The perfect example .. a word in the march of Dubai

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A brilliant leadership flash in form and content His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, may God bless him, resume his distinguished writing career through the “Leadership Flashes” hashtag, in which he deposits many visions and experiences that are an Authentic part of the personality of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum through his long career in politics and government, and through which he offers an inspiring material for future generations that draws inspiration from his triumphant march in construction. the state and man.Asaker wrote the history of Damascus and preserved it from loss and oblivion.The Knight of Dubai and his lover, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, engraved the history of Dana al-Dunya “Dubai” with letters of loyalty and pride in the most wonderful pages of history, and his words and poems will remain in the glory of this city and its historic path, a source of inspiration and radiance for all. Generations whose hearts beat with love for this old a glorious city.

In this context of interest in the history of Dubai and its deep and brilliant presence in the conscience of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid as one of the 3 things that can not be forgotten, as His Highness expressed that one day in a moment of greatness, pride and nostalgia: “My father, horses and Dubai are my first memories of my childhood, My father, my horse and Dubai are my memory that will stay with me until the end.” His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid posted a brilliant leadership flash on his version in “Instagram” about the history of Dubai and its amazing cultural transfer, summing up his leading march in construction and progress, giving His Highness a wide space in his gave biography: “My Story: 50 Stories in Fifty Years”, where he singled out Dubai the eighth story titled: 185 years of searching for Dubai, in which he talked about his respective civilization path, which was the focus of attention from his great-grandparents who worked. the impossible for the sake of Dubai’s renaissance before the reins of his rule reached the builder of his renaissance and the bomber of the fountain of his path, the good memory of Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, may God have mercy on him, who built dared it with incredible patience, exalted determination and unparalleled courage, so that this city would be his confidence which he deposited in the necks of his sons after him who continued the march, and reached Dubai to the unique and prominent horizon which the great cities of the earth dream of.

“Dubai was small, but our determination was great.” The city, which was small in area and facilities, takes its steps on the path of construction and progress, and looks carefully at the global rhythm of life, because it is not isolated due to its location of global influences, especially because trade Dubai’s fate was in the past, but the previous determination of his men since its inception was behind his success story Astonishing, which sometimes eludes explanation, and her first daughters noted that the slow careful pace would not be helpful to Dubai’s renaissance, therefore it was necessary to make courageous and thoughtful decisions whose results at the time were difficult to imagine, but the political and economic will wanted one goal, namely that Dubai be a destination for the modern world, and that is how Dubai’s story in its pioneering journey of progress, construction and development was driven by a will that does not retreat and a determination that does not soften and is not hampered by fear or hesitation there is not, so this unique story that will read the future Yale through the performance on the ground that surpasses imagination and is almost impossible.

“We want to overtake the world, not just with courage, but with planning.” He found it to be a personification of this integrated idea, and Dubai achieved its civilized personality within this vision that has guided the process of construction and development since the early days of the rise of the state, and it has the regulator of the march continued through the prosperous decades of his journey through life with all its details, problems, and challenges.

“We have plans for all the Emirates, plans for several years to come.” In order not to keep the light confined to Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid declares that the pace of planning is not limited to Dubai alone, but is rather a comprehensive system for all the emirates of the Union, as the country a comprehensive renaissance spectacle, The development paths are not limited to an emirate without an emirate, and it gives the country the character of comprehensive progress and complete stability. plans are not short-term, but depend on the open horizon and for many years to come, which require carefully thought-out plans, intelligence and determination to achieve goals in the near and long term.

“So that we can be a role model in the world, especially in the Middle East, with education, health, economics and technology, so that we are the perfect example.” The presentation of the ideal model in development and progress will be an example to be followed globally and especially in the Middle East, especially the countries of the region that view the revival of Dubai with more pride in its achievements, which the achievements of the fraternal Arabs. It has made it an ideal city in multiple development paths, especially in health, education, the economy and the technology industry, where the Emirates in general, and Dubai in particular, are experiencing a wonderful renaissance making it a world destination at all. levels, thus reaching the last word with which His Highness sealed this wonderful flash “The perfect example” of which we in the world are proud and strive with all determination to keep it as a unique model through which the nation’s importance increases in all forums and in the different life paths.


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