Dubai is a science community .. the most mature education market in the region

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Dubai has shown great interest in becoming an educational hub in the region and has provided infrastructure and advanced technology for this. According to a global survey, Dubai has one of the most mature education markets in the region and is attractive to investors, service providers and students.

27 higher education institutions offering 500 university degrees with 27,000 students of 150 nationalities

Specialists emphasized that Dubai International Academic City and Dubai Knowledge Park are an integrated and strong academic system that is not limited to attracting leading international universities that offer a rich and diverse range of academic programs, but also focuses on benefiting pulls out of Dubai’s position as a regional business. center, according to a poll conducted by «QS, which specializes in world university rankings, Dubai ranks first in the Arab world, with its large number of prestigious educational institutions.

In this context, Mohammed Abdullah, Director-General of Dubai International Academic City and Dubai Knowledge Park, states: “The UAE’s vision to become one of the best countries in the world, driven by a globally recognized education based on talents, changed the fields of education. to one of the most important drivers of competitiveness, and in this direction we were eager to establish a solid and integrated academic community in collaboration with our partners from the leading educational institutions in the region and the world.

He added: We can proudly emphasize the impact of this system to increase the position of Dubai and the UAE within the global indicators of education and the economy together, as the knowledge development of students greatly contributes to economic growth and development by graduates. provide highly skilled and innovative people, in line with the future directions of the state and the vision of the UAE 2071, and plans for the next fifty years.

He stressed that the government’s ambitious visions and strategies are directly leading to an increase in the demand for investment in educational institutions and to raising their levels, in order to contribute to the consolidation of Dubai’s position as a global destination that attractive to universities and educational institutions.


Regarding the facilities that Dubai Academic City offers to attract large universities to Dubai, Mohammed Abdullah explained that the city provides an attractive environment for universities and students and supports a competitive business environment through simplified procedures and integrated services, and work closely with him, from the stages of exploration, market study, available solutions and legislation, to the buildings built. Established according to the highest standards that will provide a stimulating environment for work, study and productivity, and the integrated environment what we provide includes housing for students and various services.

The Director-General of Dubai Academic City explained that the certificates and programs offered by the prestigious academic buildings within the city differ, and are characterized by keeping pace with the requirements of the labor markets and the future trends of various sectors. What about the youth? It aims to strengthen our role in nurturing an educated and empowered society with essential skills for sustainable economic and social growth.

The results of the study indicated that 7 out of 10 students believe that education provides them with the skills they need to work, and that 21% of students are eager to study science, technology, engineering and mathematics, and he believe that this number is a candidate for growth in view of the increasing importance of these disciplines during the pandemic period, While 10% of them expressed their interest in a specialty that enables them to enter the world of entrepreneurship , and this number is also expected to increase due to the promising opportunities available in this sector in the UAE and worldwide.

Economic development

He continued: Over the past two decades, knowledge parks have been able to attract students from around the world, nurture talents and minds in the region, develop their skills and strengthen their role in promoting innovation and economic development. There are 27 universities, higher education institutions and vocational education institutions , which offers more than 500 university degrees ranging from diploma, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees, and more than 27,000 students from more than 150 nationalities study there, in addition to the large number of workers working to make up the city’s education system ‘ a success of Administrators, technicians and service entities that contribute to the provision of integrated services and a safe and smooth living and study experience for students.

Mohammed Abdullah said: The city annually contributes to the provision of competencies across various disciplines, including business administration and economics, engineering, hospitality and tourism, communications and journalism, advertising and design, science, technology, engineering and mathematics, which illustrate close connection between education. outcomes and the performance of the economy.

first place

He referred to the latest versions of the Global Competitiveness Reports, which indicate the UAE’s transition to being among the top twenty in the education sector, and its first place in the movement of higher education students within the country and international students, as documented by the Global Innovation Index issued by INSEAD, which is the fruit of integration. The roles of education stakeholders and the many achievements of the objectives of the Higher Education 2030 Strategy.

The World CEO magazine also ranked the UAE 14th in the world, along with a variety of countries that attract international students, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and others.


