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There are a variety of ways to coordinate the decor of girls ‘rooms, and there are many patterns that can be followed to get a beautiful room similar to a princess’ room. Here is this article that will present the latest ideas for girls’ bedroom decorations that keep up with the latest decorating trends.

Girls bedroom decoration ideas:

1- Unicorn

Small details give rooms a distinctive and unique look

This fictional character is widely known among girls of all ages, and the unicorn swept the world of markets and was printed on a large number of products for girls. Here are tips, ideas and steps to compete to showcase unicorn ornaments. a unicorn room that your child will worship.

unicorn style colors:

Girls bedroom colors are one of the basic elements that need to be intelligently combined to get the most beautiful bedrooms for girls. The unicorn pattern acquires the following calm pastel colors:



and blue


All these colors can be combined, or you can coordinate and choose at least 3 colors between them, and white is the main color among them.

1- The wall

Colors make a big difference when it comes to decorating, and the wall is one of the basic elements of decorating that takes the place to another level if the appropriate color is chosen according to the decorating style.

When it comes to unicorn girl room decorating ideas, you can choose one of the above colors to paint all the walls of the room, or just the main wall.

Or you can replace the paint with unicorn wallpaper, which can be easily found in wallpaper stores that abound in Dubai Dragon Mart. If you choose to use wallpaper, consider not using any additional decorations on the walls to be comfortable to look at.

2- bed cover

Bright unicorn eardrum

Before talking about the shapes of the lids that match the unicorn style, the following rule should be used, if the walls are full of drawings and inscriptions, or use wallpaper with patterns in various colors, it is preferable to paint the lids without patterns. choose so that the room is not crowded with colors and is comfortable to look at. If the walls are without patterns, the cover can be selected with graphics, and it will give a lively and wonderful touch to the room.

Various forms of unicorn-printed door covers are currently available in decor stores, and they can be purchased for little girls’ rooms, but if the bedroom decorations are for older girls, you can choose a door cover in a pastel color, or in white with small colored pillows that can be purchased at a store. Another option is to buy unicorn print covers, including clouds, flowers and stars.

3- Pieces of decorations

unicorn flower decoration

Now we come to the most enjoyable part, which is to choose the decor pieces that match the designs of unicorn girls’ rooms, and there are several great ideas, including:

Decorate the exposed shelves and cabinets with antiques in the pastel colors we mentioned, and there are also unicorn pieces of decoration, many of which are available in the Claire’s store in the most prominent shopping malls in Dubai, for affordable options, you can visit the Al- Durhamin stores, which include a special section for unique room decorations, and the quality of the goods will impress you compared to its price.

Walls can be decorated with handmade paper flowers, arranged in a way that mimics the shape of a unicorn, and either placed on the main wall of the room, or above the bed, with the addition of the child’s name.

The unicorn comes from the world of dreams, so you can add a fairy tale on the curtains or the bed, to make the little girl feel like she is in the world of princesses and fantasy.

2- flamink

The flamingo pattern matches the decorations of girls’ bedrooms, and is considered one of the most popular trends in the world of decoration. The flamingo pattern is also associated with the use of foliage in decoration, giving the room a lively and lively atmosphere.

flamingo pattern colors

The colors used in this style suggest a vibrant tropical atmosphere, and the colors include shades of pink and green, as well as the use of white as the main color in the place, these colors give the room a nice and vibrant atmosphere, and you can choose whether the colors are calm or blatant.

1- The wall

You can leave the wall in white, to be decorated with paintings or posters full of colors that match the flamingo style, or you can use wallpaper with drawings of leaves or flamingos on the main wall, or on the top wall of the bed.

2- bed cover

Flowers and floral prints are ideal for flamingo decor, or you can choose those without patterns in green or pink colors, you can decorate the bed with small pillows in the shape of leaves and flowers, or cotton toys in the shape of flamingos as the cover is free of patterns.

3- Pieces of decorations

The ideas that can be followed for the flamingo style are diverse because you can decorate the wall with artificial leaves and roses made of paper, and there are flamingo-shaped table lights, and they are widely available in the Dragon Market.

Recently, pieces of wood or metal have spread in the form of flamingos, as they are available in different sizes, some of which are painted in pink, these masterpieces will give a dainty touch to the room.

Aloe vera is one of the plants associated with the decorative flango style, and you can place natural cactus plants in the room, or decorate shelves with little ones.

There are many other popular styles this year, which can be followed by the same steps mentioned above, taking into account the change of colors according to the style, and the styles of girls’ bedroom decorations 2020 include:

1- cute animals

This pattern is suitable for younger girls, and in the room of newborns there are no specific colors for this pattern, but it is required that they should be in calm degrees. What distinguishes this pattern is the placement of paintings and drawings of funny animal shapes with a smiling face, in addition to the distribution of cute cotton toys throughout the room.

2- Space

This style attracts girls who do not just prefer girl styles, and depends on transforming the room into a world from outer space, either by painting the wall and drawing planets on it, or painting the ceilings of girls’ bedrooms to look like a piece. from the sky, to get a distinctive decorating idea, can Use the bright stars sold in most bookstores, stationery and toy stores.

3-movie star

The mirror surrounded by lights has become an integral part of girls’ rooms

This idea may appeal to older girls, and depends on the choice of pieces of furniture that mimic the furniture in the make-up rooms of movie stars, especially the large mirror surrounded by lights, you can use pictures of make-up and well-known brands, such as Chanel and Dior , which will take the room to a very high level.

Herewith we have gathered for you the latest ideas for decorating girls’ bedrooms, in addition to the tips and steps to follow when applying these ideas.

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