Color harmony secrets for a perfect look

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Everyone has to wear a specific color palette, to be specific, there are four and one for each season, each designed to enhance their own characteristics (as well as their uniqueness). Colours A true blend of skin, eyes and hair designed to define a table of shades (cool / warm and / or saturated / bright) that is ideal for each of us, a simple and practical way to enhance our natural beauty to improve. In Anglo-Saxon countries it is called “Color Analysis” and in Italy has a sweet and evocative name, such as ‘Armocromia’.

As color expert Rossella Migliacchio and author of Armocromia, The Friendly Color Way That Revolutionizes Life and Not Just Image, we all have “friendly colors” and “enemy colors.” The first are true allies of beauty. “Anti-time” makes us look sad, tired, sometimes messy and feel old. It’s not just about how we apply eye shadows or the right accessories, but about finding color harmony between clothes, make-up and shades (predictable, skin, eyes and hair). There is a whole study behind this science that aims to create a perfect look using only colors.

How do you find the perfect color palette?

  • Sometimes this happens when choosing colors and shades that do not quite match the natural colors, but how do we understand whether the shade improves our skin or not?
  • When we wear colors that are incongruent with our natural colors, it is enough to observe our face: details such as dark circles appear clearer, lines of expression are more pronounced, and iris is not bright, but looks especially dull, which weighs.
  • By choosing colors that are in harmony with our skin, the face is enhanced and lightened and the skin does not show small imperfections, on the contrary, it hides it, which reveals and strengthens the strengths of our face.
  • However, the choice of friendly colors, also called armochromy, is not an exact and schematic science: iris and dark hair do not always handle warm shades, amber and iris, and very light hair with cold shades, the discovery of the most suitable combination of colors is the result of an in-depth and professional analysis conducted by a consultant Pictures very specific and in-depth studies.
  • To understand which palette fits well with our natural colors, it is necessary to observe the skin completely naturally: without makeup and artificial lights: only in this way you can discover the substrate of the skin, lips and eyes, moreover only later it is necessary to check the hair color and try to focus on Shades of an individual’s natural color.

Four Factors to Analyze to Find Out Your Anderton

According to the color scheme, each face has its own friendly colors and 4 types can be distinguished: spring, summer, autumn and winter:

  • The first distinction to be made when it comes to classifications is the distinction between warm and cool colors: spring and autumn have warm colors while winter and summer are cool colors.
  • The second classification is rather between light, medium and dark shades: spring and summer prefer soft colors and light colors, while winter and autumn prefer more intense colors.

Let’s now analyze together the four color classes corresponding to the four types or seasons:

Four Factors to Analyze to Find Out Your Anderton

Reading these tips is not immediate and it is not even possible to make a correct consultation through photography or video, as lights and some special effects can change the natural colors, so we asked for some tips for to understand ourselves, what season it belongs to and so Rosella Miliccio revealed a few tricks:

  • To understand if your skin is hot or cold, I suggest you look in the mirror by applying a strawberry balloon lipstick and the other coral on the face or if the first one improves us, the complexion will be cool and vice versa .
  • To understand whether we have a high or a low density, let’s look at the different types of green: if your other tone is prone to sage or olive, it will have a low density, on the contrary, indicate emerald green or grass green at a high density.

The four seasons of the color system

  • the spring: “Spring palette is characterized by warm, bright and bright colors, such as those that nature takes in spring and high intensity, people who belong to this season have especially a radiant complexion” Shades suitable for this type of person are warm and bright colors, such as orange, yellow, red, blue and apple Green and Lime: Spring prefers combinations of light with light and light with medium and prefers to avoid full full black, you should have the typical bright and saturated colors!
  • the summer:“The summer color palette consists of cool and soft shades, more subtle because they refer to the summer light which, because it is stronger, tends to reduce the intensity of the colors that surround us.” Color blue, blue, yellow, strawberry red or cherry red, gray.
  • autumn: “Autumn palette displays the warm and soft colors of autumn wood, rich in yellow and brown of fallen leaves, and warmer red, the intensity of the colors of the people belonging to this palette is low.” Preferred combinations are dark with dark and dark with medium: avoid total light appearance and cool colors, must With shades of orange, copper, brown, yellow and green, the perfect autumn woman with red lipstick and her perfect golden shade is yellow gold.
  • winter: “Winter palette is characterized by cool, deep and bright colors, with high intensity, typical of nature during winter, such as night blue that becomes longer and optically white” avoids satin and muted colors completely, but prefers strong and intense colors such as optical white, black, gray, blue, red and purple.

Amochromia is the ally of beauty

Amochromia is the ally of beauty

This science has already amazed thousands of people and good news! It can also be used out of fashion, such as interior design or beauty, in fact, if this methodology is applied to makeup, it can be an ally of beauty: it is in fact the colors we apply directly to the face, and to for this reason it can be a powerful weapon to enhance the complexion. This will not only allow us to easily choose foundation, eye shadow, blush and lipstick, but also to know the type of clothing that lightens our skin and matches our color. hair and eyes.

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