The Minister of Transport: A plan to develop and increase the efficiency of the first and second lines of the metro

The Minister of Transport, Lieutenant-General, Engineer Kamel Al-Wazir, said that there is a plan to develop, rehabilitate and increase the first and second lines of the metro, pointing out that the time of trains in the first line will be two and a half minutes instead of 4 and a half minutes.

This came during the minister’s inspection tour of the ministry’s facilities, where he monitored the level of services provided at the railway and metro facilities, especially with the end of the blessed Eid al-Fitr holiday and the frequency of work in government and private departments at the beginning of the week.

The tour began with the Minister of Transport inspecting the exterior of the Egyptian Railways and inspecting the windows and ticket booths to check its availability and provide all facilities to citizens and the regularity of operating schedules and the continued operation of additional Eid Al -Fitr trains on the Upper Egypt line until next Wednesday, in order to facilitate the public of passengers to give them back after spending the Eid with their families. Additional trains run alongside the daily operating schedule trains.

During his visit to the Office of Reservation of Sleeping Trains, the Minister ordered that all booking devices located in offices at the level of the Republic have the ability to read the number of vacant cabins and the number of available cabins on all trains to process of booking huts for citizens from anywhere in the Republic.

He also followed the progress of the experimental operation of the electronic gates for the entry and exit of the station, with a view to the new reservation system and its integration with the old reservation system and electronic gates, as these gates at the stations of Ramses is installed. , Giza, Sidi Gaber, Egypt in Alexandria and Damanhour as a first phase for the first time in the history of Egypt’s railways. As one of the important steps for managing the entry and exit of passengers to the stations, and not allowing any passenger to enter without a ticket in order to conserve the Authority’s financial resources, which are used to to provide leading services to the public of passengers, and the Minister ordered the need to facilitate the directional panels for the entrance and exit gates at the stations installed in them to The process of moving citizens to and from the sidewalks.

The Minister inspects the lighthouses of Upper and Lower Egypt

The Minister of Transport inspected the sleeping quarters of Upper and Lower Egypt and ordered that the aesthetic form of all kiosks and cafeterias in the station be preserved, and that special price list panels be placed on the kiosks and that the neatness of the sidewalks be maintained. maintain. and trains, and to provide excellent services to the public of passengers, especially with the great qualitative shift in the level of service rendered This is evidenced by this essential and important facility, in addition to informing passengers periodically and continuously by the various media and social media of the need to keep the ticket until the end of the trip, especially with the installation of the new entrance and exit gates, and he also stressed the need for optimal use of all assets and spaces in the station , and all railway stations iron to increase the body’s resources.

The Minister met with a number of passengers who praised the great development in the level of service provided by the various railways and the regular timetables of the trains. During the dialogue, one of the passengers reported that one of the railway trains in which he traveled was stoned by some children, who the Minister confirmed with him that the Ministry of Transport conducts periodic and continuous awareness campaigns to counteract these negative behaviors and other negative behaviors that some people do when dealing with the railway facility work.

The Minister called on citizens to take part in this awareness raising, in particular that this behavior causes serious damage to passengers and train drivers and damage to trains belonging to the people.

Then the Minister of Transport went to the Al-Shuhada interchange station between the first and second lines of the subway and was eager to follow the frequency of the metro train movement, where he monitored the passage of trains, and was assured of the regularity of the time of trains, and the immediate payment of additional trains in the event of any density of passengers, especially during rush hours.Emphasized that everyone must compete in the service of the citizen.

And take one of the trains of the second line of the “subway”

Then the team, Engineer Kamel Al-Wazir, boarded one of the trains from the second line of the subway to Shubra El-Kheima station, met with a number of passengers and a dialogue took place about the giant projects which the government represented by the Ministry of Transport is implementing in the field of metro and electric traction, where he confirmed that the political leadership directed the expansion in the completion of The metro network, and the development and rehabilitation of the first and second lines in parallel, with the establishment of a giant transport network of environmentally friendly electric vehicles, such as the high-speed electric train network with its three lines, the monorail projects and the light electric train LRT, which made a big qualitative leap in constitute the means of transportation in Egypt.

He pointed out that there is a plan to develop, rehabilitate and increase the efficiency of the first and second lines of the metro, where the first line will be developed to improve the design transit time to 2 and a half minutes. instead of 4 and a half minutes, and to improve the service provided to passengers, and signals, communications, central control, railway works and electromechanical systems will be developed.And electric power plants, as well as the development of mobile units by the purchase of 55 new air-conditioned trains and the provision of workshop equipment in collaboration with the French company Alstom, which will work with the Arab Organization for Industrialization in the field of locating the train industry in Egypt.

Rehabilitation of 23 trains of the current fleet of the first line

He pointed out that 23 trains of the current fleet of the first line will be rehabilitated, and the systems of the second line will be developed, rehabilitation and provision of new trains, dragging time and absorbing the steady increase in the number of passengers, and provide excellent services to them by implementing a plan to convert all trains in the first and second lines into air-conditioned trains.

At the end of his tour, the Minister of Transport inspected the Shubra El-Kheima train station, where he ordered the need to increase the efficiency of all pedestrian bridges leading to the station, in cooperation with the governor, as well as to resolve any violations to remove. on the railway campus in collaboration with all relevant authorities and the raising of ticket booths in the upper hall of the station to facilitate the booking of citizens for tickets and to optimize the use of all available spaces, especially as it is one of the stations that ‘ a large number of passengers, and this is to increase the financial resources of the Railway Authority.

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