“Between you and me” achieves its goal of making people happy and betting on joy

The competition program “Bainak wa Bini” (“Dubai TV”) concludes its Ramadan season, with a special episode of Eid. A month of fun and energy, lots of prizes and cash. Presented by Abdullah Ismail and Rua Al-Sabban, within walking distance of the people, they do their best to increase the number of winners. 31 episodes that leave their mark on the Ramadan scene do not make the path of earning difficult for the subscriber. The presenters have their role, Abdullah with his cheerfulness, and Roa’s determination to help and her interest in winning them all. One of the fun entertainment programs, make smiles the decoration of faces.

Six participants in the episode sent a text message with the word “Dubai” or “Dubai” to the number designated for the competition, according to their countries. On giant screens, they appeared every night with members of their families. Roaa Al-Sabban is afraid of the sword of time, reminding the subscriber that others are waiting their turn, and there is sometimes a need for some urgency. Her appearance is elegant through 31 episodes, she pays attention to her details as she and her co-host of entertainment content that entertains the Arab viewer and motivates him to participate and win.

The program reaches the end, and the ends awaken the suffocation. The two presenters try to control the sadness generated by the happy moments that come to their conclusion, so that they remember the rule of life: “The fate of all things is to reach the end.” They were hoping the episodes would leave tracks and a lot of fun, and I really had fun.

Participants in each episode must answer a question of four possibilities within 15 seconds. Visions in the outlook simplify the answer. Journalist George Moussa prepares questions that are not meant to put the contestant in a head-on confrontation, but rather drag him with his hand to the first victory of two thousand dirhams.The second phase is where the “Mandoos” on him wait. . Numbers 1 to 7, and the prices were at one time 50 thousand dirhams and at other times a car, except for the usual amounts: 5000 dirhams or 10 thousand dirhams, and which increased the height of the hills.

“Al-Mandoos” is the fund, that is, “Come to make a profit and win.” Behind each number there is a price. Abdullah Ismail tries to negotiate its value with the contestant, and Roaa Al-Sabban confronts him. The round ends with the participant earning the largest possible amount, and the negotiations are in vain. The comparison is as follows: Abdullah is negotiating: “But try tricks and focus with visions,” the subscriber advises. Do not be content with less than profit for all.

She thought it hurt this time around, instead of taking advantage and increasing profits. Her colleague in the presentation hid a photo of the car behind a prize written on it 5,000 dirhams. She urged the contestant not to accept Abdullah’s offer, and advised him to stay with “Al Mandoos” even though he had negotiated with him on more than one hundred thousand dirhams. Everyone made sure the car was waiting for him, so the fraudulent card shocked Al-Sabban’s visions. Her soul is returned to her with Abdullah declaring that the real price is the car, and the sum of 5,000 dirhams is nothing more than an additional price. Applause and cheers rise, with a hint of tears, and the presenters are filled with joy that the program has achieved its goal: making people happy and betting on joy.

Roaa Al-Sabban did not find a single word to describe her experience with presenting the program in response to a question from her colleague Abdullah. She replied with words: “Win, joy, positive energy,” and then answered the question to him: “And you, what word would you sum up your experience?” His answer is that it is an experience that has passed like a breeze. They exchanged admiration, praised her elegance and sophistication, and received the praise: “I learn from you, Abu Muhammad”, joking about his daily appearance in white Emirati dress, while spending time on dress, make-up and choice of jewelry, with brands chasing. to adopt their costumes in the program.

After “Welcome, may God bless you,” we go “into the game all the time.” A contestant does not come out as a loser, even if it requires the presenters to extend the time and honest help to answer. Fifteen seconds passed as the car winner thought about answering the question, “Who is the author of War and Peace?” Among the possibilities, she omitted the visions of the Arabic writer Naguib Mahfouz, and she almost burned her nerves while waiting for the right answer, before interfering in public: “His name is three letters.” Time passed, to utter the first possibility: “Leo Tolstoy,” and yet they kept the celebrations going. 50 thousand dirhams and a car in one episode.

During the advertising break, the two presenters had “sideburns of food” and they conveyed the atmosphere to the air. The contestants are from different Arab nationalities, so the song is suitable for the identity of each country. of Tunisia. From Egypt, “The gazelle is well cared for, sweet people are not driven”; And from Saudi Arabia, “Mushkilni” by Rashid Al-Majed: “Keep away from evil, my soul and Ghanilo.” And how nicely the two presenters carry the language of the land and the tongue of its people! And with each new subscriber, a welcome: “Hala, God,” before embarking on the winning journey.

The show lapses and leaves a grateful audience for the beautiful moments. In fact, it did not contribute “a little joy”, but a lot. After winning the car and the sum of 50 thousand dirhams, Mushama felt a little sad as she would not be the winner of the grand prizes. Al-Sabban’s visions pleased her with what eased the pain of people: “Everyone gets his share.” This conviction is an invaluable reward.

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