Home Office seizes £ 9.5 billion worth of money crimes within a month

The agencies of the Ministry of the Interior at the level of the Republic continued to direct security campaigns, each in its field of specialization, in coordination and the central security sector. Within a month, his efforts led to positive results, as he succeeded in seizing (40 957 different catering cases), the most prominent of which was the seizure of (642) A suitcase of gas cylinders, with seizures amounting to of 45 470 cylinders .. The value of the subsidized gas is estimated at (6 138 450 million pounds), and (55) cases of petroleum products were seized .. with seizures amounting to (200068 liters).

Attempts have been made to seize (226) cases of sale of subsidized food commodities on the black market, with seizures amounting to (94 053 tons – 20274 parcels – 38 pieces) of various food and supplies, and seizure (39) cases of theft of subsidies, with seizures amounting to (28,971 tons – 6668). A package – 5374 pieces) of various subsidized goods, and (309) cases were seized in the area of ​​withholding of strategic goods and building materials. Seizures amounted to (2259,155 tons of strategic goods – 26000 liters – 279924 parcels – 176 gas cylinders – 5852,250 tons of building materials) And (4048) cases were seized in the area of ​​sale at more than the price of food and non-food commodities , with seizures amounting to (2271,145 tons – 87650 liters – 126113 parcels – 672822 pieces), and (46) cases were seized in the area of ​​sale at more than the price of building materials. … with seizures amounting to (562,323 tons), and (2174) Cases in the field of sale were seized at more than the price of cigarettes .. with seizures amounting to (79 962 packs), and ( 505) business was seized in the area of ​​sale at more than the price of butane cylinders .. with seizures amounting (739 519 tons – 309 packages – 6873 cylinders).

Attempts in the field of electric current business could seize (350 349) cases in the field of electric power theft and breach of the terms of the contract.

And in the field of tax evasion cases (6974) were seized in the field of tax evasion: – (general taxes – evasion of value added tax – customs – protection of recovered state funds and property – evasion of property taxes and casinos – execution of sentences – debt investigation and inspection committees) .. with amounts of money amounting to (9,519,586,851 billion pounds) – the value of hidden financial transactions about which the financiers did not notify the tax authority .. it is technically investigated by the authority to levy the tax on they owe to collect .. the value of the sums paid to the public treasury reaches For the state (16,004,232 million pounds).

In the field of public fund affairs, (363) cases in the field of combating public fund crimes were seized … with a total sum of money amounting to (407,571,815 million pounds). the area of ​​(foreign exchange and trade), with seizures amounting to (193,223,311 million Egyptian pounds – various foreign currencies, equivalent to 198,993,504 million pounds) .. Total amounts of money seized in cash and documents, equal to ( 392,216,815 million pounds).

In the area of ​​limiting the spread of the “Corona” virus, 145 600 cases were seized in the field of preventing the circulation of water pipe. A total of (795,150) water pipes were seized, and (508,226) shops were closed in violation of the closure decision, and (191,912) people were seized for not wearing protective masks, Reconciliation took place, and the fine imposed on (191 228) people was paid, and legal action was taken and the prosecution was brought before the prosecution concerning (684) people who did not pay the prescribed fine.

In the area of ​​public safety, criminal outposts were targeted in the “Beheirat El Manzala” area in the governors of (Dakahlia – Damietta – Port Said), as well as the “Al-Sahar and Al-Jamal” area in the (Sharqiya ) and Ismailia) governors, during which 237 suspects were arrested, and they were in possession of (133 firearms – a number of Several bullets – 177 white weapons, 148 cases of narcotics were seized and (17 856) several court rulings were carried out.

▪ 1457 different cases were seized, and (6) gang formations, which included (17) suspects, who committed (6) accidents, were arrested (an accused, observer) on the run, and (8689) were criminal elements investigation.

