Love at first sight and special dates … The story of 7 years of love in the life of Mohamed Farraj and Basant Shawky | news

A few hours, and the artist, Mohamed Farraj, celebrates his wedding to the artist, Basant Shawky, after a long love story that began years ago.

The news of Muhammad Farraj and Basant Shawqi always attracts the attention of the public and leads the trend in any appearance for them, as happened at the time of her marriage, yesterday with the Henna Night party, and as it is expected to happen today .

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The love story of Muhammad Farraj and Basant Shawqi began many years ago, and as they said about her that the beginning of their acquaintance was strange and that together they were exposed to many situations that strengthened their relationship, and in this report we learn of their love story.

the beginning

During her presentation on the ABtalks program, hosted by Emirati media Anas Bukhash on his YouTube channel, Basant recounted the first encounter she had with Muhammad Farraj and how she felt about him. birth of two different actresses, and I talked to the birthday girl about horoscopes because I care about her, at that time he told me he was a Scorpio, I looked him up and down and left him and left.

And she continued: In our first official meeting, I told him we were not fit to be together and that I did not want to enter into a relationship now.

Basant Shawky and Mohamed Farraj

To tell Muhammad Farraj that at first glance he was impressed by her and tried to get her attention, but she did not care for him, and fate wanted them to meet together in the series “Under Control” and for filming they sat together for long hours, adding: I had a lot of energy because of my work with her and I started telling jokes.For 12 hours I talk a lot more than I usually do.


The date of May 15, 2015 was a special date in the life of Muhammad Farraj, after many attempts to get close to Basant Shawky, he finally confessed his love for her and found that she was also rewarded by this love.

Yahya Muhammad Faraj always remembers his confession of his love for her and remembers the details of the day well, when this day comes he publishes his photo with Basant and writes: Location: The Black Rock in Zamalek, the situation: I said I love you, Basant.


For many years, Muhammad Farraj and Basant Shawqi were together. They did not officially announce their engagement, but neither did they hide it. They appeared together, but the association did not officially take place.

El Gouna-fees

In the third session of the El Gouna Film Festival, specifically on 19 / 9-2019, which is also a special date, Mohamed Farraj announced his engagement to Basant Shawky during a television interview in which he appeared alone.

Mohamed Farraj attended the festival and announced their engagement and his enthusiasm to watch the movie “When We Are Born”, in which Bassant Shawky participated, and was shown for the first time at the festival.

Basant Shawky and Muhammad Farraj at the time of the announcement of the engagement

Farraj’s official announcement of the engagement came as a surprise to Basant, who did not agree with her on the matter, and she told at the time: I was surprised by what Muhammad Farraj said at the opening ceremony, I did not knew what he was saying at the time ..

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Postponement of the wedding

The most asked question to Muhammad Farraj and Basant Shawky was the date of her marriage, which was postponed more than once due to the circumstances of the spread of the Corona virus, or because Muhammad Farraj was filming the series “Newton’s Game” which was shown in Ramadan 2021 and appeared with a long beard in it, so it was not It is appropriate to get married this way.


Until she surprised her fans by holding her wedding in a big ceremony, the talk of social media sites for consecutive days.

The marriage contract or a marriage ceremony

On June 11, 2021, Muhammad Farraj and Basant Shawqi celebrated her marriage in a ceremony attended by a large number of stars. The audience thought their wedding was too. It was not just a wedding, but a big celebration in which the bride wore two dresses and a large number of stars appeared.


And the scenes of the wedding ceremony of Muhammad Farraj and Basant Shawqi, the audience admires her until now, from their arrival at the place of celebration on a bicycle ridden by Faraj and sitting with a penny in front of him, to the tunes of the song “A Strange Need” by Abdel Halim Hafez and Shadia, then the moment of the marriage contract and their crying, and then the celebration and dancing with friends.

henna nag

On Thursday evening 5-5-2022, Muhammad Farraj and Basant Shawqi celebrated the Henna evening in Hurghada and chose the theme for the party, which was inspired by the Greek era: Curly wavy, decorated with hair accessories on both sides.

Today, the duo celebrate their wedding in Sahl Hasheesh, in the presence of a number of stars.

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