Polo .. Horses, golf and exciting competitions

Polo is one of the oldest and most exciting sports in the world, as it dates back to previous civilizations, before moving through the years, and retaining its splendor, especially because it combines the skills of horse riding and golf, making it a character of his own.

Despite the game’s age, as it was introduced by historians from Persia and then moved to Japan, India and China and then to the ancient Egyptians, and then the British fell in love with it and contributed to its spread, but in compared to other sports, it is less well known, in terms of the perception historically associated with it.To be a sport of kings and sultans, you need a lot of potential to practice it.

In the Emirates, which, like other Asian countries that adopted the game, this stereotypical view of polo seems to come from the past, as it established a number of clubs in the country, and began to consolidate the game and its high cost has reduced. .

At the official level, the Emirates Polo Association was promoted to the Polo Federation in December 2021, under the leadership of Muhammad Al Habtoor, so that the Federation worked on the enactment of laws and regulations governing activities and game competitions in the country and an accurate digital system prepared for registration players, naming committees and their heads, classification of players, yellow and red card laws and mechanisms for implementing penalties.

There are many clubs to practice polo in the UAE, especially the Ghantoot Racing and Polo Club in Abu Dhabi, the Dubai Polo and Equestrian Club, the Al Habtoon Polo Resort in Dubai, and other clubs.

Ghantoot .. Polo with international specifications

With the insightful vision of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the founding of the Ghantoot Racing and Polo Club came in a wonderful and tranquil area of ​​300 acres of green lawns, with precise design specifications to play polo and polo . equestrian games with international standards for eight polo fields.

Since its inception in 1998, Ghantoot Club has taken its leading position under the protection, succession, interest and presidency of His Highness Sheikh Falah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, a former home of polo in the country and the Gulf region. And 50 stables for visitors, and 240 temporary stables for guests, in addition to 26 fields of different sizes and training grounds.

The Ghantoot Racing and Polo Club Board of Directors, led by His Highness Sheikh Falah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, is made up of former polo players, all of whom are former champions of the game, and it is the only club in the country to be formed. . of former players.

21 copies of the Emirates International Polo Championship

The Ghantoot Racing and Polo Club officially launched its activities in 1998 and was the first in the country and the region. The last issue organized by the club in December 2021, with the UAE holidays in its fiftieth year, has represents an exceptional event in which grand material and souvenir prizes were handed out under the prescriptions of the tournament sponsor and club president.

Among the top teams that won the first championship title in the Gulf region, the Emirates team led by Her Highness Sheikha Maitha bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Ghantoot team, the Abu Dhabi team and the Saudi team Zidan.

polo needed

The polo sport requires special fields and fields, and the area of ​​the field is 275 x 180 square meters.

Polo needs its own tools: a helmet with a protective face shield, long brown boots, a wooden ball, gloves, a long bamboo stick, a knee protector and an Argentine pony horse because of its short limbs and small size.

How do you play polo?

Polo matches are divided into 5-6 runs with a time of 7.5 minutes per lap, and in small competitions it is played in 4 runs where the horse is changed after each run.

Two teams compete, each team of 4 players, with attackers in front and two defenders to protect the team’s back and goal, and the main goal is to score goals by pushing the ball into the opponent’s goal.

Polo in Dubai

Dubai Polo and Equestrian Club was opened by Emaar Properties in 2006 as one of the leading equestrian and polo destinations in an area of ​​250,000 square meters, with world-class stables, attractive green polo lawns and show jumping.

The Dubai Polo and Equestrian Club offers a range of services and hosts many cultural, social and sporting events such as the Cartier Dubai International Polo Challenge, the UAE Cup, the Sunset International Polo Championship, and equestrian and show jumping competitions.

Polo Tournament Prizes

The prices to play polo do not seem cheap, but compared to its needs and the way it is practiced, it can be said that the Emirates clubs, as well as the desire to consolidate the game, have managed to find opportunities against create competitive prices to practice sports.

For example, the price of a training lesson at the Dubai Polo and Equestrian Club is 695 dirhams with a horse belonging to the club, and 495 dirhams with a personal horse for those who want to play the game.

Prices vary in many clubs in terms of equipment, quality of horses and trainers, but despite this, the excitement that the game provides seems to be enough to give it a try, and enjoy the wonderful and completely different atmosphere.

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