Zayed’s vision provides the 50 principles and outlines the economic path

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The economic vision of the late, so God willing, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may he rest in peace, foresee the economic future of the state, and pave the way for the UAE government to launch the “Fifty Principles” to to be a reference for state institutions during the next fifty years, as it outlines the state’s economic path, leading to the realization of «UAE Centenary 2071».

The wise leadership of Sheikh Zayed and his insightful vision have established a strong economy open to the world characterized by competition and the ability to interact and adapt to various international situations and conditions.

Union State

Sheikh Zayed realized that the beginning was by establishing the state of the union and utilizing the oil wealth in the building of the nation and man. He was able to achieve this by setting up the infrastructure of the state, including road and communication networks , building facilities and services, and focusing on education as an infrastructure and the provision of basic services to citizens and residents.

The wise leadership was inspired by Sheikh Zayed’s idea that the first principle of the fifty principles should be caring for the union, so that the main priority is to strengthen the union, in terms of institutions, legislation, powers and budgets. And the development of all regions of the country, urban, developmental and economic, is the fastest and most efficient way to consolidate the union of the Emirates.

The sixth principle is to consolidate the global reputation of the UAE as a national mission for all institutions. The UAE is a single economic destination, a tourism and industrial destination, and a single investment and cultural destination. National institutions are required to unite efforts, collectively benefit from capabilities, and work to build transcontinental institutions under the umbrella of the UAE.

progress and development

While Sheikh Zayed’s vision has contributed to building a person who seeks progress and development and acquires knowledge and skills, it has also established his vision for building an open economy that can meet challenges. The years of Sheikh Zayed’s rule witnessed a period of prosperity and economic growth that exceeded expectations. The country’s economy made great leaps, and development included all economic sectors, and the UAE turned into a prestigious economy and commercial center in the Middle East changed.

The wise leadership made Sheikh Zayed’s mind a beacon that lighted the way so that the second of the fifty principles was to focus entirely on building the best and most active economy in the world, and around economic development. of the state as the supreme national. interest, and all state institutions in all their specializations and through their federal and local levels will be responsible for building the best environmental world economy and maintaining the profits made over the past fifty years.

Exceptional Relationships

Sheikh Zayed has managed to establish excellent relations with all countries of the world, and has excelled in establishing balanced relations with major countries, and paving the way for success for the foreign policy of the United Arab Emirates, on ‘ a time when the region witnessed many differences and disagreements over political interests.

Under the guidance of the UAE’s foreign policy, Sheikh Zayed demonstrated his ability to adjust relations with countries of the world to ensure that the UAE achieves mutual strategic and economic interests with international powers. the UAE, and that the purpose of politics is to serve the economy, and the purpose of the economy is to provide the best life for the people of the Union.

The fifth principle also states that good neighborliness is a basis for stability, and that the geographical, popular and cultural environment in which the state resides is the first line of defense for its security, safety and future development, and that the development of stable and positive politics , economic and popular relations with this environment are one of the top priorities of the state’s foreign policy.

human building

The late Sheikh Zayed realized that man is the true wealth and the basis of renaissance and civilization, as he was convinced that money is useless without men. The real is the wealth of people, not money and oil, and there is no advantage in money. if it is not used to serve the people. ” And “building men is more difficult than building factories, and developed countries are measured by the number of their educated children.”

The UAE government relied on Sheikh Zayed’s idea as the fourth of the fifty principles. Caring for people and human capital as the driving force for future growth, and working towards this by developing education, attracting talent, retaining specialists, and continuously building skills is the bet to uphold the UAE’s authority.

science and work

Sheikh Zayed also realized that science and work are the path to the country’s upliftment and progress, and therefore he made a qualitative leap in building schools, universities and education centers in various regions of the country, and he ordered that male and female teachers of Arab countries, to teach the sons of the Emirates.

The UAE government was inspired by Sheikh Zayed’s ideas in formulating the fifty principles as the seventh principle. Accepting the digital, technical and scientific superiority of the UAE in drawing the UAE’s development and economic frontiers, and consolidating it as a capital for talent, companies and investments in these areas will make it the next capital for the future make.

Good love and give

Sheikh Zayed has established a culture of love for goodness, giving, coexistence and human love in the hearts of the people of the Emirates, to be a good example and model for his children, so that tolerance is a legacy would be what is rooted in the Emirati man. personality. Fifty with the eighth principle, taking into account that the value system in the UAE will remain based on openness and tolerance, the preservation of rights and the consolidation of the state of justice, the preservation of human dignity, respect for cultures, the consolidation of human brotherhood and respect for national identity.

The state remains supportive, through its foreign policy, of all initiatives, promises and international organizations calling for peace, openness and human brotherhood, as evidenced by the ninth principle, for the UAE’s foreign humanitarian aid to become an integral part of its path and his moral obligations to the less privileged people. Our external humanitarian assistance is not related to religion, race, color or culture.

love peace

Sheikh Zayed set the most wonderful examples of the love of peace and the rejection of divisions and differences, and the foundations of the UAE society on equality and social justice and the consolidation of the values ​​of belonging in the hearts of his children, embodied the tenth principle of the fifty principles: the call for peace, peace, negotiations and dialogue to resolve differences as the basis of the UAE’s foreign policy.


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