The Independent Nasserite Movement – Al-Mourabitoun: “Give back what you have plundered from public money before all your budgets and their volatility.”

The leadership of the Independent Nasserite Movement – Al-Mourabitoun has issued the following statement:
We salute the workers, peasants, workers, military personnel and professors in all fields of their educational branches and to all spectrums of Lebanese society.
First, the sit-ins and popular movement in various regions, albeit at a minimum, are part of the accumulation of “public anger” among Lebanese citizens, and despite all efforts to stem this social struggle, it is necessary for a comprehensive social revolution, against the conglomerate of sects and sects entrenched in The official Lebanese state administration, and all the philosophies and philosophies they offer today in the development of public financial policy, and the slogans of development and industrial projects filled with debt, and false conferences abroad do not exist except in their imagination to continue in power, and in recent years it has translated into corruption and plunder of public money.
Today, the level of oppression and unjust injustice has reached all citizens, and none of their promises have been kept, except for more corruption and a lack of profits for the citizens, so that they allowed prohibition and chaos to break out, and the youth of Lebanon have either unemployed, immigrated or tortured for life, and our country today is still under The rule of sectarian sectarian federation and they control the existence of the people, ignoring that God is the generous provider.
Second: The only serious economic and social solution is to fight their corruption and corruption, based on a general national project, based on advanced plans in implementation, reward and punishment by an honest and transparent judiciary that is more than a need has become, but rather an imperative.
It is the entrance to all the foundations of financial policy, budgets and public money management in the Lebanese treasury, and perhaps the head of this project should be the strict implementation of the “Where did you get it from” law.
And the policy of “God forgives the past” is not satisfied with the official hierarchy of its head to its base, and the advice on behalf of the Lebanese citizens is “give back what you have plundered from public money before all your budgets and their volatility , and the foreign humiliation funds that you collect, otherwise the temple will fall on your heads. ” The inevitable fall, but a few days.
Thirdly: As for you, the sons of our national army and all the men of the security services, you are better than to do, and today your people, in spite of all the suffocating circumstances, are looking after you so that you, the wood of redemption for this country, from this corrupt and corrupt, sectarian and sectarian junta.
And these rulers are trying to push you against your people to protect what is left of them in their authoritarian headquarters, but their bets are the wrong on you, and the bets of your family have always been on his army and security forces, and you, for your family’s help, will be receptive.
Fourth, we call on the workers in their day to be a struggle station every day, a national cross-sectarian cross-sectarian, including all Lebanese away from narrowly partisan political exploitation or sectarian and sectarian exploitation, and that the squares be filled with citizens seeking the dream of the Lebanese homeland, which represents the ambition of our youth to achieve a land of prosperity and prosperity for all its children.
Every year, the workers in Lebanon, the Arab nation and the world are good.

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