tayyar.org – In pictures – Bassil van Beirut 2: Bringing political money into society is a crime … “Edgar Traboulsi, a serious and working deputy” (photographed by my colleague George Feghali)

second Beirut
The place is an indication of the political situation.
We treated representation and it improved if Edgar and Professor Nazih Najm had their respectful representation and respectful opinion.
I see the solution on their shoulders, the doubts in your eyes and the questions on your tongues.
The main concerns of the people of Beirut II, as expressed over the telephone by Deputy Edgar Traboulsi

1. The economic situation and the loss of life that is reaping in the banks. Do you get people’s money back?
Who instituted the law on the recovery of stolen money? We submitted. Who prevents recognition? pleasant
Who introduced the Transfer of Funds Recovery Act? We submitted. Who prevents recognition? pleasant
Who introduced the Capital Control Act? We submitted. Who prevents recognition? pleasant
Who introduced the Accounting Act and Property Statement? We submitted. Who prevents recognition? pleasant
Who instituted the Financial Court Act? We submitted. Who prevents recognition? pleasant
Who worked on the criminal investigation project? We submitted. Who prevents recognition? pleasant

2. Social problems arising from the financial collapse. The most dangerous topic: the medical and hospital bill, the education bill, the collapse of purchasing power and the lack of pension value. Who told the Lebanese that the series would not be allowed in 2019? Maine told the Lebanese we should download a percentage of the pension?

Beirut explosion, especially in light of the failure of the Beirut municipality and the government to repair the restoration and the absence of a clear plan for reconstruction.
We presented a reconstruction project with the idea of ​​dividing Beirut into regions.
Insurance companies pay their obligations
Only the Presidency of the Republic stood by the people. (Deputies Traboulsi and Sehnaoui stood with hundreds, according to their ability). But there remains a need for a major rescue project for the port and its surroundings.
People want the truth with the harbor explosion, we paid the price!
The price of barter, the price of Badri Daher.
In four layers of investigation and demand for the issuance of the indictment.

4. Syrian displacement and its economic, social and security impact. When will they return to safe Syria? Is there a plan to relocate them?
Who raised the vote in 2011? Who made an evacuation plan? Maine fighting with the international community?

5. Election payment. Election bribery has reached its highest level in Beirut. $ 350 or $ 500 per vote. Monthly pensions, medical services and rations offered to voters.
Some ask us: Why do others and you do not pay? Because they are with them and we are not with us, because their project is financial, but our project is national, because they utilize people’s needs and invest with their votes. We invest in a free person to build a homeland . The story has moral and patriotic dimensions and an exploitation of people’s weaknesses. What is Beirut waiting for, who is trying to buy the votes of its people?

6. The subject of frustration and frustration with the situation the country has reached in “our era” or “the era of General Aoun.” Some were reluctant or retreating because they were disappointed. They broke the current, they broke Lebanon and the people, but the anger and revenge of those who caused it did nothing. The need to explain to them about the dangers of international conspiracy against the country, and the fact that the collapse was caused by 3 decades of wrong economic policies and widespread corruption.

7. Alliance with political components that did not help us, and the currents consider them to have stood against the covenant. A number of streams, though limited, have emerged to urge Facebook not to vote, as long as we are on one list with the Amal movement.
The answer: They do not lose the candidate of Amal and punish her, but they punish the movement and his candidate, the candidate of Amal will come forward like that, so do not punish the candidate of the movement.

I’m sure Christians in this region are the leaven of Lebanese coexistence, so let’s preserve for them the correctness of their representation. You can not imagine why you were subjected to the preservation of such a seat. You have a conspiracy to take it out of us. .. We all want to preserve it.
What is rejected is that some people are trying to buy votes, as if the votes of Christians are a commodity for sale. These people have dignity and pride, and their votes are worth more than all your money.
Beirut as a city and a capital that has a first and a second, Beirut is one united capital for the whole of Lebanon, and for us the sons of Mina Al-Hosn, Mazraa, Hamra, Ras Beirut and Al- Musaytbeh like the sons of Ashrafieh, Al-Madwar, Al-Ramil and Al-Saifi.
With elections, Beirut is first and second, but love is always first, and with development we want Beirut to be divided into several districts under the roof of one mayor, but administrative independence and financial decentralization contribute to achieving a development balance between the regions of the capital.
We do not have a first-class representative and a second-class deputy, on the contrary, Edgar Traboulsi has proved that he is one of the first-class representatives in Parliament.
What has been proven is that the doctrine of ministries, representatives and general managers, especially Christians, is of no value. What do personalities with certain powers, who are incapable of holding certain positions, mean? What does naming minorities mean? What does this mean for minorities or Alawites, Druze or Catholics, who are incapable of tackling specific ministries such as the Sovereignty? Or even if they were to enter the government, what would be the main ministries for them? Do you know why Edgar was the priest in the first category of delegates? Because he received a file and followed it up and worked on it and it became his specialty and reference in it which is education, even when we and he differed with certain ideas, and you know him as stubborn, he had his logic , his mind and his work, and the fact that he imposed a difficult comparison situation in the educational file in the country!
This is in addition to other important files to follow up on and above the special follow-ups and individual services in the file of education, medical care, employment and the conferences he holds. In short, the priest Traboulsi is a serious and working deputy, and you will not get a better one than him. I invite you all to vote for him. It is a name in which you will see how you are. I invite every friend, supporter, supporter of the movement, or supporters of the movement to stick to his support, and it is a party duty that can not be violated.

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