He stressed that the social structure of Dubai Academic City is characterized by its diversity and comprehensiveness within safe and comfortable environments, and it is one of the most important national achievements that counts for the leadership of the UAE in providing coexistence and well-being. while being maintained. security and safety. The UAE is ranked first in the Arab world and 37th worldwide on the “Positive Peace Index 2022”, published by the Institute for Economics and Peace, the international research institute based in Sydney, Australia.

In the Dubai Knowledge Park, the University of Wollongong inaugurated the “Future Campus”, which includes laboratories specializing in chemistry, thermodynamics and manufacturing. Heriot-Watt University also operates a Center of Excellence in Smart Construction (CESC) to revolutionize the way smart cities are developed, managed and operated.

He pointed out that the British University of Birmingham has opened its new branch in Dubai Academic City, which is considered the smartest campus in the world, in collaboration with Siemens, where the campus is equipped with the latest technology, to create the smartest campus in the world and adopts sensor technologies, digital analytics, artificial intelligence, decentralized energy generation and storage, and renewable energy. Which will contribute to the improvement of the study experience and university life for students, the improvement of teaching mechanisms and scientific research outputs, as the campus is a “living laboratory” that can extract data from advanced technologies and smart solutions applied at the university and it can be used for innovation and research and development activities that promote the practices of applied education and students’ skills.

He also mentioned creative spaces such as the Innovation Hub and Student Thinktank within Middlesex University, the first international university in Dubai to offer a multi-campus experience in the country.

Meanwhile, De Montfort University has launched an ambitious research strategy to increase the level of research and consolidate its position among the top 400 research universities worldwide by 2023. According to the strategy, more than 60% of academics will be specialized in research fields at the end of the period, which contributes to the improvement of research practices in the group Of fields, including related health professions, dentistry, nursing and pharmacy, computer and computer science, architecture , structural environment and planning, and creative fields such as music, drama, performing arts, film and film content.

educational tourism

Professor Ammar Kaka, President of Heriot-Watt University Dubai, claims that educational tourism in Dubai is one of the most important attractions because it is characterized by safety and security to live and study, and represents a fertile environment to develop their skills and refine their knowledge. .

He added: The advanced legislative and infrastructural infrastructure attracts large international universities so that international students can benefit from the benefits of world-class higher education within the country, providing a diverse cultural environment, accommodation and visa systems that meet their needs and help them . complete their educational journey.

He pointed out that international and international universities in Dubai are equipped with academic frameworks with a high level of skills and knowledge, offering different options to students, making it easier for them to decide when to choose the university at which they want to joins, in addition to providing various options for new specializations that keep pace with the demands of the emerging labor market, as well as its impact Positive impact on the economy by promoting the concept of educational tourism.

Golden Residence

Kalthoum Ali, Chairman of the Business Group for Education, says the Dubai-based non-profit group operates under the umbrella of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and is in line with Dubai’s vision to shape an advanced and successful knowledge economy. focus areas include proposing innovative strategies to improve private education activities.In addition to collaborating with relevant authorities to implement and implement local and international initiatives to strengthen the sector’s role in education development.

She indicated that the group has participated in a number of campaigns, including introducing students to the gold visa standards for outstanding students from various curricula, and has participated in government-led studies and surveys to help implement best practices in the sector .

Economic benefits

In turn, economic expert Ziad Al-Hawi explains that the importance of educational tourism stems from the many benefits and advantages it holds for any host country, as it contributes to the growth and development of the country by bringing many economic value and benefits. , as well as to contribute to building the value of the brand, image and identity of the country.

He pointed out that the money spent by international students goes directly to support the economy, not only education and travel costs, but there is a wide range of basic human requirements that must be met, such as food, clothing, hairdressers, medical services, transportation needs in addition to souvenirs and entertainment, which in a way supports the hospitality sector Live.

He added that the most prominent benefits of educational tourism are that it reduces universities’ dependence on financial support, in addition to the fact that foreign students will be ambassadors to the UAE after their graduation.

It has a long-term positive effect on the tourism sectors, trade with the state and investment in it. Citizens’ students will also benefit from the university’s growing diversity.


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