Afra Al Dhaheri: AED 300 per night for a 5-star pet stay in Cloud9

Emirati young woman Afra Sultan Al Dhaheri meets in her project Cloud9Belonging to the category of five-star hotels dedicated to animals, between investment and charity work, he emphasizes his zeal to provide shelter to stray animals or those abandoned by their owners on the basis of “every wet liver with a reward.”

The hotel, located in Abu Dhabi and established 10 years ago when it was 24, with an investment value of 3 million dirhams, offers 5-star services as it is a care center and a nursery for pets, including cats, include. dogs, birds, turtles and other animals such as raccoons and “hamsters”. And rabbits, snakes, mongooses of all kinds, some kinds of desert lizards, frogs and insects like rare kinds of cockroaches.

The virtual describes the services that the hotel and the center offer for each animal with services “VIP”It gives them the love and attention they deserve in the most luxurious setting in the UAE.

The hotel has seen many developments in recent years, as work is currently underway to build a large pool for pets, plant special types of plants for animals, as well as to rehabilitate and expand some hotel rooms for animals and provide them with various entertainment systems, in addition to work on the development of a “Taxi” service. »For transporting animals, provided by the hotel.

Integrated care

The hotel’s founder and businesswoman, Afra Al Dhaheri, told “Al-Roya” that she entered the world of entrepreneurship with passion, as part of her quest to have her own project, from where she can move on to the big world. of “business”. “, note that she has faced a challenge, It not only wants to succeed in the project, but also wants to expand and spread further to prove that the daughter of the UAE is capable of succeeding in any challenge it faces .

She pointed out “Cloud9” It works to provide all kinds of care needed by pets in the UAE, as well as animals owned by visitors to the country from abroad.

She attributed the reason that compelled her to establish this hotel to her interest and sympathy with pets, injured and homeless, noting that she decided to establish her project to receive full attention and care, even though she another direction than major, which is the field of tourism and hotel.

She pointed out that she had tried several times to join one of the veterinary colleges, but her application was usually rejected because those colleges only accept fresh graduates from public high schools.

The founder of the project said: “I have not lost hope, and I have taken many scientific courses in the hands of experts and doctors. I am also eager to do continuous scientific studies when I receive any new animal to its full to know needs. “

She pointed out that when she started the project, she only had one Italian veterinarian and 12 employees, but today she has more than 3 veterinarians and more than 50 employees in the center, as the center has about 300 animals at one time receive.

And Afra Al Dhaheri continued: “We often receive animals left by their owners, do the necessary health tests for them and provide them with delicious food, vaccinations, annual vaccinations and the medicines they need to protect them against diseases and viruses. protect what infects them.. “

Hotel accommodation rates

Afra Al Dhaheri pointed out that the prices of hotel accommodation ranged between 115 and 300 dirhams per day, noting that it is determined based on the size of the room in which the cat, dog or pet lives, noting that this value the cost of food, internal or external nursery, play and photography.

The young Emirati woman indicated that she had received funding from the Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development, worth 3 million dirhams, to establish and establish the hotel, which is classified in the five-star category, and noted that it was more as 7,000 could lok. permanent clients at state level..

Spa costs

As for the cost of providing veterinary care for pets, the young businesswoman noted that the cost of caring for some pets is quite high, especially with the first visit to the center, which conducts medical examinations, obtaining medicine and medical vaccines and the implantation of the electronic chip, while the value of the electronic chip, for example, reaches The services rendered to one cat is about 3 thousand dirhams at the first visit.

And she added: “We receive thousands of cats and dogs throughout the year, while the demand for hotel services increases during the festive seasons and annual holidays, noting that we provide excellent spa and beauty services, including manicures, haircuts and hairdressing, natural dyes in wonderful colors and safe for animals, in addition to sessions Massage and massage for animals. “

She pointed out that the number of followers on social media platforms has exceeded millions, especially through the “Tik Tok” platform, as the number of followers of the center is about 2.5 million followers..

comic situations

The young Emirati businesswoman pointed out that her interest in animals is not limited to the profit process, but rather goes beyond caring for animals with special circumstances, noting that she has adopted, for example, a pet owned by an Emirati young man who contracted cancer and died some time ago, as well as providing care for unique types of pets, including a type of ferret with cancer or other animals with Alzheimer’s symptoms.

She pointed out that pets feel jealous of each other in certain situations or situations, leading to them biting or hurting their companions, or making them act in a comical way, and explaining that the owners of these animals have been informed about this behavior similar to the behavior of children in schools..

cultivation of electronic chips

The Cloud Hotel Corporation has confirmed its willingness to provide full medical and health care before re-offering adoption pets for a small fee, pointing out that medical services include conducting a blood test to rule out any virus or worm infection. to detect, the provision of therapeutic agents and important vaccines, the performance of necessary medical operations, and the cultivation of electronic chips.

On the other hand, the Emirati young woman pointed out that pets are known to be loyal to their owners, and the animals feel around them, share the same feelings and exchange love with them..

Additional costs

Afra Al Dhaheri called on the relevant authorities in the country to support the efforts of the hotel by providing the necessary support, noting that the center does not receive any donations from any party, and in return seeks to all matters it achieves to receive and provide full care for pets, and many assume them to guard them From any external damage, taking into account that the cost of caring for the animal before it is offered for adoption varies between 3 and 6 thousand dirhams, fully borne by the beast. hotel..

Al Dhaheri noted that it constantly publishes information on animals offered for adoption through social media platforms, which include cats, dogs, parrots and other pets received by the center and not owned by anyone or those owned by their owners are issued..

hotel shop

Afra Al Dhaheri provides all the food and health products that pets of all kinds need, noting that the hotel has a shop that offers its visitors the opportunity to buy fashion and clothing with stylish and different designs to suit cats and dogs..

She explained that the hotel provides the best food products in the world, for example ice cream and ice cream for cats and dogs that give them happiness and are rich in important nutrients, minerals and vitamins, while coming in different flavors like salmon. , chicken and many others, at reasonable prices of about 30 dirhams per packet..

Afra Al Dhaheri called on young people to pay attention to their hobbies and focus on their skills by launching new and other commercial projects, which create an urgent need for community members..

And she touched on her desire to expand the current hotel and establish new branches in various parts of the country and the Arab world, to promote the idea and distribution of pet hotels on a large scale in the Arab countries, and to highlight the importance of providing special care for animals of all kinds, and emphasizing that these animals have special feelings and emotions. It requires care like people.

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