Abu Dhabi Art opens the exhibition Horizons: Emerging Artists at the Venice Biennale

The Palazzo Cavalli Francetti in Venice (Venice) in Italy will present the exhibition “Horizons: Emerging Artists”, which presents a group of works designed for display in the “Abu Dhabi Art 2021” cycle, and with the transfer of the exhibition to Venice, the way to display the artists’ works has been changed to suit the space in the Palace Cavalli Francetti.

The commissioned works were designed by emerging artists Christopher Joshua Benton, Maitha Abdullah and Hashel Al Lamki during the Abu Dhabi Art 2021 cycle, under the supervision of curators Sam Bardawil and Till Fellrath, and as part of the “Horizons: Emerging Artists” – initiative, which invites local and international curators to select a group of emerging artists. Residents of the UAE, and collaborate with them within an artistic program throughout the year, and the participating artists receive financial and mentoring support to translate their creative ideas into new works displayed within the activities of Abu Dhabi Art, thus providing more adding successes and achievements to their artistic career.

In turn, Diala Nusseibeh, Director of Abu Dhabi Art, says, “Our annual program (Horizons: Emerging Artists) is funded by the recently launched initiative to support arts and culture under the title (Friends of Abu Dhabi Art), in order to continue to empower the emerging generation of resident artists and creators in the UAE through an unparalleled international platform. We are delighted to present Christopher Joshua, Maitha Abdullah and Hashel Al Lamki and to present their work again, but this time in Venice. ”

In the exhibition, artist Christopher Benton presents works of art entitled “The Year Was My Garden”, the components of which merge the concepts of installation and sculpture. This will be the chapter in the artist’s exhibition entitled “The Migration of Plants”, which is a palm tree about 3 meters high hanging in the air.

Maitha Abdullah, “Very Close to the Sun” (Photo courtesy of Abu Dhabi Art)

As for the artist Maitha, she presents an artistic exhibition entitled “At a Very Close Distance to the Sun”, in which the forms of the illustrated exhibition meet the sculptural touches, based on canvas and photographs. She tries to explore her views and concepts about the characteristics of the wild nature of women that society has often tried to tame, according to a comprehensive methodology that mixes different stories and dimensions such as the wild human nature and the initial picture of the feminist psychological character. and the characteristics of wild animals that are difficult to domesticate.

While artist Hashel Al Lamki presents sculptures and canvas paintings entitled “Neptune”, which takes its viewers on a journey to explore the worlds of nature, reality and imagination to show the idea of ​​the scarcity of natural resources and the impact of such challenges on the human psyche. The artist tries to highlight freedom of worldly appearance and adopt a simple lifestyle, as is the case in Bedouin life.

To present the “Horizons: Emerging Artists” exhibition for the second time outside the borders of the Emirates, with the aim of empowering emerging artists residing in the UAE and strengthening their presence in international cultural forums and fields, comes as a continuation of the path of success started by Abu Dhabi Art last year, when it partnered with Cromwell Place.To present the exhibition Horizons: Emerging Artists in the UK. The Venice Biennale is an ideal platform to showcase the work of emerging artists and give them the opportunity to connect with art and culture experts, including collectors, art enthusiasts and colleagues from various art fields.

Artist Hashel Al Lamki said: “I am proud of this wonderful opportunity that allowed me to present my artwork (Neptune) 2021 in Venice, in collaboration with the activities of the International Cultural and Artistic Event (Venice Biennale). She previously participated in this work recently in the program (Horizons: Emerging Artists) at the exhibition (Abu Dhabi Art) 2021, under the supervision of curators Sam Bardawil and Till Fellrath.The idea behind this artwork is my effort to bring diversity and to celebrate differences that are melting in the crucible of the city of Abu Dhabi.I am glad that the journey of this work is not over yet, but continues to reach a new segment of the audience that with a critical eye to will communicate with him and enter into dialogue and present new ideas and dialogues about his concepts. ”

“Neptune” by Hashel Al-Lamki

In turn, artist Maitha Abdullah said: “I was delighted to take part in the (Horizons: Emerging Artists) program within the activities of (Abu Dhabi Art) last year, which is a cultural platform gaining international momentum,” and my participation was a wonderful opportunity to highlight my artistic potential and concepts, as well as my participation in this work during the activities of the (Venice Biennale) of a special character, and of course I am very happy with this great opportunity.Many of my artworks tell personal stories, but there are a number of common themes that may resonate with audiences there, based on my art practices.I am very excited to explore how my artwork will connect with the Venetian audience, and how it will be interpreted in a new and vibrant context. ”

In turn, artist Christopher Joshua Benton said: “My artistic journey (the world was my garden) began in Abu Dhabi, and now he continues his journey in Venice. European markets and consumer demand have always played a crucial role “played in the story of dates and their journey around the world during the twentieth century. My goal in this art project is to shed light on this journey, as well as to expose the exploitation and abuse in labor and agricultural economies.”

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