A decent life .. for digitally developed villages

The villages of the largest national project in human history are comparable to European villages after the development of the communication system..Internet networks and mobile lines are no longer a luxury, but an urgent necessity for a better life..the projects which was implemented in the villages. target a safe and productive interactive society.

When the state began implementing the largest national project in human history, “a decent life”, it aimed to improve the lives of citizens targeted by this project in all aspects, starting with food , liquor, housing and all facilities, ending with communication, which for citizens is no longer a luxury but rather a life necessity that can not be achieved .. Living without it, and from here the state began to make a number implement projects that target the communication system in all towns for a decent life in its various stages.

Thanks to these projects, a decent life has moved and will move from the villages that once lived in a random atmosphere to exemplary villages, which will become a model for the village in various countries of the world. .

The Decent Life Foundation has raised the slogan to build people in the villages of the Egyptian countryside, targeted by the Presidential Initiative for Town Development, and to lead the community of the target villages into a secure and productive interactive digital society converted.

A Decent Life has signed a protocol of cooperation with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology regarding the implementation of the “Dignified Digital Life” initiative within the framework of the national project for the development of Egyptian villages, “A Decent Life”. Dr Amr Talaat, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, stressed that building digital capabilities for citizens is one of the key axes of Egypt’s digital strategy, based on the ministry’s vision that building people is the mainstay of development. Emphasizes the importance of this protocol as it aims to improve the digital skills of citizens and digital economic empowerment of the people of the targeted villages within the national project for the development of Egyptian villages “A Dignified Life”, and emphasizes that the great achievements achieved in this project will bear fruit in achieving real development by focusing on the refinement of the digital skills of the people targeting villages.

The duration of the work of the protocol is three years, and the scope of its work includes all targeted families of all categories in the villages of a “dignified life”, and they are the most needy families in rural communities and include female breadwinners in, housewives, students and graduates, youths able to work, and people of determination; It also targets artisans, small and micro enterprises, knowledge pioneers and volunteers.

The protocol aims to increase the level of knowledge of families in poor villages, and to keep pace with technological development in a way that promotes digital inclusion, through digital literacy and work to spread digital culture and raise digital awareness, and increase the effectiveness of digital skills. , which contributes to raising the level of education for school and university students through the development of skills The use of computers, the secure use of information technology, the availability and dissemination of an e-learning culture, and it also aims to to maximize the capabilities. of families to perform productive work that contributes to achieving a decent life for them, through digital economic empowerment, support and development of abilities and skills by using information and communication technology to catch up with the labor market and jobs. Over self-employment and transformation training platforms, and refine e-marketing skills for all categories.

The protocol projects include achieving financial and digital inclusion through the implementation of a number of awareness seminars in various fields related to the role of women and girls as knowledge leaders, the role of information technology and digital transformation and its applications, and dissemination. of societal awareness of secure internet and electronic payment; As well as the implementation of a project to upgrade digital capabilities using information and communication technology tools and applications to support skills to achieve economic empowerment, through accredited training courses in the use of computer programs, online security and safety, e-marketing, and self-employment platforms.

The protocol also includes the implementation of projects to increase the effectiveness of learning by training students at their various stages, increasing their digital efficiency, as well as qualifying young people with contemporary technological skills who meet the needs of the free labor market , of those with technical, medium and above-average qualifications and those with higher qualifications, as well as training of cadres of trainers from various partners based on the principles of information technology and digital skills, in addition to raising women’s digital awareness, and adopting new practicals methods that help and improve learning processes for target groups, especially women.

Aya Omar El-Kamary, Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Decent Life Foundation, praised the fruitful collaboration between the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and the Decent Life Foundation over the course of a year in implementing the objectives of ‘ a decent life, which will help support the building of a digital Egypt. She pointed out the importance of the protocol in the implementation of projects for the development of the Egyptian person and the change of the spiritual image within the targeted villages.

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology is participating in the “Decent Life” project through various axes with the aim of increasing the efficiency of the information infrastructure of the towns by connecting these towns with fiber optic cables to increase the efficiency of the internet for one . million homes, as well as the development of post offices and the improvement of communication services through the establishment of new towers for networks The mobile in these towns, in addition to digital literacy and economic empowerment through digital literacy programs and the development and building of digital capabilities of citizens in villages a decent life.

A Dignified Life Foundation has also signed a co-operation protocol with the Al-Zahrawan Foundation for Sustainable Development, to co-ordinate efforts to improve the economic, social, health and educational level of the most needy villages, and to maximize their capabilities in a way that contributes to providing a decent life for its citizens in light of the state’s vision for its development goals, and within the framework of the presidential initiative, a decent life.

Dr. Sherine Fathi, Chair of the Board of Trustees of Al-Zahrawan Foundation, expressed her great joy at the signing of the Cooperation Protocol, describing it as a long-awaited dream, and emphasizing that this cooperation increases the Foundation’s presence on the ground support so that it can provide services to the greatest number of citizens in an effort to provide them with a decent life. .

Aya Omar, chair of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation for a Decent Life, praised the tangible efforts of the Al-Zahrawan Foundation on the ground, hoping that this collaboration would be a new step towards helping the most needy groups reach to provide them. with a decent life.

This protocol comes within a series of partnerships that the “Decent Life” Foundation seeks to conclude with ministries and partner institutions of civil society; With the aim of uniting joint efforts to contribute to the achievement of the goals of the “Decent Life” initiative; Aimed at increasing the health, economic, social and environmental level of families in the most needy towns at the level of the Republic, provided that families are enabled to obtain all basic services and maximize their abilities in productive work which contributes to the achievement of a “dignified life” for citizens.

On the other hand, and in implementing the prescriptions of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi during his speech at the Egyptian Family Iftar ceremony, the Foundation for a Dignified Life completed the implementation of the “Wasl Al-Khair “initiative announced, which comes as part of social protection measures to alleviate the burdens of the most needy citizens and the most vulnerable groups in all governors of the Republic, in coordination with the National Alliance for the Development of Civilian Work, in which the Foundation participates with the most important institutions of civil development work in Egypt.

Wasl Al-Khair convoys of the Decent Life Foundation continued their efforts, with the participation of more than nine thousand young volunteers in the Foundation, and the Foundation also decided to implement the initiative for the month of December completed as the initiative was scheduled to end by the end of the blessed month of Ramadan.

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