Russia and Ukraine: How did the Arabs living in Ukraine experience the Russian invasion?

  • Ziad Ghandour
  • BBC News Arabic

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Omar and his wife turn the basement of their home in Kiev into a shelter

Omar woke up at five o’clock in the morning on Thursday morning at his home in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, from the sounds of shelling and explosions, while “eight powerful explosions shook the doors and windows of the house.”

Omar, a 36-year-old Syrian, has been in Kiev for no more than four months when he and his wife, Irina, live and run an interior design firm together. Now he is trying to make ends meet for himself and his family in a country that turned into a war zone overnight.

“We waited an hour after hearing the bombing, then went out to fill the car. It took us two hours due to the queues in front of the station. Then we went to the supermarket and there we waited three hours until we were able to buy our food supplies, ”he told the BBC.

Live the war twice

The sounds of the explosions brought back memories of the war in Syria for Omar.

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