After the Professional Cup .. “Shield 14” is on its way to Al Ain

Prepared by: Ali Najm

Al Ain has only become 3 points out of 12 possible points to be crowned the League Shield for the 14th time in its history, after returning from the full-point Hamdan bin Zayed Stadium on Saturday, by his host Al to defeat. Dhafra with a goal for free, in exchange for the loss of Al Wahda’s runner-up at home against Sharjah 2 -1.

Al-Ain has approached the crown of the shield, who has been absent from his treasuries for the past three years, so that Al-Ainawiya can live a week of happiness after winning the League Cup title last Wednesday on May 4 at the expense of Al -Ahly youngsters for the second time in their history, before placing their first feet on the podium of our league crown 3 days later.The team is close to achievement by lifting the shield for the fourteenth time in its history.

The “leader” exit of the full-fledged Hamdan bin Zayed Stadium was not a road full of roses, for a team that played a “difficult and nervous” match against Al-Ahly youth for a few days ago, and needed penalties to restore a trophy that more than a decade ago knew the sweetness of winning it.

Perhaps what made the scene more difficult for Al-Ainawiya was that the journey to confront the threatening team was without the “human locomotive” Lapa Kudjo, who was arrested.

The “leader” was known for the experience of his elements and the “character of the hero” to ensure safe passage and a safe return from Al Dhafra Stadium, to reap the three points, to increase his return to 55 points increase, and to progress by 10 points over the trio of Al Wahda, Al Jazira and Sharjah (45 points each).

The figures confirm the strength and prestige of the “leader” this season, having achieved his seventeenth victory this season, and he also has the best attacking power with 46 goals in 22 rounds, at a time when the team in the era distinguished. of the Ukrainian coach with defensive solidity, as he scored only 16 goals. Only once, to be the best team at all levels, defensive and offensive.

The Al Dhafra match was the 30th match for the “leader” this season in the Ukrainian era, during which the team achieved 19 victories, compared to a draw in 8 matches (he won one of them with penalties).

Al-Ain’s goal difference reached the two goals in the unit match, after scoring 59 goals in 30 matches, while the number of goals conceded did not exceed one goal barrier (28 goals in 30 matches).

The back numbers prove Al Ain’s right to win the shield, after the team achieved its eighth victory in the last 9 rounds in the second round (8 wins – one draw), which helped him bridge the gap between him and the nearest increase followers to 10. full marks.

Hope of the “King”

Sharjah entered strongly for the runner-up position, after the “king” reviewed his muscles and the strength of his team, when he visited Al Nahyan Stadium, to return with a dignified and brilliant victory at the expense of unity, fortunately obtained from the stronghold of its owners, on an evening in which Malango wrote a new certificate of love between him and the supporters of the royal team. After his injury, he was absent from the spotlight for a long time.

The Congolese giant managed to regain his points loop as he scored in the tenth inning against Khorhakkan, specifically since November 20th.

The victory over “Al Annabi” and at Al Nahyan Stadium was a strongly worded message from the host to the host, ahead of the big battle they are having on the twenty-seventh of this month at the Hazza bin Zayed site stadium to grab the title of the most expensive cups, the Cup of His Highness the State President.

Sharjah has set his sights on seizing the Wasafa center, which could be achieved if Romanian coach Cosmin’s battalion continues on the same path that the team apparently had at Al Nahyan Stadium.

As far as Al-Wahda is concerned, it received the most painful blow at the most difficult time, after the loss became closer to the end point in the Annabi team’s dream trip to crown the shield.

Al Wahda suffered the third loss this season, and it looked like the team could not win in the “difficult turns”, so it fell in the “Clásico” in front of Al Ain at Al Nahyan Stadium, before the scene before Sharjah was repeated, to make it clear that the team has not reached the stage of maturity he needs.To be our champion.

Al Wahda lost his two most important games this season, at home, and also lost 6 other points at Al Nahyan Stadium after stumbling, which contributed to him losing 12 points at home.

