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In 1995, the Egyptian audience was surprised by a brown singer wearing a classical suit, carrying a percussion instrument in his hand and on pure Western melodies the phrase “Glorified is he, O beloved of old, the Most High”. singer, who sings western, has a shiny brass vocal material, and the audience kept repeating that short melodic sentence until it became more famous than the song “Raj’in” itself.

This brown singer was none other than “Talaat Zain”, who spent most of his career performing western songs in many bands, and his fame was limited to hearing those bands, so the audience did not remember that he played the role of Dracula in director Mohamed Shebel’s movie “Tusks” in the early eighties.

The success of this public appearance encouraged producer Nassif Qazman to produce his first album, and he hired distributor and composer “Ashraf Mahrous” Rafeeq Zain’s companion in various groups to technically oversee the album. That was the title of his first album.Come here.

In his first album, Talaat Zein retained his daring Western identity, and this was reflected in his choices within the album, which at the time achieved great success, especially the song “Macarena”, but the song “Eshk Junoon” remained the most important. song from the album at all, and a strong lesson for all singers in how to make a Western song With local hands and without falling into the trap of introducing or quoting themes from the West.

the words:

The lyrics of the song were written by the always controversial poet “Antar Hilal”, who was very upset after his poetic experience was limited to the framework of dreamy poetry, such as “Kamanna” or “Baba Obah”, despite the difficulty. to write this type of poetry.

The idea of ​​the song and the way it is formulated is proven by Antar Hilal that writing a song in its traditional form and without the use of any strange linguistic structures or shocking vocabulary is a very easy idea that is not a great requires effort like the controversial songs he wrote, and Antar Hilal had a unique and very special experience with the singer Mohamed Mohy, in which he shows his potential as poet Jade, Mohi’s best and most memorable song of the nineties, was from his lyrics.

The lyrics are very simple without it being just a detailed narrative in which the hero of the song tells his story with his beloved betrayal in very direct words.

Here was a heart – and he greeted me and left – there was a time of love – there was night and wounds

I fell in love and love is madness – I sacrificed while life became scarce – and in her eyes I found the universe – the most beautiful thing it can be

And I fell while I was a fascinated bird – and woke up with doubt and suspicion – it was the last tender heart that betrayed me.

We note in the wording that he did not cast it in a traditional 90’s song template consisting of doctrine and senyo ending in the same doctrine rhyme and then sub-pairs ending in the same rhyme, but rather ‘ a type in the templates The song, of which he wrote the second section, begins with “Where is it when we are two souls” with the same weight and rhyme as the first section “Love and love are madness” and then ends with ‘ a new track “Oh our love, oh years, oh promises”

Melody and arrangement:

The song was composed and distributed by the musician “Amr Abu Zekry”, one of the faces of Western music in Egypt, and he has a wonderful experience with King Muhammad Mounir and another very rich experience in the field of soundtracks, and his music is almost more famous than he.

When we listen to that song, it is in no way possible to separate the melody from the arrangement. We are in front of a Western tune without the “three quarters of the tune” on the scale of “Al Maneer” and implemented in a Western form as well as “Rock”.

The song’s music begins with a wonderful dialogue between the two Western instruments, the saxophone and the electric guitar, behind them with chords from the keyboard, in addition to the presence of a timid drummer. This dialogue is the same melodic sentence with which Talaat Zein will start singing.

Talaat enters directly into the song very lively. The first syllable consists of four hymns, each melodic sentence paves the way for the next sentence, the first and second on the doctrine of Manir, then hobbles with the phrase “It was in the time of love, “which was a preparatory bridge for the shift to the maqam of the Kurds in the section” Lil Stayed. “and Jarrah” to return to Al-Maneer in the second track, “Love and Love is Crazy “until the end of the clip.

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This track can not be left without talking about the very expressive nature of the melody and its degrees of focus, and Talaat Zain was able to perform these sentences with unparalleled smoothness and lightness.

In the first pause sentence, the piano enters with improvisational variations on the maqam scale, behind it the keyboard chords, to re-enter the electric, to deliver the song to Talaat Zain behind him. We get ornaments of saxophone and electric guitar with a very strong guitar bassline.

Talaat Zain’s voice begins with a very receptive performance and a rising one reaches the climax in the phrase “and the way of a crazy liar” to happen, and the layer changes with the entry of Brick from the drums and a impromptu arrival of the electric guitar. And the keyboard, so that Talaat Zain returns to the Seno, “Habeet and Eshk are crazy” and then releases the electric guitar, “The Undisputed Champion of the Song,” which takes us on an enjoyable journey from improvisation to closing the song off.

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The song “Eshk Junoon” did not get enough appreciation then, because it was very different and strange in the ears of the nineties cassette audience that sat behind the Eastern Muqsim Express song, but over the course of days and the audience’s openness to western singing intense, it has gained a large audience and is still being reaped by the new generations who do not You know the value of Talaat Zain, the singer who is greatly offended by limiting his singing experience to light songs that repeat was of well-known Western songs.However, his overall experience is very rich, especially at the level of music that was very developed from his time, which flew outside the herd of the popular music form.

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