The UAE is committed to “empowering” and protecting the rights of people of determination

Amna Al Ketbi (Dubai)

The UAE government has introduced the national policy of empowering people of determination, with the aim of empowering them and achieving effective participation and equal opportunities in an inclusive society that guarantees a decent life for them and their families. Which crossed with the provision of care, integration and empowerment worldwide, so that the achievements continued.
The national policy to empower people of determination is based on a number of axes that cover various aspects and needs of people of determination. The axis of health and rehabilitation includes the provision of comprehensive health care, and a set of medical examinations, during and postpartum to prevent disability, in addition to developing research and studies of disabilities Genetic syndromes, rare diseases that cause disability, and the launch of a national program for early detection The education axis focuses on the development of an inclusive education system in the fields of general, vocational and higher education, the provision of teachers and specialists in various disabilities and stages, and the opening of subspecialties for the teaching of people with disabilities by universities and institutes.

The state is making tangible efforts to integrate students of determination into the education system, as the Ministry of Education adopts the strategy of adapting public schools, providing the opportunity to provide education to people of determination, and accordingly students of these category register in any school, without any exception, as available to the Since 2008, the Ministry of Education has been a department concerned with people of determination, working to promote and ensure their rights, and their access to the same educational opportunities that available to their peers without people of determination, in addition to providing specialized teachers to teach and care for them.
It has also launched a policy to protect people of determination from abuse, aimed at combating all forms of abuse to which people of determination may be subjected, such as depriving them of the basic principles of care , rehabilitation, medical care, entertainment and community integration, or exploiting them to obtain material benefits The state provides equal and equitable opportunities to employ citizens of People of determination in the public and private sectors. Federal Law No. (29) of 2006 and its amendments guarantee the citizen with special needs the right to work and hold government posts, while the Ministry of Community Development launched the People of Determination umbrella, the Employment Guide for People of Determination. it highlighted the key challenges and special requirements for their employment and to facilitate their integration into jobs without any challenges.In addition, the state, represented by educational institutions, made qualitative efforts to integrate people of determination in schools and universities and their needs and expert frameworks that contribute to the success of this civilization experiment, referred to as universally recognizable.

innovative applications
The Ministry has allocated a package of innovative applications and assistance technology to educate and rehabilitate determination as part of the development efforts of the rehabilitation services provided to people of determination by the “Main Center for Assistive Technology”, affiliated with the Ministry, most notably the Neuroforma program and device for motor and cognitive rehabilitation and the TeleCockpit device, which is a rehabilitation system, and distance rehabilitation. It is based on virtual reality technology, in addition to the Sanbot Robot, an interactive robot that helps educate people and rehabilitate determination.

“Moin” developed
The advanced capabilities of the Maeen Center, both rehabilitative and educational, reflect the Ministry’s efforts, within the framework of its development vision, to provide the best services and initiatives for its clients, as it supports the Maeen Center for Assistive Technology and modern and advanced means and techniques to enable students of different categories of disabilities to communicate with the world of technology, communication and communication through devices and applications. in addition to increasing their interaction with their environment, environment and society, thus increasing the chances of successful integration and its easy and positive application on the ground.
The “Main” Center provides a wide range of aids and assistance technology to people in need, their families and workers in the field of education and rehabilitation. The number of beneficiaries of the center’s services, including students, parents and specialists at the level of the Centers for Persons of Determination has reached almost 1,100, as the center offers everyone the opportunity to see the latest global innovations in this advanced field to know the possibility of exploiting these resources effectively to promote various cases of disability and to develop.
The rehabilitation and empowerment of people of determination through information and communication technology is an important and crucial element in the process of improving their abilities and their ability to communicate and communicate and enrich with their environment, environment and society. Occupational therapy is designed for individuals with neurological injuries, and is particularly suitable for the rehabilitation of determined people with multiple sclerosis, who are recovering from a stroke or brain injury.
The role of the Maeen Assistive Technology Center was important in developing the use of the device with children with autism and children with learning difficulties by creating training activities and linking it to a database to track students’ development.What the TeleCockpit regards, a remote control rehabilitation and rehabilitation system based on virtual reality technology and the device, it is a Technical workstation for managing local and home devices and lets watch video conferences and physical patient, and exercises in real time simultaneously.

educational robot
Maeen Assistive Technology Center has announced the launch of a new robot, “Sanbot Robot”, with its cute human-like structure, with a touch screen, which enhances the process of interacting with children of determination by singing, dancing and drawing and help learn their mother tongue, or learn another language, and the robot can Smart Education Managing a range of educational materials for children of determination, enriching their knowledge and stimulating their memory.
The Maeen Center for Assistive Technology ensures the integration of people of determination in society, the development of the required skills, the increase of interaction and social communication, and the improvement of school performance.

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