In the area of ​​targeting and controlling very dangerous criminal elements, attempts to pursue criminal elements have led to: – The killing of a very dangerous criminal element, and the seizure of (2120) very dangerous criminal elements within the scope of Security Directorates (Assiut – Giza – Gharbia – Dakahlia – Alexandria – Beni Suef – Qalyubia – Sharqiya Suez – Minya – Port Said – Menoufia – Damietta – Luxor – Sohag – South Sinai – Red Sea – Qena – Ismailia – Fayoum – Matrouh – Beheira – Aswan – Kafr El Sheikh – New Valley) with a total of seizures (1221) a piece of firearm, especially (Grenov) machine guns – 189 automatic rifles – 40 pistols – 166 cartridge guns – 824 local individuals), as well as large quantities (bullets of different calibers, materials and various narcotic tablets) .Drugs – theft).

In the area of ​​seizure of firearms, white goods, unlicensed ammunition and gang formations, 3,961 pieces of firearms were seized .. in the possession of 3257 suspects, especially the following (Grinov – machine guns – 395 automatic rifles – 504 “armored and unarmored”) ) rifles – 182 pistols. – 2876 local individuals – a number of bullets of different calibers – 478 safes), as well as the seizure of (4 995 white weapons), and the seizure of (3) workshops for the manufacture of firearms within them (armored rifles – 3 air rifles – 5 local individuals – spare parts and manufacturing tools), and the seizure of (41) gang formation, which included (171) accused, who committed (159) accidents, and the arrest of (538) accused of criminal elements known to the committing acts of thuggery, and in their possession (8 automatic rifles – 7 “armed” rifles – 2 pistols – 195 local individuals – a number of rounds of different calibers – 327 white weapons).

In the area of ​​execution of sentences, (234.3902) various judicial judgments are executed, including (9341) criminal judgments, (714390) partial imprisonment, (121518) judgments for appeal, (11711766) and (732) sentences imposed . .

In the field of drug control, (5 348) cases of narcotics were seized, during which a quantity of banjo weighed (10 409 513 kilograms), a quantity of marijuana drug weighed (1 425 497 kilograms), and a weighed a quantity of heroin (128,425 kg), and weighed a quantity of Asterox medicine (51,307 kg), and weighed an amount of ice-shabu drug (22.94 kg), and

An amount of opium weighed (17,425 kilograms), a quantity of cocaine weighed (3,950 kilograms), a quantity of voodoo weighed (1,375 kilograms), and a quantity of marijuana seeds weighed (4 grams). And (18,974 thousand tablets for Captagon), (33245 thousand tablets for tramadol), (109948 thousand effective tablets), (61 ecstasy tablets), (105 narcotic stamps), and (5 cases) money laundering. In total, approximately LE 102 million was obtained from the illicit drug trafficking drug, and legal action was taken against 14 unlicensed addiction treatment centers. The financial value of narcotics is estimated at LE 160 million.

In the field of qualitative business control, (19) cars reported stolen were returned, (303) juvenile cases were seized, (25202) public utilities cases were seized and ambiguity was revealed (348) accidents (kidnapping murder – forced theft – arson – imitation) with a total of (539) accused.

In the field of employment cases (1048) cases in the field of works and protection of intellectual property rights were seized .. as follows: (618) cases in the field of combating work crimes with seizures amounting to (2658), the most especially (hard drives – receivers – cars – a group of medicinal products of unknown source), as well as (430) cases in the field of publications with seizures amounting to (19006) represented in (copies of books circulating with an expired permission – to study publications without obtaining permission from the owners of material and literary rights).

In the area of ​​traffic violation control, (758549) several traffic violations were seized, and (1029) schools were passed, and an analysis was done to detect narcotics for (2839) school bus drivers, and 32 positive cases were found, 2738 vehicles were investigated Violation of (25) vehicles to the requirements of technical validity, and conducting an analysis for the detection of narcotics for a number of (13779) drivers of vehicles on the roads, and it was found that a number (618) drivers were positive Motorcycles), and in the area of ​​control of the offenses of motorcyclists: – (56737) were seized offenses of not wearing the head covering “helmet”, and in the area of ​​security campaigns on scrap shops and foundries, attempts led to the seizure of (41) cases with a total of (45) accused .. with seizures I weighed (2 tons and 14 250 kg).

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