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Every day I wake up and start breaking
The man is lonely without love.

With these words from the song “a man without love” by the British singer Engelbert Humperdink, the song that was released in the late sixties and has now won millions of views and listening times, the events of the Moon Knight series, the latest television productions of the Marvel universe inspired by the Marvel comics, begins.

The series, which directed most of its episodes, the Egyptian Mohamed Diab, and also participated as an executive producer in the entire project, gave us a hearty meal, suited to Disney’s style of airing its episodes weekly. to offer, a meal that combines the magical, interesting and imaginative world of Egyptology, and a faithful psychological drama in the transmission of suffering All this with a superhero flying in the moonlight to protect the night travelers. A meal that seems complete, but did Diab manage to paint Marvel in its Egyptian colors in his adventure, especially among the global audience? And most importantly, did he give us a series worth remembering, contemplating, and looking at again?

I dream with you

The events of the series begin with the character of Stephen, the British young man who works as a gift seller inside a museum, and loves Egyptology. Stephen is kind and light-hearted, but he often suffers from nightmares and incomprehensibility. accidents that occur during his sleep Stephen dreams of finding the beach and safety just like in the words The song Najat, Abdel Rahim Mansour and Hani Shenouda, which we hear during the events of the series, but the matter suddenly develops so we know the other identity he possesses.

Mark Specter, a CIA agent and assassin, has a special connection with the ancient Egyptian god Khuncho, the moon god who brings justice and revenge on the wicked, as well as protects the weak in the stillness of the night.

The game of dreams and reality continues to happen almost through the events of the series, and sometimes even looks like parallel worlds, which is the most popular theory in the Marvel Cinematic Universe these days, but Moon Knight parallel worlds do not coincide with other characters of the same hero, but with multiple identities of a single hero (in one world), and the difference between the two is great.

Psychological drama in the midst of Marvel Comics

I decided to stop participating in big productions, I was looking for small works to fall in love with acting again, but the first thing Mohamed Diab spoke to me was our desire was clear, it was for we more important to be genuine and honest in our conversation about “disorder Dual Identity” more than we are concerned about the background of the story within the comics.

Oscar Isaacs in an interview with The New York Times

Oscar Isaac’s words represent a real moment of revelation about “Moon Knight.” Critics, especially when the critic is a psychiatrist, but the treatment here passed this test because it made us care about this suffering person, we were emotionally attached to him, and gave Oscar Isaacs one of his best performances, perhaps he has not come close to this level since his work with the Coen brothers at inside llewyn davis.

But again, what makes psychological drama a good drama here? The answer is that she did not find the plot twists as many people do, the character of the hero did not appear as a mutant superman, but rather that she took care as much as possible to be medically honest.

Here we are talking specifically about dissociative identity disorder, formerly known as multiple personality disorder, and let’s briefly explain here what the difference is between personality and identity Your business, all things can be changed.

This difference explains the change in the name of the disorder we are talking about now, the change that has taken place in the ICD since 1994, the new name that speaks of the fragmentation or rupture of identity – just as the opening song says – and that’s what actually happens, the patient develops a new identity, a new appearance, a different way of expressing himself, but it does not create a new personality.

By applying the foregoing to the events of the series, we find that Mark and Stephen share thoughts and feelings, both believing in the victory of the weak, both feeling lonely and losing love, but they differ in appearance, behavior and way of to express themselves, in a clearer sense we are faced with two identities that show what one character is.

Mark shows his sadness in a violent way, Stephen has all the sadness and loneliness within him that Mark felt, but he tries to deal with it more poetically and lightly, a new identity that just tries differently to deal with pain.

The series went on a brave and strange journey also in an entire episode within the memories of our hero, to present a credible version of the reasons for what we see now, this fragmentation, this fracture, has clear causes , shock, guilt, depressive symptoms, and inability to cope with reality, history Complete with suffering.

The feeling of a different identity, that a person feels that he no longer recognizes himself, that he also feels that his world is a different world, all these symptoms have been described, diagnosed and seen on real patients, Mark and Stephen are identities we see daily, and some live and die with a different identity and do not know.

It is a treatment that deserves to be described as medically honest, artistic and humanly brave.

Are you an Egyptian superhero?

Mai Qalamawy as Laila El-Fouly from the Moon Knight series
Mai Qalamawy as Laila El-Fouly from the Moon Knight series

Mohamed Diab’s lightning is very clear within the work, the hero inspired by an Egyptian god, who has real knowledge of ancient Egyptian mythology, and the Egypt of the present era has appeared in its true form – even if it was filmed outside – Hisham Nazih’s music, which deserves to be described as Egyptian, appeared against the background of events, It is music that has a clear function in the narrative, and the songs of Anba, Wiggs and Shakoush appeared in addition to Najat and Warda – chosen by Sarah Gohar – and each of them describes a part of the vote of the Egyptians.

But most importantly, the Egyptian characters who appeared in the series, and in contrast to the stereotypical Hollywood works, had a role and influence, did not speak in an incomprehensible language in which the letters Ha and Kha were repeated meaninglessly not, and they did not just represent as comparers who kills the hero in his path.

If we decide to pick the two freshest moments in the series, or the two that deserve to be described as cool, the second Marvel’s famous introduction to the tunes of Tunisia Beck and you are with me, and the first will be be indisputable. , the appearance of the Egyptian Superhero in the last episode with her pharaonic outfit and golden wings, to ask a girl in A street in Cairo: “Are you an Egyptian superhero?” It is certainly a historical sentence that will remain in our minds for a long time to come.

The world of superheroes is modern mythology, generations of viewers have Iron Man and Spider-Man as living and timeless symbols, and now Egyptians have a light moment that serves as the face of a new generation of Egyptians.

The most beautiful thing here is that Laila Al-Fouly, played by Mai Qalamawi, is perhaps the best character in the series, a beautiful, strong and courageous woman, belonging to her family, proud of her family, trying to save her lover, as well as to reject extortion or slavery for the sake of revenge. Who does not like to see a completed work with this superhero in the lead role, we can consider the title of this article as an exaggeration, because of course there are those who did not like the series, but who really do not do not like Laila?

Love as a medicine and a means for the return of the lunar knight

In Moon Knight we follow the journey of a young man who, with the help of an ancient Egyptian god, turns into a superhero, but it is not enough to repair the fractures in him, does not heal him of his suffering, she does not light. heart and open the doors of Osiris for him only when he is reconciled with his memories, past and other identity, his greatest achievement becomes What he did without the help of this ancient Egyptian god, but is the one who helps him to return come to life.

Our hero gets two bullets in the chest, but he becomes alive again when he opens up about his past, and when his girlfriend helps him, love becomes the cure and the weapon, certainly poetic, it may not actually be enough to bring death back to life every day, but it can certainly help those who are suffering and illusion They are still alive. The love that fans are now showing for the Moon Knight may also be a reason for his return in works and seasons to come, who knows?

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