The bravest Egyptian artist .. She visited the House of God 29 times and asked for forgiveness, and her tragic end made everyone cry

She gained wide fame due to the movie “The Lady of the Black Moons.”

Nahid was born in 1949 and began her artistic career in 1968 with her older sister Samia Shoukry, and she participated in a number of series, the most famous of which was the series “The Treasure”.

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Nahed Yousry has presented many films. From the beginning we mention the following films: “The disappearance of a woman, hours of fear, Maktoob share, boys for sale, things you can not buy, trick, Hamra street cats, lights and mold of Mexico. ” In 1967 she presented “The Fun Beach”, in 1968 she presented “The Three Prisoners” and “Adawiya”.

Nahid Yousry moved to Beirut in 1970, beginning with the revival of Lebanese theater and the migration of Egyptian artists to Lebanon, and she has starred in Lebanese films in roles of seduction. In 1971, she presented “Love Prank”, “Love Sunna”, “Woman of Fire” and “The Lady of the Black Moons”.

In 1973, she also presented two works, “When Love Sings” and “Queen of Love.” In the 1980s, she presented two films, “Hakawy” and “If after a while,” and despite her interest in movies, she presented other works that were shown on the small screen, including the series “Ghab” Half Moon “,” Rose Al-Youssef “and” Al-Yateem “, and in 2010 she was honored in Kuwait, by the president of one of the liberal forums,” Najla Al-Naqi “.

A traffic accident caused her to retire

In 1974, Nahid Yousry had a terrible accident, which resulted in the departure of a friend who accompanied her and a slight deformity in her face. After that, Nahid made the decision to retire, affected by what happened in the accident, which made her very sad. and remained buried with her for a long time.

After the accident, Nahid Yousry was absent from the art scene for more than ten years, only to return in the mid-eighties with films from her production, specifically with the TV movie “The Devil Lives in Our House”.

retire again

Nahid Yousry retired from acting again in 1990, with rumors that she had decided to wear the hijab. She was said to have rejected her artistic history, especially during the period when the phenomenon of the veil of artists spread, and it was said that she was in a personal interview with her that she did not believe in enforcing the hijab until after her reading of Surat Al-Nour, and she said that her husband did not force her to wear the veil or stay away from the artistic community, but she chose to do so willingly, and Nahid Yousry decided to dedicate her life to her husband and her home.

She also revealed that she performed the Hajj 7 times, and the Umrah 29 times, with the goal of obtaining forgiveness from God. Her latest artwork was the movie “The Disappearance of a Wife” written and directed by Yassin Ismail Yassin, and it was adapted from the famous American movie Vanishing Act in 1986.

Nahid Yousry, a daring actress, Nahid Yousry presented many joint Egyptian-Lebanese films, which relied on daring scenes and blatant temptation, and she was known at the time for the roles of seduction and attractive characters. For example, the famous movie “The Lady of the Black Moons” was not shown in theaters in Egypt due to the objection of Egyptian censorship, because it contains blatant scenes that do not suit the nature of society.

After censorship prevented it, the film was smuggled into videocassette tapes, and it was released in Lebanese cinemas in May 1972, but on condition that its viewing be restricted to adults only, which increased its commercial popularity so that teens began to sneak . theaters to follow it, although Watch it was forbidden to them.

In an interview, Yousry revealed about her husband, saying: “When he proposed to me to get married, I told him I was an actress, not the daughter of” Al-Shaarawy “, and likewise with swimwear and nude and kisses that appeal to me, and I chose and loved her, and he said nothing. ”

And about her falling in love with her husband, she said, “I was like a mare running on the fourth, and everyone loved me, but I did not love anyone, and I felt like I really loved for this man when he officially proposed to me, and I did not promise my husband to retire and he did not force me to do so. ”

Nahed Yousry’s last artistic work was the movie “The Disappearance of a Wife” written and directed by Yassin Ismail Yassin, and it was adapted from the American movie Vanishing Act 1986, starring Elliot Gold and Marcotte Kidder.

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