Is willful ignorance the highest priority?

Is the willful ignoring the top of the concern?some people may be confused when they notice the deliberate neglect of them by a certain person, some may interpret it as an attempt to hide feelings of interest and love, while others interpret it as hate and disgust, and in this article will provide an adequate answer on deliberate ignoring.

Is willful ignorance the highest priority?

Yes, in many cases intentional ignorance is the pinnacle of interest, and this is what comes more from girls than men, and that does not mean that men also do not ignore the other party because of their intense interest in it, and are often ignored to to hide feelings of love or admiration, for fear of rejecting the other party In the relationship, or it may be due to shyness to express feelings, so the person turns to ignoring the other party as much as possibly, to a degree that can be very noticeable.[1]

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What are the methods of ignoring men?

A man uses several methods to ignore a woman who has feelings of love or admiration, and among these methods are the following: [2]

Try not to get too close

The man tries not to approach the girl when she is with him in the same place, he may move to a far corner from her so that he does not have to have direct contact with her, and this helps him more to to ignore her, and he can immediately turn around and move away when she speaks, or until he starts talking to another person in While she is talking, so that it seems that her words are not important, as it may occur when the girl enters the place enter where he is, that he is busy and not pay attention to her presence.

Avoid eye contact

The man avoids direct eye contact with the girl he likes, until he shows her that he does not care for her, so when you talk to him directly, he tries to turn his eyes to the other side, or anything else, but so as soon as the girl turns to the other side, you will notice that the man is trying to peek When the girl notices him, he returns to immediately take his eyes off her.

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The difference between deliberately ignoring and alienating a man

There is a fine line between a man’s ignoring a woman to hide his interest, and she ignoring her because of her aversion to her, and in the following two cases the difference is: [3]

  • When a man hates a girl, he deliberately ignores her, and avoids everything related to her from friends and others, but when a man ignores a girl because he is interested in her, the neglect is deliberately to hide his feelings. while he is in fact interested in everything related to her.
  • When a man hates a girl, he tries to shorten his speech with her as much as possible, making sure that there is no conversation with her, while in case the neglect is out of interest, the man, despite of his neglect of the girl, trying to prolong the conversation with her as much as possible.
  • When a man hates a girl, he can declare to her that he hates her, or tries to stop her with boldness at certain boundaries, while if he ignores a woman he is interested in, he tries to preserve her feelings and not her to hurt as much as possible.

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Signs of intentional neglect of women

Among the signs of intentional neglect of a woman when she loves a man are the following: [4]

  • Try to show that she is busy with something else when he is around, even though she would like to look her best in front of him.
  • Try to control her feelings and reactions, to appear balanced and uninterested in what the man is saying or doing.
  • A woman’s attempt to attract a man’s attention in various ways to attract him to her wants him to notice her beauty or elegance and admire her.
  • She treats the man with respect, shows him how satisfied she is with what he does, and can even continually encourage him in everything he does.
  • She tries to do anything that might impress or interest the man so you can get him to like her.
  • She tries to appear cold, confident and unkempt, although shyness and confusion are clearly visible on her.

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How does a man know a woman’s love in spite of deliberate neglect?

A man can know a woman’s hidden love for him in spite of her deliberate neglect of him, and the most prominent signs that appear on a woman in this case are the following: [5]

  • The girl tries to ask the man many questions to find out more about his life, and she may even be interested in asking about the smallest details.
  • She constantly tries to talk to him about things about her life, even about private matters that she does not talk about with others.
  • The girl constantly sends an SMS to the guy she likes, even though there is no reason or opportunity for these messages.
  • The girl gets confused when she looks directly into the eyes of the man she likes, so her eyes turn directly to the other side.
  • The girl who likes it shows signs of jealousy when girls approach the man she loves, and she may not control this feeling.
  • The girl tries to do anything that will secretly bring happiness and pleasure into the heart of the man she loves.

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How does a woman know a man’s love in spite of deliberate ignorance?

There are many signs by which a woman may know that a man loves her despite his deliberate neglect of her. Some of the most prominent behaviors that indicate a man’s hidden love for women are the following: [6]

  • He acts nervous and tense when another man talks to her, so the woman may notice that he is playing with his fingers, or acting tense when he is jealous.
  • He tries to find excuses to be where you are, to be as close to her as possible.
  • The girl will find that the man who secretly loves her is trying to learn more about her personal life, by constantly asking lots of questions about her.
  • The man who admires tries to help the girl he loves in various ways, to show her his love in an indirect way.
  • Sometimes the man turns to secretly showing a sense of humor in front of the girl he loves, to the extent that he can irritate her with his jokes.
  • The man who admires tries to encourage the girl he loves, and constantly shows her his agreement with her in everything.
  • The man secretly uses the name of the girl he loves repeatedly when he talks to her.
  • A man who likes it may show signs of shame when he sees the girl he loves, or when he talks to her.

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Is willful ignorance the highest priority?At the end of our article, we hope that we have provided an adequate answer to the question of whether intentional ignorance is of the utmost importance. We also hope that our information will be useful about the signs of hidden love in men and women.

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