Laila Elwi: I get rid of the effect of difficult roles by sleeping a lot

She told “Asharq Al-Awsat” she was looking forward to presenting a second part of “Munawwarah Bela Halaha”.

Egyptian actress Laila Elwi has revealed that she got rid of the impact of difficult roles by sleeping a lot, and said the character “Dunia Salem”, which she played in the series “Donia Tania”, is full of psychological emotions due to the traumas she experienced, which included the betrayal of her husband and the loss of her son. She indicated in her interview with “Al-Sharq al-Awsat” that a woman can not forgive her husband’s betrayal of her, and that the loss of a precious person such as a son or a mother is the most difficult , and note that the series goes beyond the idea of ​​betrayal and demands attention from children.

The work started filming late, before the month of Ramadan, and continued until the last days of it, about which the Egyptian star says: “We started filming very late, which put us under a lot of pressure, because we want to do a good work, but time is our first enemy, It usually happens in most Ramadan series, so the amount of effort and fatigue is doubled, and the number of working hours continues, and days go by that we do not sleep because we feel the responsibility that falls on us, and although I have filmed many Ramadan works, the circumstances of this work have made it the most stressful in my journey. Because we not only film on air, but writing is also done on air. ”

He continued, “I was very worried that we were going to start filming late, and we were facing problems as a result, but it was the spirit of the work team that made the matter easier, starting with the promising director Ahmed Abdel Aal with his great enthusiasm and ambition to do a good job, and the director of photography Bassam Ibrahim, my co-actors and technicians, We all braved the circumstances and made a great effort to get the job done well. ”

The first reading of the episodes opened Laila Elwi’s passion for work, and he commented on it: “When I read the first episodes of the series, I liked the idea. The work focuses on education, monitors some of the students’ problems, and emphasizes the need to care for them at this age, which is a difference in their lives, and it is our duty to listen. ” We reassure them and guide them with logic and reason to what is right. ”

Alawi believes that it is important to observe our children at that age stage touching the series, not to look at them, and that there is a language of dialogue between them and their parents, and explains that the series “Second World “does not provide. advice not only to children but also to parents because the role of the home Very important with the school.

… and in another track from the same series – Laila Elwi (Asharq Al-Awsat)

Many emotions experienced by the character of “Dunia”, including the shock of her husband’s betrayal, to which Laila Elwi refers: “The emotion of betrayal varies from character to character, because (Dunia) she is a mother and an educational person (she works as a principal), so she has to maintain her The house, and the reputation of the father of her children so that they are not negatively affected by it, the situation was difficult and shocking for her, so she insisted on ‘ a divorce, but she could not tell it to anyone, but the scene of the boy’s death was the hardest thing, harder than betrayal and more painful, one can forget any pain He was going through, except for the loss of a son or a mom Certainly not every scene I perform I should have gone through, and certainly the character traits have put their fingerprints on emotions, and this is what I have tried to present with all credibility through honest coexistence, I do not want to say that I attended a lot for her, m aar I searched About the stages a person goes through when exposed to severe trauma.

Laila’s excitement about the idea of ​​betrayal caused her to merge during filming and destroy a frame with the traitor’s husband’s photo, which led to a sunken groove in her hand, but she admits that she exaggerated in that scene: “It was excessive emotion from me.” Alawi excludes a woman’s forgiveness of her deceitful husband: “I do not think she can forget or tolerate it, and if there is a woman who has the ability to forgive, she will never forget it, there is those who must live and move on with life, but she does not forgive this act, and I believe that life After that it takes on other dimensions.

The artist carries a double psychological burden with some of the roles he plays, and Laila played many roles that carried a psychological burden: “I remember when I filmed the movie (The Rapists). It was an easy thing. , also in the series (Hala and Hidden) the mother discovers that her children are being sold, and the journey to look for them was very painful, and sometimes there are characters I play that I worry about before I film them, and the most of the thing that gets me rid of the influence of those tired characters and difficult scenes is to divorce completely, I have stopped working, and I sleep a lot until I regain my psychological calm. ”

Despite her psychological trauma, “Dunia” appears to be a strong woman as she continues with her life and work management, and Laila realistically agrees with this vision: “The heroine’s shock was strong, but the presence of her children and mother force her to continue, and when a person has faith and trust in God, he transcends and coexists Even if he does not feel true happiness, and I am one of those people, since my mother’s death I feel lost without her and I feel missed and needed by her, but my responsibilities drive me to coexist with life, and I always say that God writes all the best for us. ”

Lily recently surprised the audience by playing the role of a wicked and cruel woman in the series “Munawara Behhalha” with director Yousry Nasrallah in a daring and exciting work shown on the “Shahid” platform, and she says of him: “My experience with director Yousry Nasrallah and writer Mohamed Amin Radi made me happy. I really enjoyed the screenplay and dialogue, and I challenged myself to embody the character of Salwa Shaheen, and I shared it with others. love and mood staged, and all the actors in it were stars because the roles are complex and the dialogue is unique.Yousry Nasrallah is a fine and sensitive director.There is a second part, and it is one of the most important dramas , and it has made great strides in writing, directing, performing, photography, decorating and producing, and it is truly an excellent and honorable work. ”

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