Emirates News Agency – Mohammed bin Rashid: The role of our armed forces extends into the second fifties and beyond

DUBAI, 5 May / WAM / His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and ruler of Dubai, “may God protect him”, confirmed that the role of our armed forces extends over the second fifty years and further, and that our security services played a major role in the achievements The first fifty.

His Highness said that maintaining and practicing the ten principles of the “second” fiftieth document requires us to move forward in the development and strengthening of our own capabilities, including in particular the capabilities of our armed forces, security services and civil protection agencies. , with the emphasis: “No economic development can be achieved without security and stability.” “There is no lasting peace without armed forces that preserve and protect it.”

This comes in a speech addressed by His Highness to the magazine “Shield of the Nation” on the occasion of the forty-sixth anniversary of the unification of the armed forces, the text of which is as follows: // In the name or God, the Most Gracious, the Most Gracious.

O people,

Officers and soldiers of our armed forces.

Peace, grace and blessings of God ..

I greet and congratulate you on the forty-sixth anniversary of the issuance of the decision to unite the UAE armed forces.

This historic decision was a pillar in the process of building our state and our Emirati model, consolidating the pillars of the Union, completing the engines of sustainable development, and the process of building our national army of launched, in the context of a strategic vision that has absorbed plans and projects for relocation, armaments, training and modernization.Our state and the independence of our decision is a shield that protects them, and a perfect sword that curiosity and delusional benefits deter.

When the unification decision was issued on May 6, 1976, our defensive reality was very modest, but our dreams were big, our vision was clear and our plans were ambitious. We raced against time, overcoming problems and finding solutions to overcome challenges and overcome obstacles.

Thanks to the vision and leadership of our father and the symbol of our country, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God rest his soul, a great operation has been launched to build up our armed forces. Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Army.

Here, the role of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed in the process of developing our armed forces should be noted and praised, as His Highness graduated from Sandhurst Military College in 1979 and joined the ranks of our armed forces. and is included in its ranks.For cadres and leaders.

His Highness oversaw the development and implementation of development and modernization strategies, led the development operations from the field, and the soldiers and officers lived in their camps, and he has been the driving force behind the success of the National Service and Reserve Program since its launch in 2014. It is a program that has made a qualitative leap in the formation of our youth, by making their military training Familiar with discipline and time management, equipping them with leadership skills, deepening national values ​​in it and to qualify them for actual service if the caller calls.

As the process of building our national army culminated in remarkable success, embodied in its capabilities, prestige, reputation, experience, competence of its employees, courage, depth of belonging and loyalty, the bulge of this process was the establishment and rehabilitation of all ranks in all arms branches during a record period. This strategic achievement was achieved through diligent work and well-thought-out plans that deepened the linking of arms deals with training programs, and took the initiative to establish military schools and academies, and were eager to develop their curricula and systems to the best in the world.

Emiratization and training efforts did not neglect the active role of women in the structure of our armed forces, and provided them with schools, rehabilitation, and training opportunities. Just as the Emirati woman has proven highly effective in the civilian field, he has also shown proficiency and competence in all the tasks of the military field, including participation in military operations.

Just as we managed to bring about the localization of all ranks, we opened the door wide to the defense industries; Since 1992, weapons programs have been linked to industrialization and transfer programs. The private sector has been stimulated to break into the defense industries, and our periodic specialized exhibitions have contributed to the exchange of experiences, the forging of partnerships and the marketing of the products of our factories.

Today, our defense industries contribute to improving the capabilities of our armed forces, supporting our political decision, diversifying our economy, and providing our human resources with leading scientific skills with their knowledge and experience. One of our companies has become one of the 25 largest defense industry companies in the world, and the “Made in the Emirates” seal has become a title for quality and craftsmanship, which has strengthened our competitive position in the international defense market, especially in the territories of design, manufacture and development of vehicles, warships, ammunition, projectiles, individual weapons and systems Anti-missile and artillery shells, reconnaissance devices and unmanned systems, including drones.

