How to design a modern living room decoration step by step

The more spacious the modern living room, the more design attractions there are, knowing that this room is widely consumed by members of the home, and knows many activities. In this context, interior design engineer Reham Farran told “” that “the size of the space determines the way to work on the decorations of modern living rooms, for example: in a narrow room it is inevitable to choose light colors indicating space. ” Engineer Reham summarizes, step by step, for the readers of “”, the methods of designing modern living room decorations, as follows.

Ceiling and walls in the modern lounge

It is recommended to paint the walls with light-colored paint
  • Roof: The roof can be double-layered, so that the second layer is designed with a slope of 25 centimeters from the first. The second level surrounds the ceiling, has a width of 20 to 50 centimeters, and carries hidden lighting, knowing that the presence of the chandelier in the middle of the multi-level ceiling is not mandatory in the “modern” living room. However, the plasterwork is located in the center of the ceiling, which is a box loaded with “spotlights” that are hung, in addition to the hidden lighting in its sides.
  • walls: It is painted with a light paint, such as sugar or white, with one wall (such as the wall that holds the TV or two walls) that is distinguished by being covered with wood that dissipates heat.
    Wood-paneled wall in the modern lounge

    Other decorating ideas for accent wall coverings include the application of smooth ceramic tiles (or ceramic tiles combined with ceramic, stone or light colored wallpaper) or even the painting of the accent wall with a darker paint (petroleum, dark gray, olive or black in the box). of an accent wall). Spacious room). Spread the paintings on the painted wall.

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Modern lounge furniture

It is necessary to choose comfortable furniture for the modern living room
  • Upholstery: Choose comfortable furniture for the modern living room, such as the L- or U-shaped sofa, or the multi-unit set of different sizes, or even the large sofa that is more than two and a half meters long, while coordinating with the side seats selected from another source. In addition, the presence of the “poof” is desirable in the “modern” living room, especially in the vicinity of the fireplace. In terms of colors, light and medium colors are combined with dark in the furniture. In this context, engineer Reham says that “colors opposite each other, such as gray and yellow (or red and white, or fuchsia and white, or oil and sugar, or petroleum and orange, or petroleum and yellow …) are found in the” modern “family living room, which means it accompanies the color Loud, which is neutral.”
  • Tissues: Leather is desirable for modern living room furniture, with engineer Reham pointing out that the said material is practical, comfortable and easy to clean. Add to the leather upholstery, finally velvet, as well as then and linen. The aforementioned tissues can withstand a lot of scrubbing.
Fireplace built into the wall, in a contemporary living room highlighted by neutral colors
  • heater: Do not miss the fireplace built into the wall, which is powered by electrical energy, or even a modern wood fireplace.

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Accessories in the modern lounge

It is preferable to sew chiffon curtains for the living room with a large facade, provided the fabric is white or gray
  • Carpet: Several pieces of rugs, distinguished by their soft and ordinary color, are distributed in the “modern” living room, in addition to the attractiveness of the animal skins that are thrown on the floor, especially around the fireplace.
  • Curtains: It is preferable to apply chiffon curtains for the living room with a large facade, provided that the above fabric is white (or sugar or gray), in addition to the design of another layer of thick, drop-colored material in the color of the pillows that become handed out on the couch.
  • accessories: It is an integral part of the “modern” lounge; Pillows made of ostrich feathers, or those engraved or decorated with drawings, promote the session, in addition to the table in the middle of the room with a glass surface or designed entirely with mirrors, without the presence of candles and lanterns from the losing eye. ..
    Interior Designer Reham Farran

    In this context, engineer Reham prefers that “accessories do not take up a place on the floor, so it does not break easily.”

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