The “Top CEO” conference examines the current reality of Arab companies

The Entrepreneurs and Thought Leaders Conference returns to Dubai this year after Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, with the participation of the most prominent regional and international experts

Fundamental changes in Arab economies necessitate companies to reformulate entrepreneurship models and define social and cultural frameworks

Dubai: Under the title “Restructuring of Large Companies”, the sixth edition of the “CEOs” Conference will be launched from May 17-18 from the United Arab Emirates, bringing together senior entrepreneurs and thought leaders in the Arab region, including CEOs, senior civil servants, regional and international experts, to discuss the radical changes in the economies of the Arabian Gulf, the importance of restructuring the business sector, the approach of social frameworks and the concept of global economic integration.

In a highly interactive and connected world, companies face constant challenges in adapting to rapid internal and external changes, in order to maintain their position and achieve good growth rates. Amidst global developments such as the Russo-Ukrainian war and inflation rates, companies in the Gulf Cooperation Council and the Middle East face additional post-Covid-19 exceptional challenges, especially with the increasing ability of global entrepreneurs and modern entrepreneurial companies to to compete. traditional companies in the region.

Undoubtedly, the economic reforms and market liberalization policies in the GCC countries are clearly reflected on the traditional companies and the group of companies, as they are today exposed to intense competition from companies with dynamic models and capabilities, and from new entrepreneurs and their economic flexibility. , in addition to being affected by the distribution The broad spectrum of independent global brands.

While the economies of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries are generally optimistic after the pandemic, after the quarterly rises in Gulf shares jumped the biggest during the first three months of 2022, the significant growth observed by the region’s companies since the global financial collapse would not have been achieved without the important role of Active for CEOs.

Create entrepreneurial opportunities and promote competition

In this regard, the “CEOs” conference is being held at the Palazzo Versace Hotel – Dubai, after an absence of almost two years due to Corona restrictions, and after being hosted by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain in previous years is. By discussing the most prominent and urgent issues of the day, it provides an exceptional opportunity to reflect the concerns of entrepreneurs, including ministers, CEOs of large and medium-sized companies, and strategic analysts. The aforementioned entrepreneurship conference will also enable participants to develop practical solutions that will reduce the increasing complexity in the world of entrepreneurship. At a time when research shows that challenges can be overcome through greater resilience, resilience and initiative, companies need to do more and more to reduce the risks of unusual events and unprecedented developments, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the far-reaching repercussions. of the Russo-Ukrainian war.

The CEO conference, organized by Trends – the global magazine on Arab affairs – aims to improve networking and communication, create new opportunities for growth and get to know the most prominent CEOs in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, as it participants in its public and closed sessions to exchange ideas and experiences, gap assessment, and ways to achieve growth and sustainability. With its agenda and awards ceremony, the conference represents an exceptional opportunity celebrating entrepreneurship in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

Commenting on the event, the organizer of the sixth edition of the conference, CEO Julian Houari, said: “Today, global entrepreneurs are uniting efforts to rebuild societies and companies after the repercussions of the Corona pandemic, and the reality of our region is no different. ” While praising “the flexibility of business leadership in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, which will be the focus of the conference and awards ceremony,” he expressed his happiness at returning to Dubai, “which is a key center for hope, innovation and progress is, despite the challenges of Corona and others. ” “The conference brings together regional and international leaders and thinkers, with the goal of finding solutions to the most prominent challenges facing companies in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries,” Hawari said.

In-depth sessions on growth strategies

Over the course of two consecutive days, senior leaders and entrepreneurs attending the conference will discuss many issues and problems, as one of the keynote sessions, entitled “The Certainty of Doubt,” delves into the study of future strategies in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries. an attempt to find practical and credible solutions. In light of the ongoing radical fluctuations we are witnessing, the panel discussion will focus on an important principle, namely that “everything is subject to change from day to day.” High volatility is the new normal, and the repercussions of one event in one global market can have catastrophic consequences on another economy thousands of miles away. In addition, the close integration of political, economic and social factors makes it essential for entrepreneurs to continually change and develop their growth strategies.

In anticipation of the challenges of global inflation, one of the conference sessions entitled “Inflation Sample” will focus on analyzing thorny issues from different angles, to determine the extent of their impact on the Arab Gulf region. While signs of economic stagnation threaten in many markets, such as the United States and Western Europe due to inflationary pressures, the rise in the cost of goods and services is expected to have a significant impact on the economies of the Gulf. Cooperative countries, suffering from large trade deficits due to other sectors, not to mention the private sector Crude oil.

As far as the “Implementation Challenge” session is concerned, its importance lies in approaching the shortcomings and benefiting from the experiences and achievements of large capital-intensive projects. Despite the reforms that have affected the business sector in the region, many strategies and policies have led to the creation of barriers and constraints, such as the adoption of the concept of “top-down” or centralization of decision-making and other factors. . Failure and inefficiency in project management will in turn lead to missing deadlines, thus increasing the cost of projects and the loss of potential global investors for mega projects. In this context, the “Implementation Challenge” session will examine the gaps, weaknesses and challenges in attracting and retaining human capital.

Important main sessions include: “The World of MetaVerse: Heresy or Revolution?”; Compete to support talent and competencies; “Initial Public Offering (IPOs), Special Purpose Procurement Corporation (SPAC) and Capital Procurement”; “New World: The Blockchain Revolution”, and other intensive specific sessions.

“Arab Women Forum” within the activities

In conjunction with the activities of the “CEOs” Conference, the “Arab Women’s Forum” will begin its work on May 17 by celebrating the achievements of women leaders in the Arab region, in addition to discussion sessions to exchange concerns and challenges. . effective solutions.

Finally, it is noteworthy that the “CEOs” conference is organized under the auspices of the Hawkamah Institute for Corporate Governance, affiliated to the Dubai International Financial Center Authority, and in partnership with the international audit and accounting services company “KPMG”, under the auspices of “Aviv Clinics”, the leading medical facility. To enhance lifelong mental and physical abilities, partners from trusted media institutions such as Al-Arabiya Channel, Arab News and Trends magazine add.


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