Best 90 minutes

As for Al Jazeera, third in the rankings, it offered the most beautiful 90 minutes in terms of performance and artistic aesthetics, to achieve a three-way victory over Ajman, and to salute the rival who put him in the first leg at Rashid defeated. bin Saeed Stadium.

Ali Mabkhout managed to score a double, which increased his return to 180 goals in the history of our league, and Ali Khaseef believed to save the guest’s efforts that came from echoes, which the “pride of the capital “accounts almost confused, so Khaseef managed to maintain the neatness of the team’s hollow for the tenth game and equal in the same The number of times” Clean Sheet “did with Al Ain, Al Wasl and Sharjah is.

blue derby

Al-Nasr forced the blue color on the Bur Dubai derby in a marginal match in the middle of the table, at a time when Al-Ahly youth regained the sweetness of victory after 5 defeats, when he defeated his guest , Ittihad Kalba, with two goals against one, to end a series of defeats that stretched over 5 games in a row in the league.

battle for survival

It seems that the days of the duo of Arabism and the Emirates in the world of lights will not last long, after each of them came out with one point, with the first draw with Khorhakkan outside his house, and the second with his guest Bani Ja.

The point, despite its positive aspects, and the stumbling block of the twelfth Al Dhafra in front of Al Ain was not enough to increase the chances of the two teams to continue in the world of lights, although that point contributed to to the difference between Arabism and Al Dhafra, the first “safe” to 7 points.

The Emirates and Arabism will need something like a scenario with “miracle” details by winning at least 3 matches in the last 4 rounds so that one of them can stay in the spotlight, in exchange for the other obstacle and along with him Al Dhafra with a series of defeats, until the “crazy scenario” takes place.

What may increase the sweetness of the scene is that the two teams have so far refused to throw in the handkerchief, despite the difficulty of the task, which could increase the sweetness of the competition in the final meters of the season.

goals and stars

The 22nd stage of the ADNOC League was an opportunity for many players to write their names in the records of stars, and even in the records of numbers immortalized in memory, or even in the books and records of our league numbers .

Cayo Canedo will not forget the month of May 2022, having won the first title with the leader, and his first after a journey that stretched over 8 years.

Caio contributed to his team’s victory in the League Cup by scoring a header, returning and repeating the scene at Hamdan Bin Zayed Stadium with a second header that was enough to give the team the full point and pave the way to the final step after ascending the podium, knowing that this is Caio’s third goal in the current season’s league.

Despite the bitterness of the Bur Dubai derby’s loss, Ali Saleh managed to make a distinctive impression by scoring the fastest goal in the derby after 33 seconds from the start, scoring a double that scored his yield has increased to 8 goals this season, to be the best scorer of the “Emperor” in the league.

The Norwegian Olsen, the player of Al-Ahly youth team, managed to put a double in the net of Kalba, to be his first double in our league, and to increase his return to 4 goals, to equal to be with the Iranian Mehdi Qaidi, knowing that they are leading scorers in the league this season with only 4 goals. !!.

I attended the duo in the Al-Jazira match with Ajman so that Ali Mabkhout could visit the orange team’s net twice, to increase his yield to 180 goals and to reduce the difference of “Al-Fahd” Khamis to 5 goals enlarge.

Laba comes close to the Golden Boot

The 22nd round of the ADNOC Professional League scored 21 goals, of which 11 were for foreign players, 7 goals for local players and 3 goals for the “resident” player.

The Togolese, Laba Kodjo, who was absent due to suspension from the stage matches, came close to the Golden Shoe as the best scorer in our league after advancing by 7 goals over the Syrian Omar Khirbin.

Here are the rankings of the top scorers:

21 goals: Togolese Laba Kodjo (Al Ain).

14 goals: Syrian Omar Khribin (Al-Wehda).

12 goals: Brazilian Joao Pedro (Al Wehda).

11 goals: Portuguese Tozi (Victory).

10 goals: Brazilian Caio Lucas (Sharjah).

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