What are the chances that Libya will rid itself of the dangers of the extremist organization ISIS?

What are the chances that Libya will rid itself of the dangers of the extremist organization ISIS?

After his repeated attempts to prove his ability to carry out new terrorist operations

Sunday – 7 Shawwal 1443 AH – 08 May 2022 AD Issue No. [

A member of Operation Al-Bunyan Al-Marsous during confrontations with ISIS in Sirte six years ago (Operation Media Office)

Cairo: Jamal Gohar

Residents of southern Libya are still seeing the effects of ISIS remnants on the outskirts of their cities and in the vicinity of their farms. There, the vast desert allows its elements to place themselves away from the eyes of the military patrols, with the aim of attacking important targets when the opportunity presents itself.
Since the purge of the city of Sirte in central Libya from the elements of the terrorist organization six years ago by the forces of the “Al-Bunyan Al-Marsous” operation, they have been stationed on the outskirts of the southern border and planned lightning bomb attack. attacks among civilians, or targeting military gates.
Residents in the south say they “occasionally see ISIS vehicles fluttering with black flags, but they move quickly into the desert without stopping,” noting that “the military patrols of the (National Army) these elements push to flee to the secret caves away from residential areas. ”
One of the sheikhs of a Libyan tribe in the south, who for security reasons refused to be named, said ISIS elements, who make their nests in the mountains and valleys, “work as bandits to protect the citizens’ to plunder money and livestock. “
In an effort to prove its ability to carry out terrorist operations, the organization bombed the desert patrol company camp attached to the army’s fortified Brigade Tariq bin Ziyad in the Umm al-Aranib region (southern Libya) targeted on the eighteenth of last month.
International and international organizations warn against the dangers of ISIS and its ability to return to Libya, which it saw as a stronghold of its leadership in Africa, previously voiced by UN adviser Stephanie Williams, saying “has become the threat to the organization. serious for the country in the event of a return to divisions and war, especially after the recent terrorist operation against the army,” she also expressed her serious concern about the ghost of the hoisting of the black flags in the south, following an operation in which a number of Libyan National Army soldiers were killed earlier this year.
Politicians believe that “the chances of the organization starting terrorist operations continue to exist as the differences between politicians over power worsen,” noting that its members are “more active in the turbulent climate and deteriorating security conditions.”
ISIS has controlled the city of Sirte since June 2015 and has become its headquarters in North Africa. It also tried to expand in Libya, when it initially advanced to the oil ports and then tried to expand to the rest of the western cities, but this progress soon began in The retreat came with the introduction of the “Al -Bunyan Al-Marsous “operation by the” National Accord “government in May 2016, which managed to eliminate some of its elements, and others fled to the desert.
At the end of last month, the “National Army” said that its forces in the Ghadwa area, south of the city of Sabha, were involved in clashes with members of the organization, which led to “losses for the ranks of the terrorists”. ”. Major General Khaled al-Mahjoub, director of the moral leadership department of the Libyan army, explained that the remnants of the organization had left explosives in one of the vehicles transporting them in the Ghadwa area, and a number of cellphones, indicating that they have spotted the official of the bums and the Tunisian militant leader Hisham bin Hashemi among this group and it is being sought in desert bags.
Since the beginning of this year, international concern has grown, expressed by China’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Zhang Jun, about the escalation and continuation of ISIS activity in Libya, Syria and Iraq, and he has seen the organization’s elements penetrates at a faster pace in several regions in Africa, including Libya.
China has called on member states to take action to counter terrorism threats and pay attention to Africa.
At a time when the “National Army” continues to comb the southern desert in search of terrorist havens, including the attack on an ISIS pit near the inflamed border triangle with the lands of Chad and Niger, a secret prison and the grave of one of the dead belonging to it was found inside, according to the army’s military media unit.
On the sixth anniversary of the establishment of Operation Al-Bunyan Al-Marsous, which confronted ISIS, the spokesman of the Libyan army in western Libya, Brigadier General Pilot Muhammad Qanunu, called the “great sacrifices” of the forces who faced ISIS elements. “Sir, there is no room for us to overthrow terrorism, crush it and eradicate it.”
Qanunu added, “Reality and history say that the heroes of the Libyan army were the ones who eliminated the first state of the terrorist organization outside his home in the epic (Al-Bunyan Al-Marsous), from which experience and lessons are drawn.” In this context, he recalled the struggle that ended with the death of the late President Muammar Gaddafi and said: “In Sirte, our heroes were killed at the head of the disbanded regime, in which the terrorist organization (ISIS) was eliminated, and in it the meeting point of the East, West and South … and then it will preserve the civil state and end the existence of the state. ” international mercenaries.


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