After the divorce, the audience is waiting for Yasmine Sabry, the actress!

lethal attraction, or deadly attraction, the title of a famous movie by Michael Douglas and Glenn Close about emotional attraction that can lead to dire consequences for both sides of this attraction. It is a title that is always apt for the stories of relationships between businessmen, money and artists, which often begin with an irresistible mutual attraction, but soon end in a dramatic, sometimes tragic way.

One of the stories that people always mention is the relationship of the beautiful Marilyn Monroe with the Kennedy family, a relationship whose secrets are revealed by a new movie titled “The Marilyn Monroe Mystery: The Secrets of Unheard Tapes” which currently airing on Netflix. ”Platform, and the story of Grace Kelly with Renee, Prince of Monaco, and the story of The relationship of the Egyptian businessman Hisham Talaat Moustafa with the singer Suzan Tamim.

Put a beautiful star and a money holder in one place, and make sure they are naturally attracted to each other. For pretty girls, diamonds are the best friend, says Marilyn Monroe in a famous song, and for men of money and power, beautiful women are the best thing they can boast of, and the best expression of absolute power.

The story of Yasmine Sabry’s marriage and divorce with businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima illustrates this relationship in a typical way. In the beginning, and as happens in most cases, both sides were jealous of everyone: the men envied Abu Hashima because he won the girl any man would want, and the women envied Yasmine because she had money, diamonds and won a luxurious life. Until a few days ago, Yasmine continued her tweets and “trends” on the communication websites, in which she continues with her clothes, accessories, new looks and the luxurious breakfast party that she and her husband hosted with a crowd of guests. No one who follows these tweets thought her marriage, which was barely two years old, would collapse in a few days!

Haifa Wehbe … a child singer!

In many cases, the work of these artists is most affected by the marriage of stars with men of power and money. Some of them left the profession by their own desire or at the request and insistence of the man, and some of them set limits and working conditions corresponding to their new status as women, and some of them partially withdrew, their presence decreased and their glamor is extinguished for several reasons, including the husband’s jealousy or his lack of welcome for the work and fame of his wife.

Ahmed Abu Hashima and Haifa Wehbe got married in April 2009, at the height of Haifa’s stars as a singer and actress. Immediately before this marriage, she released her most successful album, “Habibi Ana”, in addition to her acting career in the movie “Bahr al-Nujoum” 2008, and subsequently her participation in the movie “Dokan Shehata”, which was shown. immediately after her marriage.

After her marriage, Haifa almost withdrew from the scene, with the exception of a children’s album titled “Baby Haifa” which was released in 2010, and a few video clips. After the marriage, she announced that in her future job she would take into account that she was “appropriate” and not provoke her husband’s dissatisfaction.

But in November 2012, Haifa and Abu Hashima’s divorce was suddenly announced, a few months after the release of her sixth album, “Miss Universe”, which gained wide fame and controversy due to the “Rotana” channel’s refusal to cut. of the song that bears the name of the album.

After her divorce, Haifa disappeared for months, and it seems that it was a period of recovery and preparation, before she returned strongly to singing and acting, as she appeared in the movie “Halawet Rouh” and the series “Kalam on Paper” in 2014, and the series “Mold and Sahib Ghayeb” and “Maryam” in the year Next, she also presented several tracks and a recent album titled “Hawa”, despite her advanced age and the change that followed her facial features and body appeared. , has definitely influenced her popularity and opportunities.

Yasmine Sabry..from a cool model to an actress

Since the first day of the marriage of Ahmed Abu Hashima and Yasmine Sabry in April 2020, a few weeks after the closure and ban imposed by the “new Covid 19” epidemic, doubts have surrounded the future of this sudden marriage. Rumors have nominated other names to marry Yasmine, not including Abu Hashima, and Abu Hashima’s previous marriage to Haifa Wehbe, which ended after only four years, indicated that the issue, for Abu Hashima at least, is one of his whims can be with the beautiful stars More than a real marriage.

Like Haifa, Yasmine Sabry was known for her extreme beauty and attraction to lights and networking sites, and people differed on the size of her artistic talent. Yasmine has starred in a number of films and television series, culminating in two films starring Mohamed Adel Imam, “Hell in India” and “Leilat Hana and Sorour”, and an absolute lead role in a Ramadan series titled “My Story “in 2019. In the following year, after her marriage to Abu Hashima, Yasmine starred in Another Ramadan series is” A Second Chance “, but it seems that the many opportunities Yasmine got were not used as it was should not, after the work has been criticized by critics. and on social media. Some of the observations at the time said that Yasmine appeared less talented and present in the series than her previous works, and that she was more interested in her appearance than embodying the feelings of the character she played. Indeed, over the past two years, Yasmine has been more interested in appearing on communication sites and boasting about her clothes and jewelry and mimicking Georgina Rodriguez, the influencer and wife of player Cristiano Ronaldo, more than her interest in ‘ to be a little actress who has amazing opportunities that any artist would love to have.

human experiences

It also appears that this lifestyle is about to change after her divorce from Abu Hashima. Last March, Yasmine announced that she was embarking on several new artistic projects, including a movie titled “Gangs Occupation” and a series titled “Donya.” Hours after the announcement of her divorce, the media broadcast news about other projects she intends to take part in, including a series entitled “Al Shader” and a movie entitled “Saqr Al Mahrousa.” Starring Ahmed Ezz.

It is certain that Yasmine Sabry will now be more interested in her artistic future than imitating Georgina Rodriguez or being the wife of a billionaire or a cool beautiful “model”, but the most important thing is that she is interested in portraying herself as to develop an actress, and the use of her human experiences to develop her expressive tools and in more sincerity and depth of feeling. People may love a beautiful face and humble talent for a while, but now they are waiting for more from a mature woman and a professional actress.

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