Vice President of Technology at Bispin Global after “Al Ittihad”: Abu Dhabi takes pioneering steps to support innovation and creative ideas

Yousef Al Arabi (Abu Dhabi)

The Emirate of Abu Dhabi has taken steps to support innovation and creative ideas to pave the way for large-scale digital transformation, according to the company “Bispin Global” Middle East and Africa, which specializes in cloud computing, and which has its regional business. headquarters in the emirate.
Wael Al-Araj, Vice President of Technology for Bispin Global – Middle East and Africa, told Al-Ittihad that Abu Dhabi’s acceptance of innovation prompted the company to choose it as a hub to start its operations, and added that the main factors that have driven the growth of the company’s business and presence in the region are the great support offered by the Abu Dhabi Investment Office, through the Innovation Program, launched by the Fund as one of the initiatives of the Abu Dhabi Development Accelerators Program “Ghadan 21”.
He stressed that the company’s aspirations are in line with the commitment of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi to embrace and sponsor innovative ideas and solutions and to encourage companies in various sectors to adopt these solutions to achieve their growth, which is new markets for the company.
Abu Dhabi is an important destination and a prominent incubator for promising talents in the field of information technology, as successful skills and talents in the field of digitization and cloud computing are a rare currency today. Abu Dhabi is based on the leading skills it embraces and its ability to meet the accelerating demands of business.

technological development
He said: The UAE has always been keen to support the development of communications and information technology to provide government services at the required speed, and has succeeded in achieving the smart transformation of its services in full.
The Federal Center for Competitiveness and Statistics revealed that the UAE ranked first worldwide in a number of competitiveness indicators in the telecommunications sector last year.
The UAE is currently setting an example in supporting digital transformation plans worldwide, which we see in a practical way in the national vision and the government’s ongoing support for the development of informatics and innovation. Together, these factors led to a recent qualitative leap in the cloud computing market, particularly during the Corona pandemic, which highlighted the importance of this technology in improving business and supporting the economy.

  • Wael Al-Araj
    Wael Al-Araj

regional center
He explained that the demand for data centers is growing with the acceleration of digital transformation, and the UAE has succeeded in developing strong infrastructure and advanced government institutions that attract investments in data centers and provide all services related to the hosting and management of data for all government departments locally.
The UAE embraces an ideal investment environment that has made it the focus of attention of international technology companies, choosing it as a regional headquarters for host and data management centers, communications services, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and blockchain networks.

Regional extensions
He said the company specializes in consulting, cloud computing services management, professional services, managed services, cloud security and software, and the company’s team includes about 80 employees from the elite local experts with experience in the sector.
As for the upcoming plans, Al-Araj said it includes the launch of the Cloud Operations Center, which is the first incubator of its kind for innovation and technology in the Middle East, under the supervision of a group of key cloud computing experts in the region Clients of cloud computing services.
He added that the company is preparing to launch the “Bispen Academy” as part of our strategic partnership with the Abu Dhabi Investment Office, with the aim of developing the skills of the next generation of cloud computing experts, and the knowledge of promising local talents to enrich. of students and clients to keep up with the demands of the fast-moving labor market on the one hand, and the empowerment of human resources in the East On the other hand, the Middle East must keep pace with technological development in the world.
The company continues to improve the use of our Ops-Now cloud management platform to help customers integrate, view, manage and optimize assets spread across multiple clouds, reducing operating costs by more than 30%.

Greater efficiency
The cost of moving data to the public cloud is a challenge for small and medium enterprises, and so the cloud computing and digital services model makes greater efficiency in terms of cost and payments, data management and tracking and usage of it permanently and safely possible. to take advantage of on-demand applications such as customer relationship management, accounting and data sharing.
He added that cloud computing enables the rapid development of small businesses and often enables them to enter new markets and compete with large companies within months, through the cost of purchasing network storage devices, backup and repair systems and maintaining these devices that burden small businesses, and make up a large percentage of its revenue, in addition to pushing the work team to focus on strategic and basic services, and not waste time on technology matters.
Cloud computing contributes to the implementation of modernization processes that take companies to develop their business in record time, in order to quickly meet user needs and compete in the market.

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