Minister of Irrigation: Transfer of 1.350 million feddans to modern irrigation with the knowledge of farmers

In the light of the instructions of dr. Mohamed Abdel-Aty, Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation, to complete the ministry’s program and plan by holding extensive conferences and seminars at the level of the various governorates of the Republic, in coordination and joint cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation , to the Joint Ministerial Decision No. 161 of 2021 regarding the rehabilitation of mesqas and the shift from flood irrigation to irrigation to activate Hadith. A symposium was held at the headquarters of the Directorate of Agriculture in Beheira. Governor on the rehabilitation of modern canals and irrigation, in the presence of dr. Moamen Al-Sharqawi, head of the central department of water direction, ing. Mohamed Hilal, head of the central department of water resources and irrigation in Beheira, and Eng. Badr Mohamed Badr, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Agriculture in Beheira and mr. Eng. Imad Abdel Sattar, General Manager of Irrigation Development Projects in the West Delta, ing. Wajih Mahmoud Ghaly, chief director of water supply in West Delta, mr. Ibrahim Issa, Head of the Agricultural Banking Sector in Beheira, and the Water Management Work Team, Heads of Agricultural Associations in Lake, and Managers of Modern Irrigation and Rehabilitation Companies The courses.

Dr. Abdel-Aty said such conferences and seminars play an important role in raising awareness of water issues and launching the ministry’s plan to implement projects to rehabilitate watersheds and the transformation of modern irrigation, and to reap the benefits to farms coincidence, as a result of this transformation, such as increasing crop productivity, providing quantities of fertilizer and energy used in irrigation, and improving the quality of crops.These seminars have led farmers to modern irrigation systems switched in control of 1.350 million feddans at own expense.

His Excellency added that more than 300 seminars were held to raise awareness of the importance of modern irrigation at the level of all governors, in which agricultural associations, water user associations and farmers participated, and in the presence of representatives of the Ministries of Irrigation and Irrigation . Agriculture, the National Bank, the Agricultural Bank and local and executive leaders in the governorates to implement the state’s plan to transform modern irrigation in the old countries.

During the symposium, representatives of the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation presented the challenges facing the water sector in Egypt, and presented the water policy set by the state to address these challenges through an approach that implements the implementation of many national projects accepted on a large scale and at unprecedented rates, aimed at making good use of water resources The maintenance and improvement of the economic and social situation of all farmers During the symposium, some exceptional practices and pioneering experiences of ‘ a number of farmers who converted their countries’ irrigation to modern irrigation systems were presented, and the consequent rationalization in water use, increased productivity, saving costs of fertilizer, labor and energy, and an explanation of the ministerial decision The joint venture and the mechanisms for its activation, as well as the collaboration pro tokol between the relevant ministries and answers to all farmers’ queries on how to implement and implement, and activate the role of agricultural associations and water user associations.

The activities of the symposium concluded with an agreement for the agricultural associations to gather the consent of all farmers in their control to rehabilitate the watering cans and implement modern irrigation, and to provide all the necessary data and information at governor level such as the chains to provide. and lengths of the watering cans and the names of the beneficiaries who own the land under the control of the canal and its irrigation, and to hold weekly meetings of the agricultural associations and societies at the level of All engineering and preparation of all documents need for funding and start of the implementation of the rehabilitation of modern irrigation and irrigation with the participation of banks and companies involved in implementation, and hold various workshops and seminars that are concerned with raising awareness of all farmers and encouraging them to take an active part assumes the modernization of the irrigation system and cooperation during the various stages to achieve the objective of implementing this system at the level of Governor.

It is noteworthy that a joint cooperation protocol has been signed between the Ministries of Irrigation, Agriculture and Finance, the National Bank of Egypt and the Agricultural Bank of Egypt with the aim of establishing joint cooperation to implement an ambitious plan for sustainable agricultural development to reach. development projects, by providing the technical and financial support needed to modernize the private irrigation system through the rehabilitation of mesqas And the use of modern irrigation systems in the reins of 3.70 million hectares of old land within 3 years.

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