The events of the Love Market Days Festival in Dammam during Ramadan 2022

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Al-Hob Street is the most famous open market in the city of Dammam. It is known for its long history and its constant movement of buyers from the city’s residents and beyond who come here to buy the best clothes, textiles, bridal clothes, spices. , perfume, etc. In order to revive the heritage of this beautiful tourist attraction, the Eastern Province Municipality organized the Souk of Love festival with the aim of exploring the historical aspect of Dammam and the great material and moral heritage in which the city abounds. too light. For this purpose, the street is decorated with wonderful lighting to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan, and many events will be arranged that will revive Dammam’s Ramadan evenings in the greatest way. for those who come from Riyadh na Dammam Or of all the cities of the Kingdom and overseas, you will enjoy the best moments here, especially with the various tourist attractions in which this hospitable city abounds.

Saudi heritage is strongly present at the festival

The love market in Dammam witnessed several exhibits of traditional handicrafts used in the old days by the inhabitants of the Kingdom. These items include engraved copper tools, palm leaf baskets, figurines, all kinds of everyday equipment and more.

The festival slogan:

The history of the popular markets in Dammam goes back more than 60 years, so it is striking in history and tells the stories of generations and generations of the cultural heritage of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its people who are passionate about their country and history. The main purpose of the organization of this festival was to revive this glorious heritage and share it with the younger generations to consolidate the children’s attachment to the history of the ancestors.

Various events and entertaining Ramadan activities

The program of the events of the Love Market Festival in Dammam includes many folklore and folk performances that emphasize the long history of the Eastern Province. Special performances for children and interactive activities that tell the history of the region in a unique way will also be arranged. Visitors will also enjoy presentations on Saudi cuisine and the traditional foods of the region, in addition to presentations on Saudi coffee, Gergean and other fun activities.

Follow with us this selected list of the tourist places to visit in Dammam. You will spend unforgettable times in Dammam if you try all these places or at least some of them.

1. Enjoy a dolphin show:

Dolphin viewing in Dammam is definitely one of the most sought after activities that you can enjoy during your trip. Dolphins are trained to perform a variety of tricks that entertain their viewers, making the attraction suitable for children and adults.

What makes the attraction even better is that viewers can take pictures with the dolphin after the presentation. It is definitely a very fun activity to enjoy in an air-conditioned lounge and watch the tricks of your favorite sea creatures. Your kids will absolutely love this place and it deserves to be at the top of our list.

2. Visit Al Marjan Island:

Al Marjan Island is a man-made island located off the coast of Saudi Arabia, along the Corniche Road. It is an ideal location for travelers looking for a healthy dose of sun and sand. Beautiful landscapes, a well-kept park and no large crowds make this destination more enjoyable for tourists of all ages.

Climb to the top of Al Fanar Tower, the lighthouse, for a breathtaking view of the area. However, keep in mind that the top of the tower can be quite windy. When visitors visit this island, visitors can go fishing, sunbathing, boating, visiting the zoo or playing on the beautiful sandy beaches.

Step into King Fahd Park:

King Fahd Park in Dammam is one of the largest and most attractive recreation projects in the Eastern Province. This is a shining example of the state’s efforts to ensure the happiness and comfort of its people and residents. It is also the Kingdom’s largest initiative in this area. More than a hundred different types of trees, shrubs and plants can be found in the garden. Artificial lakes, pools and lakes in a wonderful park, as well as waterfalls and fountains, can help you relax.

After enjoying the beauty of the lakes and trees, visit the development’s amusement park and enjoy the adrenaline-pumping attractions. The park’s amusement park has 25 attractions and is a great place for thrill seekers. This park is also a bird paradise! Walking in this park is one of the best things to do in Dammam.

4. Enjoy adventure tours in Cobra theme park:

The amusement parks in Dammam are worth a visit, especially if you are exploring the Cobra amusement park in Dammam, which is the largest and best gateway to enjoyment in Saudi Arabia and is located within the King Fahd Garden. If you are looking for abundance, fun and excitement then you should go to Prince Muhammad Bin Fahd Theme Park, also known as Cobra Theme Park.

There are many large and beautiful open spaces, picturesque waterfalls, picturesque artificial lakes, restaurants, a beautiful revolving bridge shaped like a snake with two rings, as well as a roller coaster. There are many options to enjoy horseback riding, and the best and most popular way to do this is to travel to Cobra, which leads the nocturnal places best to see them illuminated.

5. Enjoy karting:

Mahara Karting Track is designed to meet the highest international standards to provide a professional motorsport event in Dammam. It is run by well-trained staff which makes it one of the most sought after activities for both families and individuals. Bring your family or friends and take advantage of this amazing site to compete and pump out more adrenaline.

6. Participation in the paintball competition:

If you are tired of the typical movies and shopping malls, let your friends join you in the paintball game. This is a great website to visit if you are a paintball fan. Outside there are built-in roadblocks as well as a natural shelter of foliage and tree cover.

Paintball tournaments and a wide variety of games take place such as Capture the Flag, Village Guardians, Hostage Rescue, and more. So what do you have to lose? Skip the obstacles, beat the odds and enjoy this entertaining session.

7. Fun Tik Tok Escape Room experience:

Have fun solving puzzles in the newest and most demanding escape game in Dammam. Escape rooms are exciting realistic games where a group of friends, colleagues or family members have to solve a puzzle in a themed space.

You only have 60 minutes to solve all the puzzles! In an effort to escape, you must interact and work together as a team to explore the room and reveal all the hidden clues! This is one of the nice things to do in Dammam.

8. Explore the Jewel Museum:

The Jewel Museum, a beautifully designed villa with a massive collection of 500,000 collectibles, is a true gem for history lovers! This museum will pique the interest of the enthusiastic explorer with items ranging from a 500-year-old copy of the Holy Quran to ancient chariots.

Among the items on display are antique gramophones and some personal belongings of King Abdulaziz. This is one of the most important things to do in Dammam, so visit here if you want to know more about Saudi Arabia.

9. Visit Adventure World Theme Park:

World of Adventure is the family favorite place for a variety of recreational activities and has been named one of the best amusement parks in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. So, take your kids to an indoor play activity that will keep them busy and excited for a long time!

Kids will never get bored with the variety of games, play areas and dining options available. This entertainment center caters for young children, with games, play areas and comfortable dining options.

10. Shopping in Othaim Mall:

The expansive shopping center of more than 70,000 square meters, located in Dammam, houses more than 392 shops in a variety of categories, as well as a number of exceptional restaurants and a Savory Land theme park.

The four-storey shopping mall contains 392 stores, ranging from international luxury brands to affordable brands, as well as a level dedicated to Arabic style clothing, wedding dresses and party wear. So go ahead and spend time in this mega mall, and shop the way you want!

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