Huawei Middle East IT Conference 2022 discusses the future of green data centers

The “Huawei IT Conference in the Middle East 2022” concluded its agenda, organized under the slogan “Green Data: Super Power” with the participation of a group of regional and global experts from various government and private institutions covering various Sectors and industries represented The participants discussed the current challenges of green data centers and their future. In light of the latest trends in data storage and its important role in helping companies and institutions to digital transformation and the pace of innovation in accelerate their operations and services. .

The conference discussions coincide with the increasing acceleration of digitalisation trends in the region, which is putting increasing pressure on current information technology systems, together with an increase in the demand for integrated, flexible and scalable storage units based entirely on cost-effectiveness and cost. -Effective flash storage solutions. Better meet the needs of digital transformation compared to traditional storage systems.

Stephen Yi, President of Huawei Middle East and Africa, said during the conference: “The Middle East and African countries are constantly eager to adopt the latest new technologies, which is clearly demonstrated by the rapid development of 5G networks in the region.We will continue to work with Our clients and partners to contribute to the next wave of digital transformation and to support the visions of national transformation.In view of the increasing dependence on the digital economy, all business sectors improve their readiness, which also requires savings in the volume of costs and energy consumption To achieve this, existing data center solutions provide Huawei Enterprise is a faster, more environmentally friendly and reliable solution to deliver data in a better and more efficient way management.”

Dr. Fahim Al Nuaimi, CEO of the Emirates Advanced Network for Education and Research (Ankabut), stressed the importance of building full-fledged smart data centers in the UAE, saying: “The comprehensive smart data center enables us to provide digital educational services supply. It promotes the efficiency of the academic sector by improving co-operation between the parties involved. ”

Wilson Xavier, Director of Information and Communication Technology Research at IDC in the Middle East, Turkey and Africa, was one of the keynote speakers at the summit, where he addressed the financial sector trends related to data storage solutions and data centers, noting that “the share of companies in the data ecosystem Full global growth will increase to 68% by 2025, as data management strategies can promote or disrupt IT operations. ”

The event witnessed the release of an assignment entitled “Data-intensive high-performance computing trends”, which highlights the rapidly changing requirements facing the HPC ecosystem, especially in light of the high frequency of data adoption intensive applications and the increasing workloads.

Bill Raftery, vice president of data storage solutions at Huawei, delivered a speech at the conference entitled “A New Concept for Data Centers Fully Based on Flash Storage Solutions,” in which he emphasized the importance of innovative technologies such as flash storage platforms and them. ability to enable organizations to accelerate their digital transformation, highlighting the potential of Apply Huawei’s cutting-edge technologies in various fields such as tax, finance, oil and gas. Liu Gui, Vice President of Marketing and Solutions Sales for Huawei Enterprise Business Group for Enterprise and Enterprise Sector in the Middle East, concluded the conference with the launch of the Huawei Flash Track program, which is capable of providing storage devices and help clients implement IT resources and implement projects faster.

The financial sector is one of the key growth areas for modern data storage technologies and solutions due to the importance of digitizing the entire customer experience, the stringent requirements of data processing operations and the need for a groundbreaking electronic security system. The summit witnessed a session entitled “The future of the financial sector, digital transformation based on information technology” to highlight the needs of the sector, with the participation of IT pioneers in a number of leading banks in the region.

It is noteworthy that the institutions that were the first to fully adopt flash storage technologies were able to achieve remarkable results that contributed to the development of their business. In this context, Sim S. Lim, Group CEO, Retail Banking and Wealth Management, DBS Bank, who participated in the conference, said: “We are reimagining and reinvesting in the latest ICT solutions to enable us to digitally empower our customers and build an ecosystem based on trust and mutual cooperation. ”

The data-center data centers based entirely on flash storage provided by Huawei are easy to control according to the concepts of intelligent management, where the lifespan of flash drives can be monitored and predicted. With sufficient flexibility, these centers provide optimal response time for workloads, thus improving customer experience, accelerating the pace of order execution, with minimal problems caused by response time.

Huawei currently has 12 R & D centers, employs more than 4,000 dedicated employees, has 3,000 patents specializing in data storage and provides direct assistance to more than 15,000 customers in more than 150 countries. Huawei’s data storage company is third in the world and has been recognized by Gartner for more than five years. Huawei’s flash-based storage solution OceanStor Dorado won the “Best Customer Choice” award from Gartner Peer Insights.

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