Designer Yara Tlass: Our unique story and message stands out for us

Dubai-based young Syrian label Asfour uSfuur, Yara Tlass, expresses freedom, peace and hope through her designs. This jewelry brand makes delicate gold necklaces, ankle straps, rings and bracelets, but they all have one thing in common: it is the recurring bird motif in their collections. By joining a grassroots organization called Myhomeland / Watanilli, the brand donates a percentage of the proceeds of each piece of jewelry, to help support displaced communities in need. With this in mind, the bird that adorns each of its pieces is an emblem of hope and peace; It transcends all boundaries, and spreads a message of love in its designs. These are designs presented in a simple contemporary style while retaining elegance, subtlety and serenity, all with a meaningful message.

Tell us more about your beginnings in the jewelry world.

I learned this craft by doing, along with some of the best suppliers and craftsmen in the market; Our practice of this craft has become more and more proficient little by little, and we have established the uSfuur brand.

Why did you choose uSfur as your brand?

uSfuur Asfour in Arabic is a word that indicates a small bird, a symbol of freedom and hope. I chose this name because I wanted my brand to reflect the essence of flight, a sense of power, peace and freedom of movement. Like a bird, the brand strives to transcend boundaries and geographical areas, to connect with each other, to transcend our differences, to enjoy the simplest pleasures of life.

How do you see the jewelry scene in the Arab world?

We have interesting customers, jewelry lovers who know and love the story behind their pieces, have good taste and are interested in unique pieces. I also think that today’s customer is interested in the brand’s story, the values ​​that the brand stands for, the processes, how the pieces are made, and what makes them special.

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social impact

Designed by Yara Tlass

How does uSfur make a social impact?

uSfuur makes a social impact by supporting initiatives that help displaced refugee children and communities in need, giving them the opportunity to learn and have fun making a positive difference. The brand supports positive change in the region, and participates in various fields and activities that support the refugee cause.

How are the details of your last group?

We recently launched a special ceramic collection in collaboration with artist Nesma Jouri, inspired by the concepts of movement, elements of air and motifs that celebrate the beauty of craftsmanship, and all gemstones are handmade. Candles, jewelry boxes and vases are also popped up, to add a little light and love to your space.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

From art, design and architecture to theater and music. Spaces and objects with informative stories and powerful messages, works that move us and make us see things in new or different ways, inspired me.

Are you inspired by travel?

Yes, I like to travel a lot, and I can not wait to get active and travel again, especially after the Corona virus.

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Dedication to the Arab world

Designed by Yara Tlass

How do you integrate Arab culture into your brand?

Arab culture has always been part of our identity, although it does not appear in designs. The brand reflects its commitment to the Arab world through its commitment to support various initiatives in the fields of arts, culture, education and social projects. We believe that these basic pillars are essential to building a better Arab future and leaders.

What message do you want to convey to the world through your designs?

We care about making the world a better and a little more beautiful place than we found it.

Who is your icon?

So many inspiring women in our neighborhood do amazing things. Women who do a lot of activities, whether they are in the field to build a business, or at home to raise a family. I am very inspired by the women who stand up and stand up for what they believe in.

who is your favorite designer?

Elsa Peretti is one of my favorites.

what is your favorite book?

The books by Japanese author Haruki Murakami are some of my favorite books; He has a beautiful writing style, and an eccentric imagination.

What is your favorite piece of jewelry?

Every piece I designed has a special rhythm in my heart; Some of my favorite designs are simple classic pendants. The latest colorful enamels have also become a staple and have been a pleasure to work on in recent months.

What is your favorite stone?

I love working with 18 carat gold. Its finish and gloss are not affected by the passage of time. Lately, I enjoy mixing and matching colors with enamel. The preferred stones these days are turquoise, malachite and opal. Stay tuned for some new gems soon.

Who is the uSfur sparrow woman?

My wife loves simple, elegant pieces, and appreciates good design and high quality. She also cares about making the world a better place. Throughout each piece, the brand supports grassroots efforts and local communities in need. One user makes a really positive change.

What has been the proudest moment in your career so far?

The most satisfying feeling for me is the messages we get from our customers after they get their parts. Seeing our designs on the women who wear them over and over is an invaluable moment for me.

What do you think customers are looking for in pieces beyond good design?

I think one of our clients today is looking for meaning and purpose in design. What makes the brand unique is the core values ​​on which it is built, its unique story and the message it defends through its creations.

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Oriental women’s taste

Designed by Yara Tlass

I love working with 18 carat gold. Its finish and gloss are not affected by the passage of time. I also recently enjoyed mixing and matching colors with enamel

Many inspiring women in our area do a lot of activities, whether they are in the field to build a business, or at home to raise a family.

As an Arab brand, how do you reflect the tastes of Oriental women through your designs?

The brand name uSfuur translates to bird in Arabic, representing an emblem of hope, freedom, power and a sense of peace and love. We feel that our Arab women reflect it all through our designs.

Nobel massage

The field of jewelry design has many challenges, how do you tackle the competition today?

I try to present different designs, creatively and purposefully. In fact, I do not think of competition when I design jewelry, the most important thing is that it is beautiful and carries a sublime message to attract people.

What is your message to the women of the Arab world?

I believe that Arab women today face great challenges. But the most important thing is to have confidence in our abilities, and to believe in the possibility of creating positive change in this part of the earth. Our strengths are great and wonderful, linked to our rich culture.

Where can we find your designs in the Middle East?

Online and in stores in Dubai at O’de Rose, Boom & Mellow and Harvey Nichols in Kuwait, Mira y Mano in Riyadh, Maison Orient, and many more.

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Marketing Policy

Do you rely on social media to market your brand?

Yes, social media is one of our main channels for promoting our work and sharing it with the world. She was so inspiring and effective in helping us reach people around the world.

What are your future plans?

Cultivate your brand offline and online and celebrate small victories.

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