These achievements were accompanied by major missions carried out by our armed forces, beginning with their participation within the Arab deterrent forces in Lebanon, the Peninsula Guards in the war to liberate Kuwait, and with the United Nations forces in the Kosovo region, to clean up mines in southern Lebanon, the provision of humanitarian aid in Afghanistan, and last but not least Finally, the support of the fraternal Yemeni people, as our forces have played a major role in supporting legitimacy in Yemen and the rebuilding of infrastructure; In the battles they fought, our forces showed high professionalism, efficiency and courage, which testified both near and far.

In all these tasks, our armed forces have displayed an honorable image of our homeland and people, and embodied the values ​​of the people of the Emirates in giving and giving, whether in the field of war or in the field of humanitarian work. Through these field missions, our forces gained experiences that increased their power, capability and resilience, and confirmed the status of our country and its effective role in the security and stability of the region.

Honorable sons and daughters of the Emirates, officers and soldiers of our brave armed forces.

Our celebration of the anniversary of the issuance of the decision to unite our armed forces comes as we have achieved our goals in the first fifty years of the long life of our state. .

Just as our armed forces and security services played a major role in the achievements of the first fifties, this role extends into the second fifties and beyond, and this is an increasing role with the rampant changes the world is witnessing, and with the complexity, confusion, and direct and indirect military confrontations that pervade relations between the major countries. It casts a shadow over the world, threatens international peace and security, and warns of a state of chaos in the international system and its institutions, which seemed paralyzed in dealing with the chronic and emerging international crises.

We in the UAE monitor and monitor security, political and economic developments and changes in the region and the world, anticipate their impact, prepare ourselves to deal with all possibilities, and act in accordance with our higher interests, guided by the ten principles of the “second” fifty document, which affirms that the purpose of politics is to serve the economy, and the purpose of the economy is to provide the best quality of life for the people of the Emirates, and that the call for peace and peace, negotiations and dialogue to resolve all differences are the basis of our country’s foreign policy, and the main driving force behind these policies is the pursuit of regional partners and international friends to consolidate regional and world peace and stability.

It is a foregone conclusion that maintaining and practicing these principles requires us to move forward in the development and strengthening of our own capabilities, at the forefront of which are the capabilities of our armed forces, security services and civil protection agencies. No economic development can be achieved without security and stability. And there is no lasting peace without armed forces preserving and protecting it.

Our interest in international and regional developments and changes therefore does not lead us for a moment to follow the launch of our homeland in the “second” fifties after completing the strategic framework for our work, clear plans, priorities and goals, projects and timetables, and develop a vision for the government’s work system that enhances its readiness for the future and its ability to anticipate change and trends to ensure rapid adaptation, and anticipation of its effects.

Of course, this strategic framework includes our armed forces, which have become part of its culture, keeping pace with change and anticipating the future at the core of its plans.

I am confident that it will continue its approach of development and modernization, keep pace with all new and changing weapons and military technologies, and learn lessons from the latest wars in the world.

Honorable sons and daughters of the Emirates, officers and soldiers of our brave armed forces.

With each passing year renewing the anniversary of the unification of our armed forces, our confidence in our ability to overcome problems, no matter how great and difficult, may be renewed. And we have greater faith in our ability to excel in all fields and fields of work, as this commemoration is associated with the level that our powers have reached, which in its meaning embodies the efforts and giving of the sons and daughters of the Emirates in the process of building our state and increasing its status among the countries of the world.

The memory we celebrate today does not end with the passing of the day, because it lives with us and in us, and it is a bright page through which generations communicate, and a brilliant station that illuminates our national narrative, our culture and enriched. identity, and participate in shaping our future.

On this anniversary, we salute the men and women of our armed forces, the nation’s shield and impenetrable fortress, and its vigilant guardian over its security and stability. We salute the souls of our righteous martyrs who have raised our heads, demonstrated the authenticity of our metal, and littered the chest of every citizen with medals of glory and pride. We salute the families of the patient martyrs who raised their children with the love of the fatherland and the willingness to sacrifice their lives for it.

I conclude with the praise of God, who honored us and gave us a blessing, and enabled us to serve our people and our nation. I ask Him, Glory to Him, to keep our homeland safe and secure, to inspire us to the right path, and to lead us to what He loves and what He is pleased with.

Peace, grace and blessings of God // ..

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