The 8 most important rules for entrepreneurs to stand out from your competition | leadership

Today we live in an era of innovation, where markets are teeming with innovative ideas, new investment adventures and beginners, and this surge in ideas has led to a large number of startups around the world.

But despite the large number of companies, only a few will stand the test of time, and their success often depends on the skills of founders and investors who came up with an idea and believed in it to the end.

Investors need to be vigilant today and follow all developments, in addition to a good knowledge of the market and a future outlook. In this report, startuptalky provides a set of tips to help investors stand out and be successful in the face of strong competition.

1. Find clients before launching the project

This is unique and very important advice for new investors. Before launching your project or product, you need to reach out to people to ask them how much they need this product, and are they willing to pay money for it?

You can ask these questions directly or online, and Facebook groups and the rest of the social media platforms are usually an effective tool to take the target groups’ pulse. This insight by potential customers is one of the basic information that needs to be provided before it is actually launched.

2. The importance of design

It may not be the characteristics of your product that attract customers at first glance, but appearance is definitely the first criterion that can either attract or repel people.

Therefore, the website recommends focusing on design, and to achieve this goal, you can hire professional designers piece by piece if you do not have the talent and ability to create innovative designs. You will certainly not regret investing money to hire people who specialize in this field.

3. Increase your focus

New projects require a high level of attention and focus, and the brain is designed to feel tired and bored with work, and sometimes our attention is diverted to things, or we have to do some fun activities for entertainment and convenience.

And to stimulate your brain to stay focused and work so productively, you can play binaural beats on the alpha waves. These magical sounds that activate your brain waves will improve your focus for a longer period of time.

4. Follow customer behavior graphs

You can do studies and research on consumer data, know their characteristics and behaviors during the buying process, and the motives behind choosing their product. This data will help you make better decisions when you release your product, and it will also help you improve your company’s advertising and marketing strategy.

You can get this data by directing surveys to consumers, or using blogs and websites to publish simple and fast-response surveys that can be widely disseminated using platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook and Facebook. Twitter and Instagram.

5. Keep interacting

There is no substitute for real and honest interaction. You can not buy AI software to pretend that you are dealing with people. Communication between people helps to build trust and positive bonds between the company and customers. It also keeps you informed of the choices and preferences of those you are dealing with.

The company’s employees do not have to communicate personally with customers, as it is enough to be active on social networks and maintain contact with customers through well-known platforms.

Depending on the site, for example, it is possible to appear in a live broadcast on the Facebook page, or to comment on customers’ comments, and reply to their messages that direct them to the company’s page. It contributes to the building of strong bonds between the two sides, creating an atmosphere of trust and loyalty.

6. Retain positive energy

The website is not recommended to work rigorously and continuously. Relaxation from time to time is beneficial in boosting morale and rejuvenating energy. Therefore, it is advisable to program leisure activities with the team in the beginning, and although many of these may lose the necessary serious work atmosphere and discipline, some of them are necessary to maintain balance.

The website recommends going out with the staff on weekends, or bringing them some gifts, which reward good performance and dedication to show appreciation and gratitude. All these movements increase the motivation and enthusiasm of the work team, and are therefore in the interest of the company.

7. Everything that has value has a price

You’ve probably heard the saying, “If you’re good at something, do not do it for free.” This saying is considered very important in the world of business and finance, and it is mainly aimed at young people who have new talents or ideas. The consumer, on the other hand, if he wants a good service, should never expect to get it for free. If he obtained an alternative service without paying the money, it will always remain an alternative and not be at the level of the paid service.

8. Cooperation

Whenever you have the opportunity to collaborate with others, do not miss it. Collaboration is a great way to market and gain experience. Many potential customers will find you thanks to the partnership between you and parties they already know.

It is successful on YouTube, blogs and social networks, and is used in all kinds of projects.

This collaboration takes place, for example, when a company presents its product to a famous person, provided he tries it in front of his followers on the internet, and the product thus reaches the largest number of people.

Finally, the website offered a piece of advice that Bill Gates gave to young investors, in which he says, “If you do not build your dream, someone else will hire you to build his dream.”

Elon Musk also gave advice to those who want to work in the same context as managers of start-up companies, in which he says: “You have to do all kinds of work and tasks, even if you do not like it and no matter how trivial, you have to be ready to work with others for long hours, and do not underestimate any part of the business. This is the right attitude for emerging executives for successful companies. “

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