The proxy war of the West in Ukraine

The time did not last long, only about 12 hours separated between one statement of denial and another of certainty. Both statements stem from two high-ranking U.S. officials, one legislature and the other executive. Both statements relate to the definition of the identity of the current war in Ukraine. This is an important issue in the context of international positions, especially the Western one, which with all its might is pushing a state of polarization and international division, according to the well-known slogan “He who is not with us is against us.”

While State Department spokesman Jen Psaki denied that the war in Ukraine was a proxy war between Russia and America, as it was not in the interests of Ukraine and the international community, and Russian statements made after this description referred, regretted, Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the US House of Representatives, spoke with Ukrainian President Zelensky, in front of cameras in the capital, Kiev, described the ongoing struggle on Ukrainian lands as a kind of proxy war between Western democratic freedoms and the powers of tyranny, embodied by “Putin”.

The description that Ms. Pelosi proudly stated, very clearly embodies the dominant American realization not only in the House of Representatives, an important institution in the American political system, but in the realization of the American elite and institutions as a whole, with their democratic and republican symbols, that the war in Ukraine is a direct embodiment of a conflict between two worldviews; The first is the American vision as a leader of the free, democratic world, which is desperate to defend freedoms everywhere, as opposed to the authoritarian Russian vision which – according to Pelosi – embodies President Putin. In practical terms, this conflict is not directly involved with the United States, but rather leaves it to others to fight it for the sake of American sovereignty and the consolidation of its values ​​that it claims to represent in the world as a whole. This was confirmed by Pelosi in her direct appreciation of President Zelensky and said: “We visit you to thank you for your struggle for freedom.”

This thanks is not only verbal, but is a very generous financial one, as the value of only American weapons sent to Ukraine in just two months amounted to two billion six hundred million dollars, and another six billion dollars were determined in the U.S. budget that taxpayers will carry for next year.He increased it to $ 33 billion in urgent military and economic aid, in addition to field intelligence information related to military operations on the ground. It embodies the great American interest in what Washington sees as the necessity of “Ukraine’s victory over Russia.”

Despite all kinds of official US and Western denials, such as statements by President Biden, the British Prime Minister, the European Commission and NATO officials that they are not participating in the war, and that what they are providing is only support with weapons, economic support and massive sanctions imposed on Russia and its people and the confiscation of its money and the money of ordinary Russians who have nothing to do with it With the sovereign decisions, they assumed that their investments in the West were the best option, so they impoverished overnight, and the series of sanctions is still in its infancy, according to the declared views of all Western countries without exception. And they do not think, even for a moment, that he was involved in war or military operations, while the whole world has daily detailed reports on military operations, the extent of the advance or withdrawal of Russian forces, the extent of the failure here, or the progress, even if it was limited there, by British intelligence and the American Pentagon, in evidence It is clear that these two countries in particular are directly involved in the conduct of military operations on the ground, but without an official announcement, not to mention the reports issued by the officials. NATO has stopped the continuous supply of deadly weapons to Poland and from there to the territory of Ukraine.

The proxy war that the White House denies is already a reality. All this Western mobilization led by Washington to continue the war, to inflict heavy losses on Russia and to drain its resources into Ukrainian hands, without the slightest regard for the extent of the suffering experienced by the Ukrainian people, and the resort of more than five million people abroad to live for aid without any hope of an almost peace for their country, and a complete Western disregard for the heavy costs incurred every day as a result of Russia’s military action and the destruction of the Ukrainian military and civilian infrastructure, and the mobilization of feelings of enmity between two peoples of one ethnic origin that make normal living between them almost impossible, representing a source of threat. It supports the real and realistic characterization we face a proxy war that Ukraine and its people will carry on behalf of the West, looking forward to the victory of what it describes as freedom and democracy over tyranny. Not to mention what the world is already paying in terms of rising prices in terms of food and stability.

Power of attorney wars are not something new or exceptional in international relations. These are wars waged by smaller countries and funded by larger countries to gain more influence over the competing party or parties. And while the smaller states are collapsing, the states that finance and motivate the war act as if they are free from responsibility, and even the funding provided to the agents in the form of liquid money, weapons or propaganda campaigns, on the old end, it returns to the economy and to the local arms production companies, thus realizing the composite benefits of global political influence.And returns on the key elements of the capitalist economy represented in the manufacture of weapons in its various forms and levels .

The Russian warnings, which last week focused on the fact that Western involvement in a proxy war, as is already happening, could lead to a deadly nuclear war for the whole world, do not find deafening ears of any rational Western mind to this moment. Without forgetting that Russia must put an end to military operations as soon as possible, and reach a political settlement that achieves some of its war goals, and later helps to even partially normalize its international relations, the Western position in the generally not in. take into account the hypothesis of miscalculation that could lead to an unprecedented global catastrophe for mankind. It is a behavior that is fundamentally at odds with the principle of responsibility towards the security and stability of the world, which the West claims morning and night.

A proxy war or another war in Ukraine is certainly not a rational decision by any standard. Achieving the goal of crushing Russia militarily, economically, politically and morally, which is the prominent core state, is proof of a historic miscalculation by all standards, and the shortest path to a direct war with the financiers and motivators of the continuation of the war on Ukrainian soil.

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