A fleet of cars and a $ 200,000 diamond network. Learn more about Yasmine Sabry’s gains from her marriage to Ahmed Abu Hashima

After it was recently announced that Egyptian actress Yasmine Sabry was divorcing her husband, businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima, a large number of social media activists began searching for Yasmine Sabry’s profits and the wealth she made from these marriage, which lasted almost. two years.

Yasmine Sabry’s gains from her marriage to Ahmed Abu Hashima:

Ahmed Abu Hashima gave Yasmine Sabry many precious gifts, during the period of their marriage, which was the subject of controversy among the public, and the most prominent of these gifts are:

1- A net worth of 200 thousand dollars.

2- A fleet of 24 luxury cars.

3- A factory for contact lenses.

4- A ready-made garment factory.

5- A series of pure diamonds.

6- Rolls-Royce engine.

Yasmine Sabry’s Separation from Ahmed Abu Hashima:

Actress Yasmine Sabry was at the top of the world’s search engines on Google, moments after announcing her divorce from her husband, businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima, and a state of controversy dominated social networking sites with the spread of news that businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima divorced his wife. , artist Yasmine Sabry.

What has raised speculation about this matter is that the duo have deleted their photos they collected from their accounts on social networking sites, specifically Instagram, after sources revealed that in recent hours they have seen the friendly separation between the two parties.

Abu Hashima and Yasmine Sabry’s marriage relationship stretched over two years. They announced their marriage in April 2020, in the presence of their families and a number of their good friends, as they were happy with this family reunion as part of the precautions to confront the then Corona virus.

During these two years, two rumors followed them about their first divorce after 3 months of marriage, specifically in July, but Yasmine Sabry came out to respond to this rumor by posting her official account on Instgram by posting a photo she shared with with her husband and her husband. accompanied her with only a heart remark, to be answered by Abu Hashima. In the comments with the word “I love you”, the two denied the rumor.

From July 2020 to March 2022, the duo led a quiet life away from rumors, marked by many romantic photos, parties and occasions in which they appeared together and showed signs of love and stability in their relationship.

And last April, the second rumor again hit the walls of the relationship between Abu Hashima and Yasmine Sabry, but the couple decided to respond to this rumor by publishing one picture divided into two halves.

Each of them posted half of it through their own account on the social networking site, and by merging the two images, a picture of the same place and time appears, where they spend a special time together by the sea, and each a red heart as a comment on the photo, which indirectly denies the news of their separation.

The first meeting between Yasmine Sabry and Abu Hashima

The relationship between “Abu Hashima” and “Yasmine” began around December 2019, and journalist Amr Adib confirmed on the “Al-Hekaya” program on the “MBC Egypt” channel that they met by chance, he said: “An unthinkable coincidence, and it can not be repeated.” .

Yasmine Sabry and Abu Hashima’s love affair

News began to spread about the existence of an emotional relationship between Yasmine Sabry and businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima in March 2022, when “Yasmine” appeared wearing black sunglasses, and the audience focused and guessed through the glasses’ lenses that the man she was sitting with was “Abu Hashima.”

A few days later, “Abu Hashima” posted a photo through his account on “Instagram” while holding the hand of a girl, without revealing her identity, but the audience realized that the jewelry in which Yasmine Sabry appeared in photos published on social networking sites is the same one that appeared on my girlfriend’s hand.

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Attitudes converged, and matters confirmed to the public that there was an emotional relationship between Yasmine Sabry and Ahmed Abu Hashima, and the speculations of the audience were confirmed, after “Abu Hashima” made his official engagement with the artist, Yasmine Sabry on March announced. 13, 2020.

Their marriage took place on April 17, 2020 in a family and family atmosphere, which was limited to the two families only.

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“Abu Hashima” and “Yasmine” appeared together on many occasions as they celebrated the new year 2022 together, and “Yasmine” posted their photos through her account on the “Instagram” website, commenting: “Prosperous new year. ”

They also celebrated one year of their marriage on April 17, 2021, and Yasmine Sabry shared their photos on her Twitter account and made the comment: “Happy first year, my love.”

And they appeared earlier by spending time together, because on July 9, 2021, photos of them together were published while they were having a picnic on a yacht at sea.

Valentine’s Day with Yasmine Sabry

Actress Yasmine Sabry unveiled the gift she received on Valentine’s Day from her husband, businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima.

And Yasmine, via the short story feature on her Instagram account, posted photos of a large red rose bouquet, with a message that read, “Happy Valentine’s Day, my love.” His author replied, “Thank you, my love.” She also posted a photo of her cat standing next to the roses and wrote that everyone loves the gift.

The artist, Yasmine Sabry, surprised her followers on the social networking site “Twitter” by participating in a dialogue session through the “Space” feature, which allows the site to open a direct chat with the followers .

Author Tamer Abed Amin launched “Space” to chat and exchange ideas through his account on the Twitter site, and commented on it with the phrase: “Space without a title .. Who wants to talk, tell or ask about anything , let us know. ”

During these conversations, Yasmine Sabry seemed to present a more profound picture of herself, as she focused her talk primarily on self-development and our vision of our lives and human relationships based on her personal experiences, which won the approval of her followers. . , who demanded that she repeat the experience once a week.

Yasmine addressed her advice to the followers, beginning with her talk on human choices in life, where she said: This universe is a “minio” and you are the one who chooses you and no one imposes a need on you not, think of yourself and calculate it and trust God and choose.

And she continued: When you love the need of the whole universe, it comes to you, and every need loves you when you first love yourself, and every day we have choices we do not care about.

Her comments and advice were not free from the religious character used in some human development lessons, as she commented in another situation by saying: If you ask of our Great God, I ask a lot. We deserve to be in a better place, and we deserve every sweet thing in the world.

Yasmine Sabry talks about her childhood

Yasmine talked about her life and her childhood, where she said: I was a kid who did not have everything I dreamed of. I wish I had beautiful clothes and shoes, so I imagined and practiced my subconscious on this imagination without knowing it, and when I grew up, it developed with me and I trained myself to advance my biggest ambitions and dreams. set. .

And she continued: “Every stage you reach, your dream will grow with you. I loved myself very much, and for this I did not mix with” incomprehensible “people. I saw that I deserved the best, and I say how to strive for the best while engaging myself in things that humiliate and diminish myself. If I do, I will place myself in an area or category that people will always see through.

Yasmine focused her talk largely on relationships, where she also said: Choose the people around you, there are people who suck energy.

But what is interesting is that Yasmine surprised her followers with her commentary on her vision of herself with a spiritual perspective, where she said: I am blessed, our Lord bless me with my life, and whatever happens, I is strengthened by the power of our Lord.

Yasmine’s intervention has garnered much praise from her followers, as her name has been one of the most searched words on Twitter in recent hours.

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