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The bedroom is an essential space in the house; Therefore, the design takes into account the function of the aforementioned place, that is, the resident’s sense of comfort and tranquility, through well-thought-out colors. In this context, “Madam” of the interior designer, Nada Shehab, looked at the modern colors, which make calm a feature of the master bedroom.

6 colors in the bedroom

It is necessary to coordinate between the colors of the different pieces of furniture, as well as the choice of parquet for the floor and distinctive rugs

There are six colors that can make the bedroom a space for relaxation, these are:
1 white: Color is often used in space, for its role in defining it with purity, transparency and ease. One of the advantages of color in the decor, especially when painting the walls with white paint, is to suggest that the room is spacious, no matter how narrow it is. On top of that, white is in harmony with all colors, but in the context of the bedroom’s decor, the architect, Nada Shehab, asks to choose shades of gray (or blue) with white.
Diabetes mellitus (off-white): It creates the desired relaxing state in the space, as it suits most colors, especially brown (or green or blue). In this context, the architect recommends choosing sugar as a color for curtains, upholstery and textiles in the bedroom.
3 gray: The color helps to give the bedroom warmth, serenity and serenity, along with other earthy colors. It is noteworthy that the walls of the room are painted gray, which necessitates the choice of soft furniture in terms of colors.
4 green: It is one of the cool colors that symbolizes nature, and helps to provide calm and tranquility in the bedroom.
5 lavender color: A favorite in the bedroom, it is a light and calm shade of violet. Lavender color relaxes the eye, especially when mixed with ivory, light gray or white …
6 blue: The shades of indigo, cyan and turquoise are suitable for bedroom decorations as it achieves psychological comfort and helps to keep insomnia, stress and sleep problems away from the occupant of the room.

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break the monotony

Wallpaper is used to cover a wall

When the designer sets his sights on preparing quiet decorations for the bedroom, it does not mean that the latter seems monotonous, but rather the designer intends to create the calm scene that returns to the basics of decoration and large furniture, with home accessories finish. to break the boredom. In this context, Engineer Nada draws attention to the following points:

  • Choosing a piece of furniture loaded with more than one color or type of fabric, coordinates between the above piece and other accessories in the bedroom, which include: a large size art painting (or a group of multi-size paintings) and floor cushions covered with lids prepared from multiple materials and colors, and embedded with beaded beads (or crystal). Pillows are placed on the carpet, in the middle of the room, opposite or on the side of the bed, or even near the window for the purpose of preparing a reading or relaxation area in the bedroom.
  • Pay attention to lighting, which is the “key” to successful decoration, because lighting makes any room more vivid. In the bedroom, modern lighting units look luxurious.
  • It is well known that the walls determine the general atmosphere of the room, therefore it is not necessary that they be painted as a whole in one color, but the wallpaper distinguishes the decorations of one of the walls.

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trendy bedroom furniture fashion

Modern decor in the master bedrooms

The following furniture characterizes the contemporary bedroom:

  • The bed is equipped with a reinforced headboard for its appearance, in addition to the role of the vertical to comfort the receiver, especially while reading or using the smart board or the phone … In addition, there is the recent low bed, which is equipped with frames upholstered with gems on its sides.
  • According to popular fashion today, the bed cover is no less important than the latter, and it is made of healthy cotton.
  • Cabinets and tables are in turn known for their great carrying capacity.
  • The engineer asks for the importance of coordinating the colors of the different pieces of furniture, as well as choosing the parquet for the floor and the distinctive rug.

Ornamental plants in bedrooms

Ornamental plants make the bedroom come alive and make the occupant happy. Plants used in the contemporary bedroom include:

  1. “snake plant” Which is similar to aloe and is characterized by the uptake of carbon dioxide and the excretion of oxygen in abundance at night, which helps to breathe during sleep, in the context of a healthy environment.
  2. “Hydra” climbing in nature; It is grown in pots, so it looks wonderfully flowing.
  3. aloe It purifies the air and pumps a lot of oxygen, making this aloe the best choice for the room occupant who complains of breathing problems or insomnia.
  4. “fix” A shrub known for its large leaves that are colored green (or dark green), and it is multi-branched. The shrub grows to a height of about a meter or more. It is noteworthy that there are different types of “Ficus”, the shrub characterized by the different colors of its leaves according to genetic mutations, it can be green-black or white with green tinted, as if it is a wonderful divine. painting painted in watercolor! As for the unopened leaves, they appear as red pods, and achieve an attractive contrast in terms of color, with green. The known types of “Fix” include: the rubber plant, including a type with red leaves called “ruby”, or the type “elephant”.
  5. “botos” A beautiful plant, especially when used in hanging pots, so that the leaves hang on it. There are many types of botox; Some of them have inscriptions. It is preferable to use the said plant, in the bathroom attached to the bedroom, because the humidity is suitable for it.
  6. peace lilies It is a flowering plant that is pleasant to look at and purifies the air of toxic substances.


  • The works in the photos were designed by interior designer Nada Shehab.

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