Weekly Forecast for Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Fish


Weekly Horoscope Forecasts: Libra – Scorpio – Sagittarius – Capricorn – Aquarius – Pisces

From 8 to 15 May:
Let’s discover together what astronomy holds for the next week, according to the motion of the planets and the transitions of the moon:
What’s new in the motion of the planets: Jupiter is connected to Pluto by the Sun, which helps us with expected solutions. Mercury starts retrograde in Gemini on the 10th..the expected news is also on the 10th of the month. It is also a promised day when the greatest happiness, Jupiter, moves to Aries..the week ends with an eclipsed full moon.Scorpion ..

This week the horoscope predicts for you that you can end a friendship or relationship where the first week Mercury will be retrograde. The friend in question may betray you and you will know the truth. During the week you will have to help family members or friends solve the problems that put them in trouble .. It is possible that they have a connection In their personal life during which they made mistakes .. this week you need to take care of your love or family life and above all ignore any attempts to by interfere with other people, their interests or desires are contrary to yours, and you must protect or fight for what is important to you. During these seven days, you will experience an event related to a meeting or things related to your business. or possessions .. In love you can be the one going in the direction of the relationship you currently have .. Libra will invest more energy in matters related to their homes and families .. Can be associated with It is through improvements or renovations in the house in which you live, or selling a property, or an important meeting in your house for a new business or any other reason .. There will be a conflict with a colleague or friend as a result of ‘ an emotional misunderstanding.

Professional, Scorpio, your good week will go smoothly and you will achieve a lot..but personally you will feel tired of everything that happens in your life..your efforts will require a lot of energy from you and cause you stress..but on the old end you will get the result you want .. during the week you will have to make decisions about your family members .. you will probably take responsibility for fulfilling obligations that will be important to your home .. during the week will experience a lot meet old friends, attend a family reunion or something .. you are about to learn about different life events and drama in the lives of the people you know. During these seven days you can take care of belongings or belongings from your home that you no longer use.
You will have the opportunity to realize your plans regarding the house in which you live, which will happen in the best way for you. This week, many will be attending a gathering or public event where you can witness an unpleasant conflict or clash. But be happy this week for long journeys or work related .. Interesting and useful contacts, it is possible to have meetings with people from another place or country .. you can achieve a lot during these seven days, but above all you have to believe in your strength and abilities .. do not succumb to doubt or fear of risks ..

Your life this week will be quiet..everything will be fine on a professional and personal level..there are no major changes that can be seen on your radar..in the week as usual your family or friends can have your life very complicate and their actions and decisions are problematic..it will be good Be careful of the people you meet and avoid conflicting personalities..During the week you may feel confused or upset by news about people you know..During the week will you feel nervous about changes or other events in your work as Mercury starts retrograde..I do not expect surprises for you Personally, so try to reduce stress in your daily life..The only surprise this week may be related to your friend or partner .. It is likely that new interesting opportunities will appear by your friend or you will receive useful information for you..The weekend may end with unexpected meetings or events and developments .. it will for you to be difficult to live alone .. loneliness can bother you even if you have a husband .. expect the development of an important event in your life .. you will make plans, but it is possible that the reality of you will escape, but the buyer of pregnancy will put you on the list of the happiest signs ..

Mercury is retrograde in Gemini for the first week and its influences are getting stronger..it can bring back old friends and dilute the clarity of your personal communication..with this astrological situation it is important to keep in mind to lower your tone of voice and walk gently in communication with others..can create existing contracts or related agreements By working out internal tensions, and finally showing you what needs to change to create the best scenario for you..This is not the time to start new relationships not. , sign important contracts, and hold important meetings..During the week, focus on coordinating your relationships with the people with whom you have family or family relationships. Daily professional .. Any misunderstandings or inconsistencies should be removed during these seven days .. Do not try to live in a state of emotional discomfort that is harming you and hindering your development ..
You will need to get involved in important matters related to a document or contract, which could lead to temporary fears or tensions. During the week you will arrange or attend a meeting with family or friends. An event related sticking with a family member will take your attention seriously and require a little money spending..News Or a suggestion from a colleague, neighbor or client that may pique your interest..During this week, your greater emotion is the reason behind more experiences, desires and aspirations related to your love life..Some specific events give you the opportunity to express your feelings in a natural way without pretension ..

This is an important week in which Mercury retrograde in Gemini, leading to confusion at work as it is in an air sign. The period of confusion lasts for days, but is mitigated by the buyer of Aries. It is important to use to implement retrograde-related strategies, such as paying attention to communication, anticipating delays and staying calm during technological accidents … This is not the time to start something new and it’s better to have the past review and review your work and not keep it important. meetings such as new job interviews .. Tip: Use positive influences to achieve plans and commitments regarding money .. Maintain tolerance, diplomacy and justice in Your actions .. your love life will be interesting if you are adventurous .. during the week you will have the opportunity to make new acquaintances or you will face pleasant surprises with your current partner .. and it is likely that you will have to postpone a conversation during the week because you want to avoid disagreement or unpleasant disagreement .. you need That your communication with colleagues or clients be free from unnecessary feelings or comments, and hasty promises on your part .. You may have some expectations for your relationship with them and the situation may develop in a completely different direction .

During the week you will have useful discussions related to the implementation of your future plans. It is likely that you are now planning important expenses or meetings with people who depend on the implementation of your issues. This week, your desire for success can to achieve. you to use deception or try to manipulate someone even if you succeed, it will not last long .. During the week you will have a conversation or meeting with someone who is under severe stress due to events at home or at the work. This life drama has an ambiguous development in the future. Many take an unplanned trip for a variety of purposes: for family reasons, for relaxation, etc .. During these seven days you can witness an unexpected event with friends related to their personal or family life. Be a little hasty about something less You will be able to enjoy a good financial income or a positive development in your financial affairs. In love you will seek security in your relationship and stability in your partner’s situation. If these things are lacking, your future relationship may be limited and short. Things can develop slowly, but be patient, you will not lose. This will be a dynamic enough week in terms of exchanging messages or information with friends or loved ones, near or far. Mercury is retrograde this week . You feel the health effects or feelings of fear that may backfire, but this time it’s about It’s about your relationships, your family environment and important agreements. Get ready, communication may go wrong, contracts are delayed, and deadlines are not met ..It is important to stay calm ..

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