Golf flower – 10 ways to increase focus at work


The holy month of Ramadan has ended, and with it the happy Eid al-Fitr holiday, but how can we return to a normal normal life and practice our normal daily activities, after more than a month in which the hours of sleep, awakening and eating amounts of food have changed?

Medical News says in a report that focusing on more than one thing in front of you reduces your productivity (study or work) by 40 percent. Imagine losing almost half of your productivity and cognitive ability because you can not focus on one thing. Not only that, but another study suggests that mental distraction at work can be a major factor in IQ decline, which is sometimes estimated at 10 degrees.

But what do you get if you work at your full mental capacity and do not lose focus most of the time?

You will be more efficient and can complete your work within two hours, which can take you all day, just in case you gather your brain and become more focused.

Successes in life require a lot of effort, continuity and perseverance, which makes us feel happier and more satisfied, and takes a little effort to get what we want, a natural thing that each of us should strive for.

In terms of the resources that will help you focus, there are ten, but there is one important thing you need to pay attention to. These steps will be words to read unless you have a desire to make an effort to persevere in doing so, and those things are:

1. Exercise your brain:

Do some exercises that help increase concentration, such as sudoku, chess, some word games, crossword puzzles and memory games.

2. Improve your sleep:

Lack of or excess sleep clearly affects your ability to focus and finish your work in an integrated way, and if you suffer from sleep problems, these steps will help you improve sleep, such as: turn off the TV and remove screens an hour before bedtime, and maintain a comfortable but cool room temperature, Relax before going to bed with soothing music, a hot bath, a book, or whatever method works best for you. Go to bed and wake up at about the same time every day, even on weekends. Exercise regularly, but try to avoid strenuous exercise just before bedtime.

3. Eat healthy food:

Healthy foods not only improve your health and reduce the accumulation of unhealthy fats, but also increase your ability to work, focus and mental skills, in addition, there are some types of foods that can improve your mental performance, such as: fatty fish (such as salmon and trout), eggs (both white and egg yolk), berries, spinach, walnuts, avocado and dark chocolate.

4. Practice meditation

A study of 200 individuals at the University of Michigan who regularly meditated for 20 minutes a day showed that they were more able to focus, better at performing mental tasks and cognition, and had fewer errors.

5. Do physical exercise:

You can do this with your time and physical ability, but try as much as you can to get a portion of your daily exercise, even if it’s walking (strenuous exercise can be counterproductive), affecting your mental health and ability to focus will directly affect.

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6. Know your most active time:

It may be your ability to understand and focus in the early morning hours or other times, so take the time when you learn from yourself that you will be more able to understand and focus.

7. Get time to rest.

Working continuously, of course, limits your ability to focus for as long as possible. since the lack of clarity of vision in (When will I get some rest?) It makes you less interactive with your work, but to set times for the task you do and that you will have a break after, say, 40 minutes, will make you more efficient.

8. Turn off your cell phone alerts:

A 2015 study conducted at the University of Florida points to the harm of not turning off phone alerts, summarizing the study in this sense: “Although these notifications are generally short, they can be irrelevant thoughts. , or delusion, stimulates, which It has been proven to be detrimental to the performance of the task it performs. ”

9. Cut back on social media while working or studying:

A study was conducted on more than 11,000 individuals and the extent of their use of social networking sites at work, which showed that visiting social networking sites at work reduces an individual’s productivity and efficiency.

10. Determine a time to work, then to rest, and then to work:

It’s easy to focus when you know you have only a limited amount of time. Consider setting the time for 40 minutes (or whatever is more appropriate for your job and tasks) and know how much work you can complete during that time. When those minutes are over, reward yourself with 5 minutes of rest, then complete your work or study You will definitely get more work Efficiency and a more focused mind.

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