment of kinship pays for the breadth of existence and blessing in life, and to win it, the Creator satisfies, then the love of creation, and it also works to strengthen the bonds of social relationships between members of the same family.
He who maintains his mercy is supported by God. The wombs have the right to visit and connect without being bound to a season only with the seasons. The commitment of the relationship is rather obligatory and not postponed; When the calamity of death, sickness, or guilt strikes him, help must be rendered.
Likewise, when joy and happiness strike their houses, they must partake of it; For example, weddings, the coming of an absent person, the healing of a sick person, a new baby, and so on, which signify happiness and joy in the hearts.

3- The connection of the womb is a reason for blessing in livelihood and life
All people love and work so that God expands their provision for them and delays them in their deadlines. Because the love of possession and the love of survival are two instincts in the human soul, so whoever desires it must maintain kinship ties with him.
On the authority of Anas, may God be pleased with him, he said: The Messenger of God (may God bless him and give him peace) said: be in his tracks, let him keep his bonds of kinship. ” Read by Al-Bukhari.
On the authority of Ali, may God be pleased with him, on the authority of the Prophet (peace and blessings of God be upon him) who said: from evil is kept from him, let him fear God and maintain his bonds of kinship. ” Narrated by Al-Bazzar and Al-Hakim.

4- The commitment of kinship is a reason for the commitment and honor of God Almighty
On the authority of Aisha, may God be pleased with her, on the authority of the prophet (peace and blessings of God be upon him) that he said: “The womb is fastened to the throne, she says: Whoever binds me, God will bind me, and every one that cut me off shall be cut off from God. ” told by Muslim.

God Almighty has responded to it, so whoever binds his womb, God binds him with goodness and benevolence, and whoever breaks his bonds of kinship is subject to God’s breaking of him, and this is a matter for which hearts are broken ; That the mighty man cut off heaven and earth, a weak and poor slave.

5- Maintaining Relationships is One of the Reasons to Enter Paradise
On the authority of the Prophet (peace and blessings of God be upon him) he said: “O people, spread peace, feed the food, pray the womb and pray at night while the people sleep, you will enter Paradise in peace. ” Read by Ahmad and Tirmidhi and Ibn Majah.

6- The role of fathers in strengthening the bond of children with the womb
Oh mother, talk to your children, young and old, about your parents, and talk more about your love for them and their great favor over you.

Mention to them some of the good habits that you have inherited and that have benefited you to this day in your life, as well as the values ​​and morals with which you were raised.
Be careful .. do not forget to invite your parents to visit you and sit down and get to know your children .. on simple occasions in front of adults .. which spreads an atmosphere of family warmth.
Your children are your loved ones..and you too, as you were the beloved and favorite daughter in your parents’ eyes..don’t be distracted to visit them.
It is good to prepare a simple journey, the number of which is a few days; To gather grandchildren with grandparents in one is spacious, and in which everyone can rejoice and go.
A child raised in an atmosphere of intimacy and love from young to old, from daughter to mother, and child to grandmother … creates healthy children who are successful in their practical and social lives.
The relationship of the relationship does not depend on the relationship between children and grandparents, but extends to include uncles and aunts, aunts and uncles and the rest of the family members and the elderly in front of the young people.

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